The Best Chocolate in Toronto

Best Chocolate in Toronto

Discover the finest chocolate shops in Toronto, offering a variety of handcrafted treats from traditional truffles to innovative flavors. Explore top spots like SOMA Chocolate, Soul Chocolate, and more for a truly indulgent experience.

Toronto boasts a diverse and vibrant chocolate scene, with each confectioner offering unique and delectable treats. From traditional truffles and dark chocolate bars to innovative flavors and Brazilian brigadeiros, the city’s chocolatiers provide something for every palate. This guide highlights some of the best spots in Toronto to indulge in high-quality chocolate, showcasing the artistry and passion behind each creation. Whether you prefer classic tastes or adventurous combinations, Toronto’s chocolate shops are sure to satisfy your cravings.

The Best Chocolate in Toronto

SOMA Chocolate

SOMA Chocolate, known for its innovative approach, offers a variety of treats including Maya hot chocolate, gelato, and single-origin truffles. Their locations in King West, the Distillery District, and Parkdale are popular among chocolate enthusiasts.

SOMA Chocolate

Location: SOMA Chocolate

Website: http://www.somachocolate.com/

Contact: +14165997662

Soul Chocolate

Located in Leslieville, Soul Chocolate is dedicated to using real, traceable ingredients. Each handcrafted item, from bars to truffles and hot chocolate mixes, reflects their commitment to quality and transparency.

Soul Chocolate

Location: Soul Chocolate

Website: http://www.soulchocolate.com/

Contact: hello@soulchocolate.com

Stubbe Chocolate

In the Annex, Stubbe Chocolate, run by sixth-generation confectioner Daniel Stubbe, offers seasonal sweets and daily indulgences. The shop combines cacao, cream, and unique ingredients like Gewurztraminer and reshampatti chilis.

Stubbe Chocolate

Location: Stubbe Chocolate

Website: http://www.stubbechocolates.com/

Contact: +14169230956

Onyx Chocolates

East Chinatown’s Onyx Chocolates features vibrant and creatively flavored chocolates. Options range from espresso and Marc de Champagne for traditional tastes to durian and pei pa koa for the adventurous.

Onyx Chocolates

Location: Onyx Chocolates

Website: http://onyxchocolates.com/

Contact: +14379746699


ChocoSol in Corso Italia specializes in dark chocolate, crafted from roasted and ground cacao. Their three-ingredient, 75% Darkness bar is a favorite among those who prefer robust flavors.


Location: ChocoSol

Website: http://www.chocosoltraders.com/

Contact: +14169236675


Chocollata, with locations in the Upper Beaches and Financial District, is known for its Brazilian brigadeiros. These chocolates, enriched with condensed milk and various flavors, offer a sweet and satisfying treat.


Location: Chocollata

Website: https://www.chocollata.com/

Contact: +14166932448

Nadege Patisserie

Nadege Patisserie, recognized for its macarons and desserts, also provides exquisite chocolates. Their signature bonbons and bars include the 68% Harvest with corn and almonds and the 70% grand cru dark with Parmesan.

Nadege Patisserie

Location: Nadege Patisserie

Website: https://www.nadege-patisserie.com/

Contact: +14162032009

Mary’s Brigadeiro

Mary’s Brigadeiro, with shops on Danforth East and in the Financial District, specializes in brigadeiros. They also offer cookies, chocolate spreads, and drinking chocolate, all featuring their signature velvety texture.

Mary's Brigadeiro

Location: Mary’s Brigadeiro

Website: http://www.marysbsweets.com/

Contact: +16472507217


Toronto’s chocolate landscape is as diverse as it is delicious, offering an array of treats that cater to all tastes. From the artisanal creations at SOMA Chocolate and Soul Chocolate’s ethically sourced delights to the unique flavors at Onyx Chocolates and the indulgent brigadeiros at Chocollata, the city’s chocolatiers are dedicated to their craft. Each shop brings its own unique touch, making Toronto a haven for chocolate lovers. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring these chocolate havens is sure to be a sweet and memorable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What makes SOMA Chocolate unique?

SOMA Chocolate is renowned for its innovative creations, such as Maya hot chocolate and single-origin truffles, offering a distinctive experience for chocolate lovers.

2. Where is Soul Chocolate located?

Soul Chocolate is situated in Leslieville and is celebrated for its commitment to using real, traceable ingredients in their handcrafted chocolates.

3. What specialties does Stubbe Chocolate offer?

Located in the Annex, Stubbe Chocolate offers a range of seasonal and daily treats, combining unique ingredients like Gewurztraminer and reshampatti chilis with cacao and cream.

4. What types of chocolates does Onyx Chocolates provide?

Onyx Chocolates in East Chinatown features vibrant flavors, from traditional espresso and Marc de Champagne to adventurous options like durian and pei pa koa.

5. What is ChocoSol known for?

ChocoSol, located in Corso Italia, specializes in dark chocolate made from roasted and ground cacao, with popular items including their three-ingredient, 75% Darkness bar.

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