Ontario’s Largest Co-op Housing Project: A Path to Affordable Housing

Ontario's Largest Co-op Housing Project: A Path to Affordable Housing

Discover the groundbreaking co-op housing project in Ontario, led by CreateTO, Civic Developments, and Windmill Development Group. This article explores the largest co-operative housing initiative in Ontario, its impact on affordable housing, and its potential to revolutionize housing models in Toronto.

In the heart of Ontario, a massive co-op housing project is set to redefine the landscape of affordable housing. This ambitious endeavour, spearheaded by CreateTO in collaboration with Civic Developments and Windmill Development Group, aims to create Ontario’s largest cooperative housing project in over two decades. Located at 2444 Eglinton Ave. E. This groundbreaking project is poised to address the pressing issue of affordable housing while setting a new standard for urban development.

The Development Dream Team

CreateTO: Pioneering the Vision

CreateTO, Toronto’s esteemed real estate agency, is leading in this monumental project. Their commitment to affordable housing and urban development has made them a trusted partner in the community. By working hand-in-hand with not-for-profit housing providers and private developers, CreateTO is bringing a transformative vision to life.

Civic Developments: Shaking Up the Status Quo

Civic Developments, one of the project’s key partners, is known for its innovative approach to urban development. Led by Matthew Cohen, this dynamic team is determined to challenge traditional development models. Their goal is to create housing that is not only affordable but also accessible by transit, ushering in a new era of mixed-tenure housing in Toronto.

Windmill Development Group: A Sustainable Vision

Windmill Development Group, renowned for its commitment to sustainability, brings expertise to the project. With a focus on environmental responsibility, they are set to incorporate green practices into this massive co-op housing development, making it a model for sustainable living.

Ontario's Largest Co-op Housing Project: A Path to Affordable Housing

Ontario’s Largest Co-operative Housing Project

Size and Scope

This ambitious co-op housing project spans a vast 2.88 acres, making it the largest in Ontario. Comprising 918 units, this development is set to accommodate a diverse range of residents, ensuring a vibrant and inclusive community.

Affordable Housing at Its Core

A staggering two-thirds of these units will be dedicated to rent-geared-to-income (RGI), affordable, and market rental co-op housing. Operated by the Co-Operative Housing Federation of Toronto (CHFT), these units are poised to be a beacon of affordability in a challenging housing market.

Market Condominiums: A Blend of Options

In addition to affordable housing units, this project will include 306 market condominiums, offering diverse housing options. This mix of housing types is designed to create a balanced and inclusive community.

The Promise of True Affordability

Sustainable Rent Models

Tom Clement, the Executive Director of CHFT, emphasizes the sustainability of the rent model. Over time, the rent for co-op units will increase only to cover cost increases relative to the market, ensuring that these units remain affordable for everyone. This commitment to true affordability is a beacon of hope for residents.

Income-Based Rent

To cater to various income levels, rents for RGI and affordable co-op homes will be set between 40 and 100 per cent of the “Average Market Rent” reported annually by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. This income-based approach guarantees housing options for a broad spectrum of residents.

Accessibility at the Forefront

The project also prioritizes accessibility. A minimum of 33 per cent of the affordable homes and 15 per cent of the market rental homes will be designed to be accessible, ensuring that individuals with diverse needs can call this development home.

A Transit-Oriented Marvel

Housing Now Program

The development at 2444 Eglinton Ave. E. marks a pivotal moment as the first private sector-led site under the City of Toronto’s Housing Now program. This initiative focuses on creating transit-oriented affordable housing on city-owned land, aligning perfectly with the project’s location and goals.

Prime Transit Hubs

Positioned near key transit hubs, including Kennedy GO Station, Kennedy TTC subway station, and the future Crosstown LRT line, the site is poised to become one of Toronto’s most connected transit hubs upon completion. This strategic location ensures residents have convenient access to public transportation, further enhancing the project’s appeal.

Ontario's Largest Co-op Housing Project: A Path to Affordable Housing

A New Era of Development

Challenging the Status Quo

Matthew Cohen, Managing Partner at Civic Developments, envisions this project as a catalyst for change. It aims to set a new precedent for mixed-tenure housing in Toronto, challenging traditional development models and fostering innovation in urban planning.

Construction on the Horizon

Expected to commence construction in 2026, the project navigates the zoning bylaw amendment and other planning approvals required for development. As the construction date approaches, excitement is building for the people who will soon call this development home.

A Community Vision

CreateTO’s Chief Executive Officer, Vic Gupta, eagerly anticipates welcoming the future residents of this transformative development. With a shared vision of creating a thriving and inclusive community, these partners are committed to making a lasting impact on affordable housing in Ontario.

FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Q: How many units does the co-op housing project comprise?
A: The project comprises 918 units, two-thirds dedicated to affordable housing and the remaining as market condominiums.

Q: What is the role of CreateTO in this project?
A: CreateTO is the lead agency, spearheading the development in collaboration with Civic Developments and Windmill Development Group.

Q: When will construction commence?
A: Construction is expected to begin in 2026, pending necessary approvals.

Q: How will rent be determined for co-op homes?
A: Rent for co-op homes will be set between 40 and 100 percent of the “Average Market Rent” based on the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation annual reports.

Q: What is the focus of Civic Developments in this project?
A: Civic Developments aims to challenge traditional development models and create housing accessible by transit.

Q: How is accessibility addressed in this development?
A: A minimum of 33 percent of affordable homes and 15 percent of market rental homes will be designed to be accessible, prioritizing inclusivity.


The massive co-op housing project at 2444 Eglinton Ave. E. is not just a construction endeavour; it’s a transformative vision for affordable housing in Ontario. With CreateTO, Civic Developments, and Windmill Development Group leading the way, this project promises to redefine the meaning of true affordability. As construction approaches, the dream of a thriving, accessible, and sustainable community is becoming a reality. This initiative serves as a beacon of hope, showing that when public and private sectors join forces, they can create housing solutions that benefit everyone. Ontario’s largest cooperative housing project is not only a home; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in addressing the housing challenges of our time.

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