The Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival: A must-attend affair of Vancouver


Experience the thrill of dragon boat racing at the Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival. Join us for two days of excitement!

The Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival stands as a pinnacle of cultural celebration and sporting excellence in the heart of Vancouver. Embracing the vibrant heritage of dragon boat racing, this annual event promises an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike. Let’s delve into the details of this cherished tradition, highlighting why it’s a must-attend affair for Vancouver residents and visitors.

A Rich Tradition of Dragon Boat Racing

Hosted by the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival Society, the Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival represents North America’s premier dragon boat extravaganza. Drawing in over 100,000 enthusiasts annually, the festival transforms False Creek into a bustling arena of adrenaline-pumping races and festive camaraderie. With a legacy spanning decades, this event holds a special place in the hearts of locals and tourists, symbolizing unity, competition, and cultural heritage.

When: Saturday, June 22nd and Sunday, June 23rd
Cost: Free


A Spectacle of Global Competition

One of the festival’s most captivating features is the participation of over 200 teams from across the globe. These teams, hailing from diverse backgrounds and skill levels, converge in Vancouver to showcase their prowess on the water. From seasoned veterans to enthusiastic newcomers, each crew adds a unique flavor to the competition, contributing to the festival’s vibrant tapestry of diversity and sportsmanship.

Experience the thrill of dragon boat racing at the Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival. Join us for two days of excitement!

Beyond the Races: A Carnival of Entertainment

While the dragon boat races are the main attraction, the festival offers much more than aquatic thrills. Attendees can immerse themselves in a myriad of activities, including live music performances on the main stage and exploration of local vendors and food trucks. From tantalizing culinary delights to handcrafted treasures, there’s something to delight every sense at this bustling waterfront celebration.

Employment Opportunities: Join the Festival Team

For those seeking an opportunity to be part of the action, Dragon Boat BC extends an invitation to join their team as part-time dock staff. Responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of festival activities, dock staff play a crucial role in maintaining facilities, assisting participants, and fostering a welcoming atmosphere for all. With competitive compensation and the chance to be immersed in the festival’s vibrant energy, this role offers a unique summer employment experience.

Mark Your Calendars: Festival Dates and Details

The 2024 Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival is scheduled for June 22nd and 23rd, promising two days of excitement and cultural immersion. Additionally, for those eager to experience the thrill of paddling, Dragon Boat BC offers kayak and stand-up paddleboard rentals in Olympic Village from now through September. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a curious spectator, there’s no better time to dive into dragon boat racing than during this iconic festival.

Stay Informed: Updates and Announcements

Stay tuned for the latest updates on vendors, programming, and special events as the festival approaches. Follow the official channels of the Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival and Dragon Boat BC to ensure you don’t miss out on exciting developments. From exclusive previews to behind-the-scenes insights, these updates will keep you informed and engaged as the countdown to the festival begins.

Embrace the Spirit of the Dragon Boat Festival

In conclusion, the Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival embodies the spirit of community, competition, and cultural celebration. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of the races, the allure of live entertainment, or the opportunity to be part of a vibrant team, this festival offers something for everyone. Mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey along the waters of False Creek.

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