“Toronto treated me like a king”: Kiermaier thrilled to be back with the Blue Jays

"Toronto treated me like a king": Kiermaier thrilled to be back with the Blue Jays

Kevin Kiermaier expresses immense satisfaction upon his return to the Toronto Blue Jays, highlighting the warm reception and personal connections that made his decision to re-sign an easy one.


The Toronto Blue Jays, a team that has seen its fair share of ups and downs, recently experienced a wave of positivity with the return of center fielder Kevin Kiermaier. Despite a challenging offseason, Kiermaier’s decision to stay with the team has brought a sense of optimism and familial warmth to the organization.

"Toronto treated me like a king": Kiermaier thrilled to be back with the Blue Jays

Kevin Kiermaier’s Return to the Blue Jays

A Warm Welcome in Toronto

Kevin Kiermaier, reflecting on his tenure with the Toronto Blue Jays, shared his heartfelt experiences and the royal treatment he and his family received in Toronto. His recount of the past season paints a picture of a city and a team that go beyond the game to create a welcoming environment for its players.

The Decision to Stay

Amid speculation about his future, Kiermaier chose to re-sign with the Blue Jays on a one-year contract worth $10.5 million. This decision was influenced not only by the professional aspects of the game but also by the personal connections and experiences he and his family had in Toronto, including their fond memories of the city’s landmarks like the CN Tower.

A Season to Remember

Kiermaier’s impact on the field was undeniable. In his previous season with the Jays, he not only showcased his defensive prowess, winning his fourth Gold Glove Award but also contributed significantly to the team’s offense, batting .265 across 129 games. His performance was a bright spot in the team’s journey, despite a disappointing playoff exit.

The Blue Jays’ Outlook for 2024

The Toronto Blue Jays face a critical season ahead in 2024. With heightened expectations and the pressure to break a postseason series win drought dating back to 2016, the team and its management are under scrutiny. The return of players like Kiermaier, who bring both skill and a positive team dynamic, is seen as crucial to the Blue Jays’ aspirations for success.


Kevin Kiermaier’s enthusiasm for rejoining the Toronto Blue Jays underscores the deep connections and positive experiences that can influence player loyalty and team morale. As the Blue Jays gear up for a pivotal season, the blend of talent and camaraderie exemplified by Kiermaier’s return may well be the catalyst they need to overcome past challenges and achieve their World Series ambitions.


1. Why did Kevin Kiermaier decide to stay with the Toronto Blue Jays?

Kiermaier was deeply influenced by the warm reception and the strong personal connections he and his family developed in Toronto, leading to his decision to re-sign with the team.

2. What contract did Kevin Kiermaier sign upon his return?

He signed a one-year contract with the Blue Jays, valued at $10.5 million.

3. How did Kiermaier perform in his previous season with the Blue Jays?

Kiermaier had a notable season, winning his fourth Gold Glove Award and batting .265 over 129 games.

4. What are the Toronto Blue Jays’ expectations for the 2024 season?

The Blue Jays are under significant pressure to succeed in the postseason, aiming to contend for World Series titles after a series of playoff disappointments.

5. How does Kiermaier’s return impact the Blue Jays?

His return is seen as a boost to the team’s morale and performance, bringing both his defensive and offensive skills back into the fold as they aim for success in the upcoming season.

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