Politeness in Perspective: Ontario’s Tale of Two Social Extremes


Discover Canada’s politeness spectrum: From the rudest to the most courteous cities, Ontario takes the lead.

Uncover the intriguing results of an unofficial survey conducted by Preply, an online tutoring platform, revealing the rudest and most polite cities in Canada, both nestled within the province of Ontario’s Tale.

Surveying the Landscape: The Method Behind the Unofficial Survey

With participation from over 1,500 Canadian residents across 44 cities, who have resided there for at least a year, Preply embarked on a journey to understand the varying degrees of rudeness and politeness across the nation.

Calculating Rudeness: A Multifaceted Approach

The survey asked participants to gauge the frequency of disrespectful behaviours based on 26 categories. These behaviours were then quantified to generate an average “rudeness” score out of 10 for each city.

Ontario Dominates: The Rudest and Most Courteous Cities

According to the results, the province of Ontario’s Tale takes the spotlight, harbouring both the rudest and the most courteous cities in the nation.

Unveiling the Rudest Cities in Ontario

Two of the top three rudest cities in Canada are located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with Vaughan, Ontario claiming the title of the rudest city, boasting an 8.05 “rudeness” score. Brampton, Ontario secures the third position with a score of 7.05.

Rudeness Factors: Delving into the Scores

Vaughan’s high “rudeness” score is attributed to the prevalence of people absorbed in their phones in public spaces and a lack of appreciative gestures when merging lanes. This highlights the impact of digital distractions on social interactions.

A Trail of Rudeness: Other Ontario Contenders

Ontario continues to make its presence felt on the rudeness spectrum, with cities like Windsor, Thunder Bay, and Sudbury securing spots among the most rude.

Politeness Prevails: Markham Leads the Courtesy List

While the GTA harbours some of the rudest cities, it also claims the most courteous city in the country – Markham, Ontario, with an impressive score of 2.91. The city’s cultural diversity is seen as a contributing factor to its courteous atmosphere.


Beyond Markham: Other Cities Embrace Courtesy

Markham is joined by Chatham-Kent, St. Catharines, Oakville, Kingston, and London in demonstrating exceptional levels of politeness.

Swearing and Apologizing: Burlington’s Unique Double Win

Preply’s survey didn’t stop at rudeness and politeness. It also unveiled which Canadian cities are prone to swearing and which ones excel in offering apologies. Burlington emerges as the champion in both categories.

The GTA Scorecard: A Snapshot of Rudeness Ratings

Take a closer look at how the GTA cities fared in terms of “rudeness” scores:

  • Vaughan: 8.05
  • Brampton: 7.05
  • Toronto: 5.91
  • Mississauga: 5.25
  • Richmond Hill: 4.89
  • Burlington: 4.76
  • Oshawa: 4.73
  • Oakville: 4.46
  • Markham: 2.91

FAQs about Canada’s Rudest and Most Polite Cities

Q: What was the basis of Preply’s survey on rudeness and politeness?

A: The survey relied on participants’ observations of disrespectful behaviours in various categories, quantifying them into an average “rudeness” score.

Q: Why did Vaughan rank as the rudest city in Canada?

A: Vaughan’s high “rudeness” score is due to the prevalence of people engrossed in their phones and a lack of courteous gestures on the road.

Q: What factors contribute to Markham’s courtesy?

A: Markham’s cultural diversity is seen as a contributing factor to its courteous atmosphere.

Q: Which city excels in both swearing and apologizing?

A: Burlington emerges as the top contender in both swearing and offering apologies.

Q: How did Ontario fare in terms of rudeness and politeness?

A: Ontario houses both the rudest and most courteous cities in Canada.

Q: What does the “rudeness” score signify?

A: The “rudeness” score quantifies the average frequency of disrespectful behaviors in a city, based on the survey’s categories.

In Conclusion

Preply’s survey provides an intriguing glimpse into Canada’s social dynamics, highlighting the diverse levels of politeness and rudeness across its cities. Ontario’s Tale contrasting spectrum of cities showcases the complex interplay between cultural diversity, digital distractions, and social etiquette. As the country continues to evolve, the survey underscores the importance of social awareness and respectful interactions in shaping the nation’s social fabric.

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