Why to live in British Columbia? 15 Reasons you should Know

Why to Live in British Columbia

With jaw-dropping scenery, year-round outdoor adventures and some of the world’s most livable cities, British Columbia entices new residents from across Canada and worldwide. The westernmost province provides easy access to nature, vibrant urban amenities, excellent education and healthcare, a thriving economy, and welcoming communities that enhance quality of life. This article explores 15 compelling reasons to make British Columbia your new home.

Looking for a beautiful place to call home with stunning scenery, a mild climate, and an amazing quality of life? Look no further than British Columbia! This picturesque westernmost province in Canada has so much to offer that it should be on the top of your list of places to live.

With its majestic mountain ranges, dense forests, pristine lakes and rivers, British Columbia’s natural beauty is unparalleled. Outdoor lovers will find paradise in BC with endless opportunities for hiking, boating, skiing, and more. And that’s just the beginning of what makes British Columbia an incredible place to live.

If spectacular scenery, mild seasons, outdoor adventures, vibrant cities and the promise of an incredible quality of life sound appealing, then British Columbia is calling. In this article, we will highlight fifteen convincing reasons why British Columbia should be on your radar for places to call home.

15 Reasons to Live In British Columbia

1.    Mild climate

One of the biggest draws of living in British Columbia is the mild climate. Compared to other parts of Canada which experience bitterly cold winters, British Columbia enjoys more temperate weather due to its west coast location. The province is sheltered by the Pacific Ocean and coastal mountain ranges which prevents Arctic air from reaching many parts of BC. 

Winters in cities like Vancouver and Victoria are relatively warmer than the rest of the country, with daytime highs above freezing. There is less snow accumulation in coastal regions. Inland areas do get colder in the winter but still see milder conditions than the prairies or eastern Canada. Even in the coldest months, you can still get outdoors and enjoy activities like hiking, cycling, and even skiing or snowboarding at higher elevations.

BC Weather and Climate

Summers are warm and pleasant in British Columbia, with temperatures ranging from the low 20s Celsius to high 20s. You can enjoy the outdoors during the day and cool off in the evenings. The mild climate makes British Columbia appealing to those who don’t want to deal with bitterly cold, snowy winters but still want four distinct seasons. It’s no wonder British Columbia is a haven for outdoor and active lifestyles with its moderate year-round climate.

2.    Diverse, vibrant cities

In addition to natural beauty, British Columbia is home to some of Canada’s most vibrant and livable cities. Metropolitan hubs like Vancouver, Victoria, and Kelowna attract many people to the province thanks to their thriving job markets, diverse cultures, arts scenes, and range of amenities. 

Best Cities of BC

Vancouver is consistently ranked one of the world’s most livable cities, with a bustling multicultural makeup and mild climate. As Canada’s third largest city, it offers trendy urban experiences from public markets to hip neighbourhoods like Gastown and Kitsilano. Victoria, the capital of BC, charms with its historic architecture, scenic Inner Harbour, and relaxed island vibe. Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley entices with wineries, beaches, and a rapidly growing tech sector.

British Columbia’s cities also boast excellent dining scenes showcasing regional cuisine and seafood, an array of annual festivals and events, professional sports teams, and vibrant nightlife. There are activities for all ages and interests. For those who want access to urban amenities along with outdoor recreation, British Columbia’s cosmopolitan cities provide the best of both worlds.

3.    Access to ocean and beaches

Living in British Columbia gives you access to thousands of miles of pristine coastline and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With the Pacific Ocean bordering its entire western edge, the opportunities for ocean activities are endless here.

Popular beach destinations include Long Beach in Tofino where you can stroll the wide sandy shores, go surfing, or spot whales in the waves. Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver offers incredible city skyline views and a hip, laidback vibe. Rathtrevor Beach near Parksville boasts sweeping sand dunes and lush forests. From exploring tidal pools and rugged shorelines to relaxing on soft sand with good books, BC’s beaches have something for everyone.

Beaches and lakes in bc

The ocean also provides British Columbia with a rich bounty of ultra-fresh seafood. Local staples like salmon, halibut, oysters, and spot prawns are highlights of BC’s famous cuisine. Coastal communities take full advantage of the surrounding waters for boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, and other recreational activities. With pristine beaches and easy ocean access, the BC coast truly offers an unbeatable quality of life.

4.    Delicious And fresh local food

British Columbia’s rich agricultural land and four distinct seasons allow for an incredible variety of fresh, local ingredients that shape the province’s renowned food and wine scenes. Farm-to-table dining is a staple here.

