Stream Now: Canada’s Must-Watch Movies and TV Shows This March

Stream Now: Canada's Must-Watch Movies and TV Shows This March

Dive into the latest entertainment offerings in Canada with our curated list of March’s top movies and TV shows available for streaming. Your next binge-watch awaits!


As the digital landscape continues to evolve, streaming platforms in Canada are rolling out an array of captivating movies and TV shows to keep audiences glued to their screens. From epic adventures to heartwarming narratives, March brings an eclectic mix of content that promises to cater to diverse tastes. Here’s your ultimate guide to the top streaming picks this month.

Top Streaming Picks in Canada

Movies That Captivate

  • Dune (Apple TV): Embark on a galactic journey with a noble family fighting for control over the universe’s most precious resource, amidst prophecies of a dark future.
  • Poor Things (Disney+): Follow the extraordinary adventures of a young woman resurrected by a maverick scientist, as she defies societal norms and champions equality and freedom.
  • Anatomy of a Fall (Prime Video): Delve into a gripping narrative where a woman stands accused of her husband’s murder, with their blind son as the sole witness to the unfolding drama.

TV Shows That Entertain

  • 3 Body Problem (Netflix): A decision made in 1960s China has far-reaching consequences, bringing a group of modern scientists face-to-face with humanity’s greatest challenge.
  • Shōgun (Disney+): Experience the tumultuous journey of the first Englishman in Japan, navigating through power struggles and palace intrigue in a quest for honor and survival.
  • The Gentlemen (Netflix): Discover the complexities of inheritance as Eddie Halstead finds his legacy intertwined with a burgeoning marijuana empire.


Whether you’re in the mood for the sweeping dunes of an alien planet, the spirited escapades of a liberated woman, or the intricate dynamics of power and survival, March’s streaming lineup in Canada offers a rich tapestry of storytelling. So, grab your favorite snacks, settle into your coziest spot, and immerse yourself in the worlds unfolding on your screen.


Where can I watch “Dune” in Canada?

“Dune” is available for streaming on Apple TV.
What is “Poor Things” about?

“Poor Things” is a tale of resurrection, adventure, and defiance against the societal norms of the time, streaming on Disney+.
Is “Anatomy of a Fall” based on a true story?

While inspired by themes of mystery and moral dilemmas, “Anatomy of a Fall” is a fictional narrative available on Prime Video.
What genre is “3 Body Problem”?

“3 Body Problem” is a science fiction series that explores the consequences of a historical decision across time and space, available on Netflix.
Can I watch “Shōgun” on Disney+?

Yes, “Shōgun” is a historical drama series available for streaming on Disney+.

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