Parks Canada Invests in Conservation and Infrastructure

Parks Canada Invests in Conservation and Infrastructure

Discover how Parks Canada is investing close to $25 million in federal infrastructure funding to support conservation efforts and critical roadway improvements in national historic sites and parks, ensuring sustainability, climate resiliency, and safe visitor experiences.


Parks Canada, the guardian of Canada’s natural and cultural heritage, plays a crucial role in preserving and maintaining the country’s iconic places. The network of protected areas administered by Parks Canada spans from coast to coast to coast, offering visitors the opportunity to connect with nature, history, and stories that cover 450,000 km². In a significant move, Parks Canada is investing nearly $25 million in federal infrastructure funding for various projects, reinforcing its commitment to conservation, climate resiliency, job creation, and visitor experiences.

Carleton Martello Tower National Historic Site

One of the beneficiaries of this investment is the Carleton Martello Tower National Historic Site, located in Saint John, NB. This historic tower, dating back to the War of 1812, holds a pivotal place in Canada’s history. The funding, amounting to $14.8 million, supports the second and final phase of rehabilitation work at the site. The project includes the replacement of the fire command post with a lightweight replica of the original, construction of a new roof, and installation of a modern heating and humidity control system.

Ensuring Sustainability

Parks Canada’s commitment to conserving the heritage value of the Carleton Martello Tower is unwavering. The rehabilitation work not only preserves historical significance but also contributes to sustainability, making the site resilient to the effects of climate change.

Highway 114 Improvements in Fundy National Park

This crucial project aims to repair and renovate the road’s surface while enhancing various drainage infrastructure components to increase climate resiliency. The upgrades also seek to minimize flood-related damage to infrastructure and reduce future soil erosion.

Connecting Communities

Highway 114 is a vital transportation corridor that connects the counties of Albert and Kings. These roadway improvements not only ensure safer travel for visitors but also benefit local communities by enhancing transportation infrastructure.

Hurricane Fiona Recovery Efforts

Parks Canada is committed to addressing the impacts of climate change, and this includes recovery efforts following severe weather events. Through the Hurricane Fiona Recovery Fund (HFRF), coordinated by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), Parks Canada is allocating $1.05 million to Fundy National Park. This funding will support recovery efforts following the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona.

Restoration and Resilience

The recovery work includes the removal of fallen trees to restore safe access to trails, campgrounds, and roadways within Fundy National Park. It also covers repairs to various damaged park infrastructure. Parks Canada recognizes the complexity of climate change impacts

Preserving Canada’s Heritage

Parks Canada manages a diverse portfolio of approximately 18,000 built assets, including historic buildings, roads, bridges, and more. Since 2015, the federal infrastructure investment program has improved the condition of around 5,000 assets across the country. These upgrades prioritize public safety, quality visitor experiences, green technologies, climate resiliency, and the connection of Canadians with their natural and historical heritage.


“The Government of Canada is committed to the rehabilitation of Carleton Martello Tower National Historic Site, an iconic Saint John landmark, and ensuring the sustainability of Parks Canada assets. Parks Canada’s roadway improvements through Fundy National Park will provide a safer traveling experience for Canadians to connect with nature. Parks Canada team members continue to work hard to ensure the park is fully recovered from the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona, while building resilient infrastructure that can withstand the effects of increasingly damaging weather events.”

— Wayne Long, Member of Parliament for Saint John—Rothesay

Supporting Atlantic Canada

“The Government of Canada recognizes that the road to recovery for impacted areas in Atlantic Canada has been challenging and that the devastation of Hurricane Fiona is still felt by many individuals, businesses, and communities. We have been and always will be there for Atlantic Canadians in times of need. Through the Hurricane Fiona Recovery Fund, we are working closely with businesses, organizations, and communities to recover and rebuild and setting them up to be more resilient to climate-induced weather events in the future.”

— The Honourable Gudie Hutchings, Minister of Rural Economic Development and Minister responsible for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)

Quick Facts

  • Carleton Martello Tower National Historic Site played a pivotal role in conflicts leading up to World War II and was the heart of Saint John’s defenses until 1944.
  • Since 2016, the Government of Canada has invested over $11 million in the preservation and rehabilitation of Carleton Martello Tower.
  • Fundy National Park, located in New Brunswick, encompasses 20 kilometers of dramatic shoreline along the Bay of Fundy, known for having the world’s highest tides.
  • Parks Canada has directed over $23.8 million in federal infrastructure and conservation investments to Fundy National Park since 2015.
  • Hurricane Fiona, an extratropical cyclone, hit Atlantic Canada on September 24 and 25, 2022, causing significant damage and requiring recovery efforts.
  • The Hurricane Fiona Recovery Fund (HFRF) provides up to $300 million over two years to support local communities, businesses, and organizations affected by the storm. Focusing on long-term recovery and resilience to climate-induced weather events.

Parks Canada’s investments in conservation and infrastructure aim to protect Canada’s natural and cultural treasures, enhance climate resilience, and provide safe and enriching experiences for visitors across the country.


1. What is Parks Canada’s role in Canada’s natural and cultural heritage?

Parks Canada serves as the guardian of Canada’s natural and cultural heritage. It manages and preserves iconic places, ensuring their protection and accessibility for current and future generations.

2. How is Parks Canada funding conservation and infrastructure projects?

Parks Canada is investing nearly $25 million in federal infrastructure funding to support various projects related to conservation and critical infrastructure improvements in national historic sites and parks across the country.

3. Which historic site is receiving funding for rehabilitation work?

Carleton Martello Tower National Historic Site in Saint John, NB, is one of the beneficiaries of this funding. The investment of $14.8 million will support the second phase of rehabilitation work. Iincluding the replacement of the fire command post, new roofing, and heating and humidity control system installation.

4. What is the significance of the rehabilitation work at Carleton Martello Tower?

The rehabilitation work preserves the historical significance of Carleton Martello Tower while ensuring its sustainability and resilience to climate change effects. It also contributes to the local tourism industry.

5. Which roadway improvement project is being funded?

Approximately $8.3 million of the funding is directed towards critical roadway improvements on an 11 km section of Highway 114 in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick. This project includes road surface repairs, drainage upgrades, and measures to increase climate resiliency.

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