Seafood highlights like wild salmon, oysters, spot prawns, halibut, and sablefish come fresh from Pacific and inland waters. Local produce like berries, stone fruits, vegetables, and artisan cheeses reflect the seasons and regional terroirs. Farmers’ markets overflow with just-picked produce, baked goods, preserves, and crafts.

BC decicious foods

With agriculture and natural bounty integral to daily life, British Columbia offers one of the most vibrant and tasty local food environments in the world. Mealtimes here feel like an endless feast sourced from field, ocean, and vine.

5.    The people and laidback lifestyle

In addition to the province’s natural attributes, the friendly residents of British Columbia and its relaxed, laidback lifestyle add to its appeal. Canadians are renowned worldwide for being welcoming, polite, and inclusive, and British Columbians are no exception.

The West Coast vibe here prides itself on being casual, positive and favoring a healthy work-life balance. With stunning nature so accessible, activities like hiking, biking, yoga and water sports are popular everyday pastimes. The accepting culture also embraces diversity in ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation.

British Columbia People and citizens

British Columbians value community, kindness and creativity. The province draws artists, entrepreneurs, foodies and free spirits. Socializing often revolves around farmers’ markets, coffee shops, craft breweries and communal dining. With a socially progressive population and emphasis on wellness, British Columbia nurtures the mind, body and spirit.

6.    Thriving technology industry

British Columbia has rapidly grown into a technology and innovation hub, making it an appealing destination for tech professionals and entrepreneurs. Major tech centres include Vancouver and Victoria, which rank among the top cities in Canada for technology job growth and investments. 

technology in BC

Vancouver in particular has developed into a leading global tech ecosystem. Home to major companies like Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, and EA, it offers abundant job opportunities. The region has a critical mass of skilled talent from its world-class universities. Accelerators, incubators, meetups and conferences also strengthen connections.

Salaries for roles like software developers and engineers are competitive. BC provides 32% refundable tax credits for eligible tech companies. The high quality of life encourages recruitment and retention.

For those excited about being part of an expanding innovation economy in stunning natural surroundings, British Columbia provides an unbeatable environment. Tech in BC is thriving, with more talent, startups and opportunities growing every day.

7.    World-Class Education Institutions

British Columbia boasts an impressive collection of world-class education institutions, making it an excellent choice for families. Public schools in BC consistently rank among the top in Canada, providing high-quality education from elementary to secondary levels. Leading universities in the province include the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and the University of Victoria – all renowned for their academics, research, and student experiences.

Universities of BC

BC is also home to great colleges for vocational training and careers in healthcare, business, technology, and more. Options span from progressive arts schools to specialized institutions focusing on tourism, design, culinary arts, and beyond. Education plays a pivotal role in British Columbia’s culture, with funding and resources to enable learning at all levels. For those looking to study, work in education, or raise an intellectually-curious family, the exceptional schools in BC are a huge draw.

8.    Relatively mild winters

Winters in British Columbia are mild compared to much of Canada, thanks to its coastal location on the Pacific which moderates temperatures. While the province’s inland and northern regions can experience cold, snowy winters, winter weather is relatively warmer in southern BC, especially in cities like Vancouver and Victoria which rarely get snow.

Weather of British Columbia
SeaBus crtossing Burrard Inlet, Vancouver BC

The milder conditions allow residents to continue enjoying outdoor activities throughout the winter. Downhill and cross-country skiing are popular pastimes in many of BC’s mountain towns. Cities like Vancouver have walking trails, parks, and cycling paths that stay snow-free and pleasant to use even in winter months. With less extreme subzero temperatures than found in eastern Canada, winters in British Columbia tend to be easier to embrace and enjoy.

9.    Access to stunning wilderness

From lush rainforests to majestic mountain ranges to pristine lakes, British Columbia’s diverse wilderness landscapes make it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Many incredible provincial and national parks provide opportunities for camping, hiking, boating, wildlife viewing and more ways to experience nature.

British columbia hiking

BC’s backcountry hot springs, secluded surf spots, and alpine trails reward those who venture deep into the wilderness. Even major cities like Vancouver and Victoria serve as gateways to the stunning peaks around Whistler, the rugged Pacific Rim trails of Tofino, and the valley lakes of Okanagan. With so much untouched natural beauty and endless wilderness to get lost in, British Columbia feeds the adventurous soul. Those who love the outdoors will find their bliss here.

