The Best Bridal Stores in Toronto

The best bridal stores in Toronto

Discover the top bridal stores in Toronto offering a wide range of wedding dresses, from budget-friendly options and sustainable fashion to bespoke and designer gowns. Find your dream dress with personalized service and extensive accessory collections.

Toronto is home to a diverse array of bridal stores, each offering unique styles, price ranges, and personalized experiences to help brides find their perfect wedding gown. From modern and affordable designs at Sash + Bustle to sustainable and budget-friendly options at The Brides’ Project, the city’s bridal boutiques cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Stores like Loversland and Park + Fifth provide both timeless and whimsical designs, while Lea Ann Belter Bridal offers handcrafted elegance. Luxe Bridal and Blue Ivory stand out for their extensive collections and stress-free shopping experiences. Meanwhile, Grace Loves Lace and Oh Happy Brides appeal to brides seeking unique, bespoke creations. Together, these stores ensure that every bride in Toronto can discover a dress that makes her feel truly special on her big day.

Top Bridal Shops in Toronto

Sash + Bustle

Sash + Bustle, located at 111 Berkeley, is a highly favored bridal store in Toronto. It offers modern styles at reasonable prices and features collections from over 20 designers. The store is also known for its extensive collection of accessories, including heels, earrings, gloves, and veils, making it a one-stop shop for brides.

Sash + Bustle

Location: Sash + Bustle

Website: https://sashandbustle.com/

Contact: +16473405850

The Brides’ Project

The Brides’ Project, situated at 82 Rogers Road, focuses on sustainable and budget-friendly wedding dresses. This boutique offers gently used and upcycled gowns, with a special section dedicated to dresses under $500. Additionally, the profits from The Brides’ Project are donated to charity, allowing brides to contribute to a good cause while finding their perfect dress.

The Brides' Project

Location: The Brides’ Project

Website: http://www.thebridesproject.com/

Contact: +14164696777


Loversland, located on Ossington Avenue, features Toronto-designed wedding dresses as well as well-known labels such as Halfpenny, Rue de Seine, and Cortana. The boutique is known for its timeless silhouettes and significant sales, including discounts of up to 75%, providing brides with both high-quality and affordable options.


Location: Loversland

Website: https://www.loversland.com/

Contact: +14165513321

Park + Fifth

Park + Fifth, found on Carlaw Avenue, is renowned for its whimsical and delicate handmade dresses. These dresses are delivered from Vancouver and come in various sizing options, catering to a wide range of brides. Park + Fifth also offers custom design services, allowing brides to create their dream dress.

Park + Fifth

Location: Park + Fifth

Website: http://www.parkandfifthco.com/

Contact: +18255403045

Lea Ann Belter Bridal

Lea Ann Belter Bridal, a well-established Toronto designer, has been crafting fairytale and feminine wedding dresses since 2005. The boutique, located at 238 Broadview Avenue, specializes in hand-sewn crystal and lace gowns, providing a touch of elegance and uniqueness to each dress.

Lea Ann Belter Bridal

Location: Lea Ann Belter Bridal

Website: http://www.lea-annbelter.com/

Contact: +14167786868

Blue Ivory

Blue Ivory, located in the Corso-Italia neighborhood, provides a stress-free shopping experience for brides. The store is known for its quick turnaround dresses, which are available through sample sales and ready-to-wear collections, catering to brides who need their dresses on short notice.

Blue Ivory

Location: Blue Ivory

Website: http://www.bluivorybridal.com/

Contact: +14166568000

Grace Loves Lace

Grace Loves Lace, an Australian retailer situated at 391 Parliament, caters to brides seeking unique and non-traditional dresses. The boutique features handcrafted pieces with signature styles like the two-piece Behati and the detachable Martini, with prices starting at $2,000, offering exclusive designs for the modern bride.

Grace Loves Lace

Location: Grace Loves Lace

Website: https://graceloveslace.ca

Contact: +14163661022

Oh Happy Brides

Oh Happy Brides, based in the Junction area, offers bespoke gowns in inclusive sizes ranging from 0 to 28, with prices between $1,800 and $5,000. The boutique also provides a range of hair accessories and showcases Australian bridal designers, ensuring a comprehensive selection for brides.

Oh Happy Brides

Location: Oh Happy Brides

Website: https://www.ohhappybrides.com/

Contact: +14167003076


Toronto’s bridal shops offer an impressive variety of wedding dresses, ensuring that every bride can find her dream gown. From contemporary styles and budget-friendly options to sustainable and bespoke creations, these stores cater to diverse tastes and needs. Whether you’re looking for the elegance of hand-sewn crystals, the whimsy of custom designs, or the timeless appeal of designer labels, Toronto’s bridal boutiques provide exceptional choices. With dedicated customer service and extensive collections, these stores make the journey to finding the perfect wedding dress a memorable and enjoyable experience. Brides in Toronto are truly spoilt for choice, able to select from a wide range of options that reflect their personal style and vision for their special day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the most budget-friendly bridal stores in Toronto?

The Brides’ Project and Luxe Bridal are among the most budget-friendly bridal stores in Toronto. The Brides’ Project offers gently used and upcycled gowns, with a special section for dresses under $500, while Luxe Bridal provides significant discounts on sample designer wedding gowns, with prices starting in the low hundreds.

2. Where can I find unique and non-traditional wedding dresses in Toronto?

Grace Loves Lace is a great option for brides seeking unique and non-traditional wedding dresses. Located at 391 Parliament, this Australian retailer offers handcrafted pieces with signature styles such as the two-piece Behati and the detachable Martini.

3. Which bridal stores in Toronto offer custom design services?

Park + Fifth, located on Carlaw Avenue, offers custom design services, allowing brides to create their dream dress. Additionally, Sash + Bustle and Lea Ann Belter Bridal provide personalized experiences to help brides find or customize their perfect gown.

4. Are there any bridal stores in Toronto that focus on sustainable fashion?

Yes, The Brides’ Project at 82 Rogers Road focuses on sustainable fashion by offering gently used and upcycled wedding dresses. Profits from the sales are donated to charity, making it a great choice for eco-conscious brides.

5. What are some bridal stores in Toronto that offer a wide range of accessories?

Sash + Bustle and Oh Happy Brides offer extensive collections of bridal accessories. Sash + Bustle features a variety of heels, earrings, gloves, and veils, while Oh Happy Brides provides a selection of hair accessories, including bows, pins, and combs.

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