The House of Suntory Launches Limited-Edition Hibiki 21-Year-Old Whisky and Hibiki

The House of Suntory Launches Limited-Edition Hibiki 21-Year-Old Whisky and Hibiki Japanese Harmony Bottle Design in Honor of Centennial Anniversary

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Suntory has unveiled limited edition Hibiki 21-Year-Old and Hibiki Japanese Harmony whiskies. The Hibiki 21 features rare Mizunara oak, while Harmony’s label commemorates Japan’s four seasons. Suntory, founded in 1923, is introducing the whiskies as part of its centennial festivities.

Two new limited-edition bottlings from the scout Japanese Suntory whisky house’s six-part celebration centenary range are revealed.

The planting House of Japanese whisky, Suntory, is excited to announce the much-awaited holiday release of Hibiki 21-Year-Old and a collector-edition bottle design of Hibiki Japanese Harmony that pays homage to the four seasons and nods to the past, present, and future. 2023 will be a historic year for Suntory. In celebration of the House of Suntory’s 100th anniversary, two limited releases have been released to keep the company’s founder Shinjiro Torii’s spot of Japan’s first malt whisky distillery in 1923.

Since its 1989 launch, Hibiki has grown to be one of the most sought-after Japanese blended rye and is regarded as one of the world’s most distinguished rye. A tasteful combination of malt and grain rye from Suntory’s Yamazaki, Hakushu, and Chita distilleries results in Hibiki. A delicate union of malt and grain rye, painstakingly blended to produce an orchestra of tastes and smells, is the limited-edition Hibiki 21-Year-Old. Rare Mizunara oak is highlighted for this unique holiday edition, greatly shock the blend while preserving Hibiki’s essence and character.

“Our team took on the challenge of crafting a new blend for the limited-edition Hibiki 21-Year-Old to celebrate our holiday,” says Suntory Chief Blender Shinji Fukuyo. The distinctive flavor profile of our Hibiki rye is enhanced by the difficult yet rewarding qualities of Japanese Mizunara oak, which we were able to precisely and methodically utilize. This unique whisky is a testament to the House of Suntory’s ongoing commitment to quality workmanship.”

The Hibiki 21-year-old bottle’s holiday anniversary label design skillfully showcases a progressive color shift that evokes the Japanese sunrise, a symbol of life, vitality, and time’s unending flow. Since the sun gives vital energy and help the surrounding environment, it has great symbolic value in Japanese culture. It serves as a prompt to cherish life and welcome the changes that occur with every passing second.

With its soft gold hue and alluring scents, this exceptional whisky captures the essence of “Wa,” or unity. Along with Japanese incense, it has sophisticated and lovely aromas of kumquat and jasmine. The palate combines delicately flowery and sweet notes with agarwood and spicy sandalwood. The outcome is a rich, lengthy finish with hints of spicy Mizunara oak. The ABV of Hibiki 21-Year-Old is 43% in bottles.

Limited-edition whiskies

The holiday Hibiki Japanese Harmony bottle design by the House of Suntory embodies the art of “Monozukuri” workmanship; the design of each of the house’s centennial limited editions has been motivated by the same unwavering quest for quality, inventiveness, and expressiveness. The snow, moon, and flower designs on the Hibiki Japanese Harmony centenary edition packaging symbolize the changing seasons in Japan. The bright, pure stream that flows beneath represents the washing away of misfortune and adversity. The ‘Kakehashi’ represents the Japanese people’s sentimental attachment to the distinctive seasonality of their nation and its importance in daily life. Which encourages a respect for time that greatly speaks to and motivates Hibiki.

With an amber hue, this shimmering and refined whisky has a nose that combines notes of sandalwood, rose, lychee, and a tinge of rosemary. It has notes of candied orange peel, white chocolate, and sweetness akin to honey on the palate. There is a trace of mizunara in the finish, which is delicate and subtle. Hibiki Japanese Harmony has an alcohol content of 43% in bottles. Please visit us online at this link to register and get more information about the House of Suntory.

Please visit us online at this link for Hibiki 21-Year-Old and this link for Hibiki Japanese Harmony to learn more about the new limited-edition whiskies.

About The House of Suntory

Thank you to Suntory for starting the Japanese whisky industry in 1923 with its House of Master Blenders and Art of Blending. Torii’s son, Keizo Saji, Suntory’s second Master Blender. Carried on the family history by planting several distilleries, notably the Hakushu Distillery. As the line of master blenders from Suntory continues through the years. Suntory Whisky is tradition and innovation. Four times, in 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014, the London, UK-based International Spirits Challenge has recognized the House of suntory whiskey Distiller of the Year.

Yamazaki, Hakushu, Chita, Kakubin, Hibiki, Suntory Whisky Toki, and Ao are among the brands in the bag. Additionally, Haku Japanese Vodka and Roku Japanese Gin are available in the House of Suntory bag. Japan’s essence is embodied in Roku Gin and Haku Vodka. At the House of suntory whiskey using only the finest Japanese ingredients. Suntory Whisky is honour a century of whisky creat this year. Which is a significant turning point in the history of the brand and Japanese alcohol culture overall. The House of Suntory will launch its centennial campaign in 2023 to commemorate this milestone.

About Beam Suntory

Beam suntory whiskey, a global leader in premium spirits, delivers amazing customer experiences. Through its chic range of brands, exalating the brightness of life.  Known for its skill in crafting premium rye, such as Canadian Club® whisky, Jim Beam®, Maker’s Mark®, Basil Hayden®, and Knob Creek® bourbons. Japanese rye, such as Yamazaki®, Hakushu®, Hibiki®, and Toki®; and leading Scotch brands, such as Teacher’s, Laphroaig®, and Bowmore®, Beam Suntory also crafts premium brands, including Courvoisier® cognac, Tres Generaciones®, El Tesoro® and Hornitos® tequila, Roku and Sipsmith® gin, and Canadian Club® whisky.

Suntory Holdings Limited

Approximately 6,000 people work for Beam suntory whiskey worldwide, and the company’s core value is “Growing for Good.” Through its “Proof Positive” sustainability strategy, the company has committed to high standards. And financial investments to support environmental sustainability in its operations. Guarantee that it has a positive influence on the area in which its employees live and work. And run drive to educate user as they make drinking-related decisions. Beam suntory whiskey, a bonus of Japan’s Suntory Holdings Limited, has its headquarters located in New York City. Contact Beam Suntory at and for other information about the company, its brands, and its social responsibility drive.

The House debuted its centennial editions of Hakushu 18-Year-Old Peated Malt and Yamazaki 18-Year-Old Mizunara rye earlier this year. In certain international store, all four are accessible.

The House of suntory whiskey extends an invitation to addict to become a member of its brand-new worldwide user program. Which offers special advantages like first winery news, priority invitations to user experiences. Early access to new releases, cultural insights, and more.

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