Royal Ontario Museum’s 110th Anniversary: A Celebration of Culture and History with Free Admission

Royal Ontario Museum celebrates 110-year anniversary with free admission all weekend

Join the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in celebrating its 110th anniversary with free admission all weekend. Discover the museum’s rich history, special exhibitions, and future transformation plans.


The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), one of Ontario’s most prestigious cultural and educational landmarks, marks its 110th anniversary with a grand celebration. Offering free admission to all visitors this weekend, the ROM invites the public to explore its vast collections and special exhibitions, promising an enriching experience for people of all ages.

Royal Ontario Museum's 110th Anniversary: A Celebration of Culture and History with Free Admission


The Royal Ontario Museum is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Celebrating a Milestone:

The ROM’s 110th anniversary is a significant event, highlighting its role in preserving and showcasing cultural and natural history. With doors open to the public without charge, the museum expects large crowds, advising visitors to anticipate possible wait times.

Special Exhibitions and Attractions:

  • Death: Life’s Greatest Mystery: This exhibition delves into the death rites and ceremonies across different cultures, offering a profound look at the end-of-life rituals.
  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Featuring stunning images from the annual competition, this exhibit captures the beauty and diversity of wildlife.
  • Zuul crurivastator: Visitors have a unique opportunity to see the skeleton of Zuul, an armored dinosaur known for its distinctive sledgehammer-like tail.

A Look Back at ROM’s History:

Founded in 1912 and officially opened in 1914, the ROM has evolved from a collection of five museums to a standalone institution renowned for its expansive galleries and exhibitions. The addition of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal in 2007, despite its mixed reviews, significantly enhanced the museum’s space and architectural intrigue.

Transforming for the Future:

The ROM recently announced a $130 million transformation plan, the Open ROM project, aimed at making the museum more accessible and engaging for the public. This initiative will renovate the main floor and entrance, expanding gallery spaces and offering free access to ground-level exhibits.


The ROM’s 110th anniversary celebration is not just a reflection of its past but a forward-looking gesture, inviting the community to engage with history, art, and nature. As the museum embarks on a transformative journey, it continues to serve as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration for future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is admission to the ROM free all weekend for the 110th anniversary?

Yes, the ROM offers free admission to all visitors during its 110th anniversary weekend.

What are some of the special exhibitions at the ROM?

Special exhibitions include “Death: Life’s Greatest Mystery,” “Wildlife Photographer of the Year,” and a display featuring the dinosaur Zuul crurivastator.

What is the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal?

The Michael Lee-Chin Crystal is a modern architectural addition to the ROM, completed in 2007, that expanded the museum’s gallery space.

What changes are planned for the ROM’s future?

The ROM announced the Open ROM project, a $130 million transformation plan to make the museum more accessible and expand its galleries.

How can visitors prepare for their visit during the anniversary weekend?

While tickets are not required, visitors should anticipate possible wait times due to the expected high turnout and capacity limits.

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