Toronto’s Tree Giveaway Program is Here

Enhance Your Garden for Free: Toronto's Tree Giveaway Program

Discover how Toronto’s Community Canopy Program is helping residents beautify their homes and improve the environment by offering free trees. Learn how to participate in this green initiative and the benefits of increasing urban tree cover.

Toronto is stepping up its environmental efforts with a unique offer to its residents. Through the Community Canopy Program, the city provides free trees to property owners looking to enhance their landscapes and contribute to urban greenery. This article delves into the details of the program, its objectives, and how you can get involved.

Free Trees for a Greener Toronto

Overview of the Community Canopy Program:

The City of Toronto aims to cover 40% of its area with tree canopy by 2050, promoting ecological health and urban beauty. The Community Canopy Program is a pivotal part of this vision, offering free trees to residents to plant on private property.

Benefits of the Tree Canopy:

Increasing tree cover in Toronto serves multiple benefits:

  • Energy Conservation: Trees around homes reduce energy needs by providing natural insulation.
  • Air Quality Improvement: Trees absorb pollutants and freshen the air.
  • Enhancement of Property Values: Lush landscapes can increase property values, benefiting homeowners.
Enhance Your Garden for Free: Toronto's Tree Giveaway Program

How to Participate

In celebration of Earth Day, the city has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to expand this initiative. Local property owners can easily reserve a free one-gallon tree, about 2-4 feet tall, through an online portal, with the whole process taking less than ten minutes.


Toronto’s innovative approach to urban forestry is a model for cities worldwide. By providing free trees to residents, Toronto not only beautifies its neighborhoods but also contributes to global environmental goals. This program is an excellent opportunity for residents to engage in city planning and environmental stewardship.


Who can participate in the Community Canopy Program?

Any property owner in Toronto is eligible to participate and can reserve their free tree through the designated online portal.

What type of trees are offered in the program?

The program offers various types of trees suitable for Toronto’s climate, typically one-gallon trees standing about 2-4 feet tall.

How does one reserve a tree?

Trees can be reserved by accessing the City of Toronto/Arbor Day Foundation’s online portal and completing the reservation process, which usually takes under ten minutes.

What are the benefits of planting more trees in urban areas?

Urban trees contribute to reduced energy usage, improved air quality, and higher property values. They also provide ecological habitats and improve the aesthetic appeal of the city.

How does the Community Canopy Program contribute to Toronto’s environmental goals?

The program is part of Toronto’s broader strategy to increase tree canopy coverage to 40% by 2050, enhancing the city’s resilience to climate change and improving the quality of life for its residents.

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