Toronto Mayoral Byelection: Get Ready to Cast Your Vote this June

Toronto Mayoral Byelection: Get Ready to Cast Your Vote this June

Hey there, fellow Torontonians! It’s that time again to exercise our democratic right and choose the leader who will guide our beloved city.

Hey there, fellow Torontonians! It’s that time again to exercise our democratic right and choose the leader who will guide our beloved city. Last year’s voter turnout was a little disappointing, but fear not! This time, we have a competitive and consequential mayoral byelection that is sure to bring more of us to the polls. So, let’s gear up and make our voices heard!

Early Voting: June 8-13, Make Your Choice at Any Polling Station!

  • No more waiting in long lines! The City of Toronto has made an important improvement this time around.
  • During the advance voting window, from June 8-13, you can cast your ballot at any polling station you like.
  • This change opens up new possibilities: vote during work breaks, while visiting friends and family, or even while running errands.
  • Voting early also means you probably won’t get stuck in a line. Who doesn’t love avoiding queues?

Election Day: June 26, Cast Your Ballot in Your Neighborhood

  • If you prefer to vote on election day, mark your calendars for June 26.
  • On election day, you must cast your ballot at a polling station in your neighborhood.
  • Not sure where your designated polling station is? No worries, just visit the city’s MyVote site for all the information you need.
  • Don’t forget, if you’d rather vote by mail, the deadline to do that is May 26. Choose the option that suits you best!

FAQ: Your Burning Questions Answered!

Who’s running? Get to Know the 102 Candidates!

  • Hold on to your hats, folks! We have a whopping 102 candidates in the running for Toronto’s mayoral seat.
  • Check out the full list of candidates to see who’s vying for the top job.
  • If you want a quick rundown, CBC Toronto has broken down the top six candidates for you. They’re the ones to keep an eye on!

Online Voting: Not an Option, Eh?

  • Unfortunately, online voting is not on the table this time around.
  • But don’t worry, we still have plenty of other convenient options to make our voices heard!

Do I Need to Own a Home to Vote? Renters, This Is for You!

  • Homeownership is not a prerequisite for voting. As long as you rent a residential or commercial property within the City of Toronto, you’re eligible to vote.
  • So, don’t fret if you’ve recently moved to Toronto and don’t own a home yet. Your vote matters!

Permanent Residents: Not Eligible to Vote

  • Permanent residents, we appreciate your contributions to our diverse city. However, voting is currently reserved for Canadian citizens who are 18 years or older.

ID Requirements: Just One Piece of Government-Issued ID

  • Wondering what ID you need to bring? Keep it simple, just one piece of government-issued ID showing your name and qualifying Toronto address will do the trick.

What If I Rent a Commercial Property but Live Outside the City?

  • No worries, you can still vote! If you’re voting on election day, you’ll need to find a polling station near your business.

Toronto’s Top 6 Mayoral Candidates and Their Path to Victory

Toronto’s mayoral race is in full swing, and with a whopping 102 candidates on the ballot, it’s like navigating a restaurant menu with too many options. But fear not, we’ve done the research for you and narrowed down the top 6 contenders who are vying for the city’s top job. From experienced politicians to fresh faces, here’s a breakdown of the polling numbers, key policy planks, and the challenges these candidates will face on their path to victory on June 26.

Olivia Chow: The Veteran Politician

Olivia Chow: The Veteran Politician
  • Former city councillor and NDP MP with a long history in civic life.
  • Leading early polling numbers and securing key endorsements.
  • However, faced challenges in the 2014 election and must overcome them this time around.
  • Polling: Forum Research – 36%, Mainstreet Research – 30%, Liaison Strategies – 31%.

Mark Saunders: The Former Police Chief

Mark Saunders: The Former Police Chief
  • Launching a campaign focused on public safety and highlighting his years of experience as a public servant.
  • Some of his political positions may clash with the city’s current direction.
  • Absence from the Daily Bread debate may draw criticism.
  • Polling: Forum Research – 18%, Mainstreet Research – 12%, Liaison Strategies – 16%.

Josh Matlow: The Policy Proposer

Josh Matlow: The Policy Proposer
  • Current councillor for Toronto-St. Paul’s, presenting a range of policy proposals.
  • The challenge lies in gaining support for his agenda if elected and building a council coalition.
  • Pledged not to utilize “Strong Mayor” powers, which opponents may question.
  • Polling: Forum Research – 10%, Mainstreet Research – 10%, Liaison Strategies – 15%.

