Raise a Toast to the timeless bond of Campari and Negroni week 2023

Raise a Toast to the timeless bond of Campari and Negroni week 2023

During Negroni Week, Imbibe Magazine and Campari promote Slow Food’s mission of fostering a more sustainable food and beverage industry. The charity event brings together bartenders and Negroni fans globally to raise funds for causes supporting the hospitality sector. This year, proceeds will support Slow Food’s work to preserve biodiversity and provide education.

The renowned Negroni, Campari and the world of mixology are being celebrated at the 11th annual #NegroniWeek from September 18–24, 2023. Fundraising proceeds benefit charity partner Slow Food.

During Negroni Week, Imbibe Magazine and Campari, the well-known red apéritif from Italy, unite to promote Slow Food’s aim of promoting a more sustainable and equitable food and beverage industry through a series of local events held at bars, restaurants, and retail stores across the globe. The worldwide charity effort, which has grown over the past 10 years to draw thousands of partners in over 80 markets and raise over $4 million for global causes, puts the power of fundraising in the hands of the industry because of the unbreakable relationship that exists between bartenders and the world of mixology.

Ever since its inception in 1919, Campari has served as the iconic ingredient in the Negroni, a drink that epitomizes the distinctive flavor character of the liquor and has become a worldwide favorite. Without the endless talent of bartenders sharing their craft with the world, the Negroni would never have become so popular. These relationships will be the focal point of Negroni Week 2023 activations, enhancing the respect that Campari, international bartenders, and Negroni fans all over the world have for one another.


The official giving partner for the second year is Slow Food, an international movement spanning over 160 countries that consists of local communities and activists. Similar to Campari and the Negroni, Slow Food’s Italian heritage makes it the ideal combination.

In 2023 and beyond, the Slow Food Negroni Week Fund will still provide direct assistance to the hospitality industry, supporting the preservation of biological and cultural diversity, fostering fairness and justice, and promoting food and beverage education through knowledge sharing. This work is more vital than ever because of the challenges that the food beverage and hospitality industry have faced in recent years.


Similar to how an industry cannot exist without bartenders, there would be no Negroni without Campari. The Slow Food Negroni Week Fund directly supports those working in hospitality as a way to honor this connection. Throughout the week, there will be chances to honor the craft of mixology and celebrate cocktail culture, acknowledging the commitment and talent of bartenders in crafting some of the most recognizable and beloved drinks on the planet.

In addition, shortly before Negroni Week kicks off, Campari will release The Timeless Bond Series and link up elite bartenders to highlight the relationship between the trade community and the original Negroni drink, mixology, and the Negroni. Some of the world’s top bartenders will be featured in the series, including Lorenzo Antinori and Philip Bischoff from Hong Kong and Thailand, Christian Suzuki and Kate Gerwin from the US, Agostino Perrone and Giorgio Bargiani from the UK, and Seba Garcia and Flavia Arroyo from Argentina.

“We’re thrilled to continue supporting Imbibe’s global charity initiative, Negroni Week, for the 11th year, as well as a cause that is close to the industry, Slow Food,” said Michele Porta, director of global channel and customer marketing. The program has helped raise over $4 million for philanthropic causes since its launch in 2012. This year, we’re continuing to help our international partners raise money by raising a glass to the enduring relationship between Campari and the Negroni and uniting the enthusiasm of bartenders at the vanguard of cocktail culture. We extend an invitation to all to join us and Imbibe in toasting to another great Negroni Week!”

Imbibe Publisher Karen Foley stated: “We are excited to continue our partnership with Campari in support of Slow Food’s mission to cultivate a more equitable and sustainable world of food and beverage. Negroni Week just gets better every year.” We are very excited to celebrate our favorite week of the year with bars, eateries, and Negroni lovers everywhere once more.”

Visit http://www.negroniweek.com for additional details regarding Negroni Week 2023 events


The iconic and unforgettable Italian red spirit, Campari. The foundation of many of the most well-known cocktails in the world. Gaspare Campari established Campari in Milan in 1860, but his son Davide did the heavy lifting. Davide invented something so unique and ground-breaking that the company’s exclusive formula hasn’t been changed since. Bright red in hue, Campari’s distinct and complex flavour comes from fruit, fragrant plants. And herbs infused with water and alcohol. Not only is Campari special and one-of-a-kind, but it’s also incredibly flexible, with countless surprising options. Campari stimulates your instincts to unlock your passions and inspires boundless inventions. Its founders, artists from all areas, and the top bartenders in the world have all contributed to its creation. As a source of this passionate inspiration.


Count Camillo negroni week vancouver considered getting an Americano cocktail in Florence sometime about 1919. But he decided it was time for something different. Not wanting soda, but a hint of gin, thanks to his recent visit to London. And its thriving gin industry, he ordered it that way. The barman was happy to comply with Count Camillo Negroni’s request. Designating the new cocktail he had made with an orange garnish instead of the Americano’s lemon wedge. The Count’s “usual” in Florence was called Count Negroni’s Americano, or the “Americano with a touch of gin”. But the negroni week vancouver was created regardless of the name given to it at the time.

One of the most well-known modern classic cocktails is the negroni week vancouver. You can find a mixologist who can prepare you for the classic Negroni anywhere you travel in the world. Even after nearly a century has passed, people still love the original recipe. Which calls for equal quantities of London Dry gin, Campari, and Red Vermouth. Since Campari is listed as an official component in the Negroni by the International Bartenders Association (IBA). There wouldn’t be a negroni week vancouver without it! For additional details, go to www.campari.com.


Across global, regional, and local priorities, the Campari Group’s portfolio of more than fifty premium. And ultra-premium brands positions it as a prominent player in the spirits sector. The Group’s primary focus, Global Priorities, consists of Grand Marnier, SKYY, Campari, Aperol, Appleton Estate, and Wild Turkey. Having been established in 1860, the Group currently holds the sixth-largest global market share in the premium spirits sector. With prominent positions in Europe and the Americas, it trades in over 190 countries worldwide, demonstrating its global distribution reach.

The Group’s growth strategy is to blend external expansion through targeted brand and business acquisitions. With organic development through robust brand creation. The Campari Group, which has its headquarters in Sesto San Giovanni. Italy, has 23 facilities globally and operates a distribution network in over 25 nations. This Group has about 4,300 employees. Davide Campari-Milano N.V. (Reuters CPRI.MI – Bloomberg CPR IM) is the parent business. And its shares have been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2001.

Visit http://www.camparigroup.com/en for additional details.

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