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Sing Sing’s New Location on Commercial Drive is a Must-visit Destination

Sing Sing's new location on Commercial Drive is a must-visit destination for the best of food, drinks, and ambiance.

Experience Vancouver’s newest patio hotspot at Sing Sing on Commercial Drive. Indulge in pho, pizza, craft drinks, and more!

Welcome to Sing Sing, where Vancouver’s vibrant food and drink scene meets the laid-back charm of patio season. Nestled in the heart of Commercial Drive, against the backdrop of Grandview Park, Sing Sing has recently unveiled its second location to cater to the city’s discerning patrons. Known for its eclectic mix of pho, pizza, craft beer, and innovative cocktails, Sing promises an unforgettable culinary journey amidst a lively outdoor ambiance.

Where: 1191 Commercial Drive

A Fusion of Flavors

At Sing Sing, diversity reigns supreme on the menu. From crispy calamari to steaming bowls of pho, every dish celebrates flavors. Start your journey with the signature Crispy Calamari, perfectly golden and served with a tangy dipping sauce. For those craving a taste of Japan, indulge in the Chicken Katsu Burger, a mouthwatering combination of crispy chicken, savoury sauce, and a soft brioche bun.

The Art of Pho and Pizza

Sing Sing’s commitment to culinary excellence extends to its iconic pho and pizza offerings. Whether you opt for the traditional Steamed Buns and Pho, a comforting bowl of broth and noodles, or the innovative Shareable Pizza, topped with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, each bite at Sing Sing is a testament to craftsmanship and quality.

Sing Sing's new location on Commercial Drive is a must-visit destination for the best of food, drinks, and ambiance.

Craft Beverages for Every Palate

Pair your meal with a selection from Sing Sing’s extensive beverage menu. Local craft brews, natural wines, and handcrafted cocktails await, designed to complement the diverse flavors of the cuisine. Don’t miss the Super Duper Green Juice, a refreshing blend of gin and basil, or opt for the non-alcoholic Boba Colada, featuring toasted almond and tapioca pearls for a tropical twist.

Soak in the Sunshine

Sing Sing’s new location on Commercial Drive offers more than just great food and drinks—it’s an experience. The expansive outdoor patio, nestled amidst the bustling energy of Grandview Park, invites guests to unwind and enjoy Vancouver’s sunny days. Whether you’re meeting friends for a casual lunch or enjoying a romantic evening under the stars, Sing Sing’s patio provides the perfect setting.

Sing Sing's new location on Commercial Drive is a must-visit destination for the best of food, drinks, and ambiance.

Happy Hour Delights

Experience the new happy hour at Sing Sing, available Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 5 pm (and late night from 10 pm until closing). Treat yourself to $4 to $6 beers, half-priced select wine bottles, and $3 off cocktails, mocktails, pizza, pho, and steamed buns. Indulge in exclusive happy hour specials like Rosemary Fries and Koji Caesar, ensuring every visit is a memorable one.

Weekend Brunch Extravaganza

Launching soon, Sing Sing’s weekend brunch menu promises to elevate your mornings with a delightful array of breakfast favorites and signature dishes. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting addition to Vancouver’s brunch scene, offering something for everyone to savor.


Whether you’re a local or visiting Vancouver, Sing Sing’s new location on Commercial Drive is a must-visit destination. From its diverse menu and craft beverages to its inviting patio atmosphere, Sing Sing invites you to indulge in the best of food, drinks, and ambiance that the city has to offer.

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