Ana Bailão: The Experienced Deputy Mayor

Ana Bailão: The Experienced Deputy Mayor
  • Longtime Davenport councillor with an impressive win in the 2018 ward election.
  • Strong endorsements from council members and unions.
  • Viewed as picking up where John Tory left off, which may appeal to some but not all.
  • Polling: Forum Research – 7%, Mainstreet Research – 15%, Liaison Strategies – 7%.

Brad Bradford: The Tory Ally

Brad Bradford: The Tory Ally
  • Beaches-East York councillor and former planner, known for his housing expertise.
  • Running a more right-leaning campaign than anticipated.
  • Faces competition in securing the conservative vote.
  • Energetic campaign may work in his favor as more voters tune in.
  • Polling: Forum Research – 6%, Mainstreet Research – 12%, Liaison Strategies – 6%.

Mitzie Hunter: The Former MPP

Mitzie Hunter: The Former MPP
  • Resigned from her position as an Ontario Liberal MPP to enter the race.
  • Making frequent policy announcements, particularly on transit and housing.
  • Needs to raise her profile city-wide to gain traction.
  • Polling: Forum Research – 10%, Mainstreet Research – 9%, Liaison Strategies – 12%.

Other Candidates to Watch:

  • Anthony Perruzza: Sitting councillor with plenty to say, but lacking detailed policy proposals.
  • Chloe Brown: Strong performance in the last election and notable policy positions.
  • Anthony Furey: Former Toronto Sun columnist who has polled well and engaged in sharp exchanges with opponents.

Polls Paint a Shifting Picture of Public Opinion

Pollsters have been hard at work, trying to gauge public sentiment throughout the byelection campaign. The latest polls offer us a snapshot of where the race currently stands, but as always, things are likely to change. It’s worth noting that a significant portion of voters remain undecided, creating an opportunity for candidates to sway support in their favor.

Forum Research, Liaison Strategies, and Mainstreet Research: Polling Insights

These three recent polls conducted by Forum Research, Liaison Strategies, and Mainstreet Research provide valuable insights into the electorate’s preferences. However, it’s important to consider that these polls utilized interactive voice response (IVR), a method that can struggle to reach younger demographics. While specific margin of error calculations are not available for IVR polls, a probability sample of a similar size would typically yield a margin of error ranging from two to 2.8 percent.

The Impact of Debates and Policy Shifts

With three back-to-back-to-back debates scheduled, candidates have an opportunity to make a lasting impression on voters. The debates, covering topics such as the arts, housing, and community issues, allow contenders to showcase their expertise and engage in direct confrontations. Monday’s debate at the Daily Bread Food Bank already shed light on food insecurity and other pressing matters, providing a glimpse into the candidates’ policy priorities.

Debates, Strategies, and Policy Planks Unveiled

The Battle of Wit and Ideas: Debates Take Center Stage

This week, Toronto residents are in for a treat as the candidates face off in three debates. Kicking things off is the debate at the University of Toronto Scarborough, followed by the Toronto Region Board of Trade-hosted event. These debates serve as a platform for contenders to challenge one another, demonstrate their knowledge, and win over undecided voters.

Strategies Unveiled: Targeting the Frontrunner and Building Name Recognition

As candidates aim to secure their position in the race, strategies are coming into play. Olivia Chow finds herself in the crosshairs of her competitors, who view her as the candidate to beat. Some contenders, like Brad Bradford, opt for direct criticism to highlight differences, while others, such as Josh Matlow, carefully question Chow’s plans to maintain respect and attract undecided voters. Name recognition is crucial, and candidates are sharing personal stories to connect with voters on a deeper level.

Policy Showdown: Bold Ideas to Tackle City Issues

In a city with countless challenges, candidates have unveiled a plethora of policy proposals. From opening city contracts to wider bidding (Bradford) to addressing food insecurity and expanding community gardens (Hunter), each contender brings unique ideas to the table. Chow, Saunders, Matlow, Bailão, and others have presented their visions for housing, public safety, and quality of life, aiming to capture the attention and support of Torontonians.

As the campaign intensifies, these top 6 candidates will need to navigate the challenges ahead, including attracting broad support, addressing criticisms, and effectively communicating their visions for Toronto’s future. Keep an eye on the race as other candidates strive to break into the leading pack and shake up the dynamics of this exciting mayoral byelection. Remember to cast your vote on June 26 and have your say in shaping the future of the city you call home.

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