Unveiling the Artistry of Tom Wilson Tehoháhake: Mohawk Warriors, Hunters & Chiefs

Unveiling the Artistry of Tom Wilson Tehoháhake: Mohawk Warriors, Hunters & Chiefs

Unveil Tom Wilson Tehoháhake’s Indigenous art journey in “Mohawk Warriors, Hunters & Chiefs” at Cultural Goods Gallery.

Tom Wilson Tehoháhake, the Juno Award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, and performer, is set to captivate the Cultural Goods Gallery in February. The exhibition, “Mohawk Warriors, Hunters & Chiefs,” promises an intimate exploration of his narrative. This specially curated event showcases a selection of artworks from 2015 to 2024, coinciding with the launch of his groundbreaking bilingual book of the same name. The exhibition unveils a remarkable journey of identity, discovery, and artistic expression.

The Revelation of Identity

In his early fifties, Tehoháhake stumbled upon a life-altering revelation—he was adopted and, to his surprise, Mohawk from Kahnawake. This discovery breathed new life into his art, infusing it with a profound sense of identity that had long eluded him. His art transformed into a reflection of his Indigenous heritage.

The Artistic Evolution of Tom Wilson Tehoháhake

Tehoháhake’s artistic journey commenced in 1997 and was marked by creating simplistic yet compelling images. Even then, he expressed himself as an Indigenous artist, unknowingly foreshadowing his true heritage. Now, as a Mohawk, his art resonates with newfound authenticity, captivating audiences with depth and resonance.

A Curator’s Vision: David Liss

Esteemed curator David Liss orchestrates this remarkable exhibition. Liss’s expertise and curation prowess spotlight Tehoháhake’s astonishing odyssey. Through art, Liss unveils the layers of family secrets, personal identity, and resolution that define Tehoháhake’s life.

Faces and Masks: The Enigmatic Artworks

Tehoháhake’s artworks are a captivating blend of Indigenous influences and futuristic elements. Faces and masks, with a semblance to various Indigenous cultures, or perhaps entities from another realm, come alive on canvas. These enigmatic creations bridge the gap between the ancient and the future, embodying the myths and legends of yore.

Unveiling the Artistry of Tom Wilson Tehoháhake: Mohawk Warriors, Hunters & Chiefs

Characters from Myth and Reality

Within Tehoháhake’s art, one can encounter warriors, hunters, chiefs, tricksters, and shamans. These characters and figures breathe life into the stories that connect him to his culture and the universe. Each stroke of his brush carries the weight of generations of tales and beliefs.

Exhibition Dates and Special Events

Exhibition Dates: From Friday, February 2 to Sunday, February 17, 2024, the Cultural Goods Gallery will be the stage for “Mohawk Warriors, Hunters & Chiefs.” This limited-time showcase promises a profound cultural experience.

Artist Talk and Book Launch: On Saturday, February 3, 2024, from 2pm to 5pm, there will be a free public book launch and artist talk. This event provides a unique opportunity to gain insights into the artist’s creative process and the inspirations behind his work.

The Art Book: A Treasure Trove of Inspiration

The art book accompanying the exhibition, published by Goose Lane Editions in English and Mohawk, is a visual delight. It offers readers a chance to delve deeper into the essence of Tehoháhake’s artistry. Featuring over 35 full-color images of his work, including paintings, sculptures, and guitars adorned with beadwork-inspired iconography, the book is a testament to his multifaceted talent.

A Glimpse into Tom’s Upbringing

Born and raised in Hamilton, Tom Wilson Tehoháhake’s journey was marked by hints and dreams about his true identity. His art pieces reflect the amalgamation of his upbringing in a city far from his Indigenous roots.

The Voices Behind the Book

The art book is a visual feast and a treasure trove of insights. It includes an interview with Ryan McMahon, shedding light on Tom’s artistic process. Additionally, essays penned by Tom himself and curator David Liss provide a comprehensive exploration of Tom Wilson Tehoháhake’s art and Mohawk identity.

Storytelling Tradition: A Life Unveiled

Tom Wilson Tehoháhake hails from a lineage steeped in storytelling tradition. His life has been a testament to the power of narrative. The artworks featured in this exhibition are a poignant chapter in the epic story of his life, each brushstroke and sculpted form adding to the narrative.


What is the title’s significance, “Mohawk Warriors, Hunters & Chiefs”?

The title encapsulates the essence of Tehoháhake’s art, which often portrays characters and figures from Mohawk and Indigenous cultures, embodying their roles as warriors, hunters, and chiefs.

How can I attend the book launch and artist talk?

The book launch and artist talk are open to the public and free of charge. Simply mark your calendar for Saturday, February 3, 2024, from 2pm to 5pm and visit the Cultural Goods Gallery.

Is the art book available for purchase?

Yes, the art book is available for purchase and provides an extensive look into Tehoháhake’s artistry, culture, and identity.

How can I learn more about Tom Wilson Tehoháhake’s artistic journey?

The art book accompanying the exhibition contains interviews and essays that delve deep into Tom’s artistic process and his journey of self-discovery.

Can I purchase any of the artworks displayed in the exhibition?

While details regarding the sale of artworks may vary, the Cultural Goods Gallery will have information available during the exhibition.

What makes Tom Wilson Tehoháhake’s art unique?

Tom Wilson Tehoháhake’s art is unique in its fusion of Indigenous culture and contemporary expression, creating a powerful narrative that resonates with audiences.


“Mohawk Warriors, Hunters & Chiefs” promises an extraordinary journey into the heart and soul of Tom Wilson Tehoháhake’s artistry. This exhibition transcends boundaries, connecting cultures and stories through art. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this profound exploration of identity and heritage at the Cultural Goods Gallery in February. Tom Wilson Tehoháhake’s story is a testament to the enduring power of art to illuminate our lives and unveil the hidden layers of our identity.

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