PizzaForno’s 3-Minute Magic: Redefining Public Transit Dining

PizzaForno makes its debut into the transportation sector with Metrolinx to serve hot, delicious pizza in less than 3 minutes 24/7 to thousands of transit riders daily

In a groundbreaking move that’s sure to delight commuters and pizza lovers alike, PizzaForno has joined forces with Metrolinx, a public transit leader in Canada. The result? An innovative dining experience that’s changing the way we enjoy food on the go. Let’s explore how PizzaForno is revolutionizing public transit dining.

PizzaForno’s Arrival on Public Transit

Turning Public Transit into a Pizza Paradise

Canadian-founded PizzaForno, known for its rapid growth and automated pizzeria chain, is making waves in the public transportation sector. Their partnership with Metrolinx has officially kicked off, with PizzaForno kiosks now stationed at the 407 Bus Terminal and Weston GO & UP Station. Thousands of riders are now treated to hot, fresh, and mouthwatering pizza, all prepared in a mere 3 minutes.

Metrolinx: Embracing a Delicious Revolution

A Transit Leader’s First Leap into Pizza

For Metrolinx, this partnership marks a significant milestone. It’s the first time they’ve introduced automated hot pizza options to their commuters. And this is just the beginning. We can expect to see more PizzaForno kiosks popping up at GO Transit stations in the near future. But what makes this partnership so unique?

A Canadian-First Agreement

Pioneering Automated Food in North America

Les Tomlin, Co-Founder, and President of PizzaForno, proudly states that this is the first agreement of its kind with a public transit operator in Canada. It solidifies PizzaForno’s position as a trailblazer in the automated food industry in North America. Their goal? To become the fastest-growing pizza chain in North America by 2024.

Metrolinx: A Transit Behemoth

Serving Millions of Commuters

To truly grasp the impact of this partnership, it’s important to understand Metrolinx’s reach. Responsible for operating GO Transit, UP Express, and PRESTO, Metrolinx serves over 100 million commuters. With over 400,000 buses and trains in operation, they are a transportation behemoth.

PizzaForno makes its debut into the transportation sector with Metrolinx to serve hot, delicious pizza in less than 3 minutes 24/7 to thousands of transit riders daily

PizzaForno’s Rise Across North America

A Delicious Revolution in the Making

PizzaForno isn’t a stranger to growth. With more than 70 units spread across North America and commitments for an additional 800 units through 2024, they are on the fast track to transforming the pizza industry. But what sets them apart? Their patented technology and seamless kiosk installations.

A Taste of Innovation

Enhancing the Pizza Experience

PizzaForno’s commitment to innovation doesn’t stop at automation. Their 11″ pizza selection now features a tastier crust, more mouthwatering toppings, and savory sauce. With offerings like BBQ Chicken, Meat Lovers, Four Cheese, Pepperoni, Veggie, and Hawaiian, there’s something for everyone.

The PizzaForno App: Ordering at Your Fingertips

Touchless Ordering for a Seamless Experience

PizzaForno is all about convenience. With their new PizzaForno app, customers can pre-order their favorite pizzas, making the experience even faster. Alternatively, they can order directly at the kiosk through an automated screen. A robotic arm takes care of the rest, baking the pizza to perfection in less than three minutes.

A Piping Hot Revolution

From Refrigerator to Oven to Your Hands

Here’s how it works: The refrigerated pizza is placed into the oven by a robotic arm. Less than three minutes later, a piping hot pizza in a box emerges from a slot. It’s a marvel of technology and a testament to PizzaForno’s commitment to quality and speed.

Take-and-Bake Option

Enjoy PizzaForno at Home

PizzaForno isn’t just about on-the-go dining. They also offer a take-and-bake option, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite pizzas in the comfort of their homes. It’s the same delicious taste, wherever you choose to savor it.

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