10. Vibrant arts and cultural scene

British Columbia has a thriving arts and culture scene that spans major cities and quaint towns across the province. Vancouver’s world-class theatres, art galleries, concerts and events draw global talents and audiences. At the same time, community theatres, galleries, studios and festivals throughout smaller BC towns allow local artists to flourish. 

British Columbia Culture

Indigenous art and culture also have a strong presence in the province. BC’s natural beauty and laidback lifestyle tend to inspire creativity and draw artists from across Canada and worldwide. Major events like outdoor music festivals and street parties celebrate the arts and bring communities together. For those seeking an inspired life at the intersection of nature, community and culture, British Columbia offers endless inspiration.

11. Family-friendly communities

With its abundance of parks, recreation facilities, support programs and general focus on livability, British Columbia is widely praised for being an exceptionally family-friendly province. Many neighbourhoods and communities cater directly to families with playgrounds, activities, daycare options and amenities for kids. Parenting resources and family services are readily available from both government and non-profits.

Family friendly communities in British Columbia

The mild climate also allows for year-round outdoor options to keep both kids and parents happy and active. Safe bike paths, playgrounds, swimming areas and more make it easy to connect with nature. Coupled with BC’s quality healthcare, inclusive culture and excellent public education system, families can enjoy peace of mind and a high quality of life. For those looking to put down roots and raise a family, British Columbia’s cohesive, family-focused communities check all the boxes.

12. Growing economy and job prospects

British Columbia has the third largest provincial economy in Canada, with diverse thriving industries from forestry and mining to manufacturing, technology, tourism and more. Major investments in infrastructure, real estate and emerging sectors have fueled strong economic and job growth in recent years. BC’s unemployment rate is consistently lower than Canada’s national average.

Job Opportunities in British Columbia

Sectors like technology, healthcare, renewable energy, agri-food and professional services are rapidly expanding alongside BC’s established economic drivers. This diversified business environment creates a wealth of job opportunities both now and into the future for job seekers and entrepreneurs. With so much momentum across various industries, British Columbia offers optimistic and stable career prospects.

13. Safe, Politically Stable Society

Consistently ranking high for safety, stability and quality of life, British Columbia provides a peaceful haven within Canada and the world. Violent crime rates are remarkably low, especially in cities like Vancouver and Victoria. The province proudly upholds values of multiculturalism, diversity, environmentalism and human rights.

Canadian Society

BC’s political climate tends to be progressive, with efforts to reduce poverty, homelessness and addiction through social programs. Taxes help fund quality public services like healthcare, education and infrastructure. With shared values, responsible governance, and residents looking out for one another, British Columbians enjoy a high level of security, inclusion and freedom. It’s this social cohesion that further elevates the appeal of life in BC.ble Society.

14. Health and Wellness Activities

Outdoor recreation, farm-to-table cuisine, yoga and cycling are integral to the British Columbia lifestyle. With health-conscious residents and access to nature, maintaining wellness is natural here.

Healthy Activies In BC

Cities have recreational facilities like pools, gyms and courts. Farmers markets brim with organic, local food. An outdoor activity like hiking or paddling is never far away. Wellness practices are rooted into everyday life rather than just periodic exercises. For holistic healthy living, British Columbia sets the standard.

15. Outstanding Public Infrastructure and Services

British Columbia’s taxation system helps fund high-quality public infrastructure and services that greatly enhance residents’ well-being. This includes the province’s renowned universal healthcare, an extensive transportation network, leading academic institutions, modern facilities and more.

British Columbia Infrastructure

British Columbians enjoy excellent healthcare, education, transportation, and infrastructure that elevate the standard of living. Robust public services also provide peace of mind, especially for families raising children. For those who prioritize health, education, transit and infrastructure, British Columbia invests substantially in the services that matter most.


In conclusion, British Columbia offers a rare combination of stunning natural beauty, mild climate, vibrant cosmopolitan cities, endless outdoor adventures and an exceptional quality of life. The options for work and play are boundless. With friendly, welcoming residents, abundant fresh local cuisine, a thriving multicultural society, progressive values and a spectacular landscape to embrace it all, BC has everything one could want in a home.

The province also prioritizes sustainability and takes care of its unmatched natural environment through conservation efforts and renewable energy. For those seeking beautiful surroundings, incredible lifestyles, welcoming communities and endless opportunities, in a place that values protecting its incredible nature, British Columbia truly extends an irresistible invitation.

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