Ontario Outdoors: Passes, Picking, and Packing

Discover Ontario’s great outdoors with tips on passes, picking destinations, and packing essentials. Start your adventure now!

Use our guide to make the most of Ontario Outdoors. Discover the joys of the blueberry and strawberry harvest months, the advantages of having a season pass for Ontario Parks, and some crucial planning tips for your cottage holiday. Regardless of the time of your stay or the duration of your visit, we offer every detail you need to enjoy a fantastic natural experience in Ontario.

Ontario Outdoor Parks Season Pass

Ontario Outdoors: Cottage Packing List

Over one hundred provincial parks in Ontario are accessible for unrestricted day usage with an Ontario Parks season pass, commonly called a Seasonal Vehicle Permit. The salient features are as follows:

Seasonal Vehicle Permit Types:

  • Annual Permit: Good for a year after the purchase date.
  • Summer Permit: April 1 to November 30.
  • Winter Permit: Good through March 31st of each year.


  • Access to participating Ontario provincial parks for an unlimited number of days.
  • Cost-effective for regular visitors, reducing daily parking permits.
  • Makes it possible to enter without a permit.

Cost (as of the most current revision):

  • The annual permit: is $99.00
  • Summer Permit:  $75.00
  • Winter Permit: $60.00
Ontario Outdoors: Passes, Picking, and Packing

Ontario Outdoors

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When is strawberry season and blueberry picking in Ontario?

There are two main varieties in Ontario: lowbush and highbush. Lowbush blueberries are found in the province’s natural areas, but they are also occasionally farmed. Highbush blueberries are easy to pick because they reach heights of 6 to 8 feet. They have been growing in this region of the world since 1976. Look for berries that are not moldy or mildewed, are firm, and smell delicious. The color of the blueberry ought to be deep blue, almost black. The fruit should be a uniform shade of blue without any hints of purple or pink.

Fun fact: Acid rain has encouraged the formation of natural lowbush berry stands in some inland places by lowering the soil’s pH.

Participating in this time-honoured event offers numerous delectable possibilities to quickly discover Ontario’s rural areas. For those who enjoy making jams, baked goods, and preserves, we have compiled a brief list of some of our best pick-your-own strawberry locations. This season, spend a day at a farm picking your own! Place your thumb and index finger softly between the stem to pick. Be sure not to squash the fruit, but gently break and pinch the stem!


            Ontario Outdoors: Cottage Packing List

            Packing for a cottage gives the impression that you are bringing the full house! It is not necessary to bring luggage on trips. They occupy a lot of space already. Totes and laundry baskets are the most widely used packing techniques. How much more you can put in your car will amaze you!

            A cottage packing list will save you time and stress, whether you are heading to the cottage for the first time or an expert.


            Everything is digital now, and we are no different from the rest of the world. No documents are needed; simply plug our address into your GPS and come!

            Ontario Outdoors: Cottage Packing List

            Kitchen Needs for Ontario Outdoors Experience:

            Every cottage kitchen has its own set of necessities. We have equipped the kitchen with basic supplies; you must add these to your cottage packing list.

            • Aluminum foil & Cling wrap
            • BBQ tool kit including flippers and tongs (supplied, but in case you have a preference)
            • Knives of choice
            • Grounded coffee; machine and filter are supplied
            • Compost bags
            • Cool packs or pre-made bags of ice
            • Cooler – for your day(s) on the boat or just to have additional drinks
            • Dishcloths
            • Dish soap
            • Tupperware or Ziploc for your leftovers
            • Garbage bags (small and large)
            • Hand soap
            • Ice cube tray
            • Kitchen towels
            • Napkins
            • Plastic/Paper dishware
            • Sponges


            • Pillowcases: pillows are supplied on each bed, but I understand you would prefer your pillows. 
            • Bedsheets (also available to rent if you do not want to bring your own)
            • Covers and a lighter one for those chillier evenings out by your firepit


            • Towels
            • Toiletries
            • Toilet paper
            • Hair dryer

            Cleaning Supplies

            • Anti-bacterial wipes/ 
            • Disinfectant / all-purpose cleaner  
            • Laundry detergent – if you plan to use the laundry machines on-site 
            • Scrubbing brushes/sponges

            First aid

            • Any medication required or your “must haves”
            • Antibacterial ointment
            • Bandages

            Outdoor gear

            • Camping chairs
            • Citronella candles
            • Collapsible Gazebo
            • Lantern / Flashlight + batteries
            • Umbrella
            • Whistle for young ones

            Ontario Outdoors: Food & Drinks

            Menu planning is essential! You do not want to spend the entire week wondering what you will eat for dinner and having to trek into town for additional ingredients. It is always better than not enough. A better solution would be to prepare the necessities at home, and you can purchase fresh produce at the local farmer’s market on the weekends. Do not forget the tasty treats! Here are a few things you will need to get started.

            • Beverages – Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic
            • Ground Coffee
            • Cooking oil/butter
            • Food
            • Condiments

            S’mores including graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows – tools to make it as easy as possible for the little tikes

            • Salt + pepper
            • Snacks
            • Spices + condiments
            • Sugar
            • Tea

            Ontario Outdoors: Self-care

            • After-sun aloe vera
            • Eye drops
            • Eye shades + Earplugs
            • Nail clipper
            • Sunblock
            • Your clothing of choice, but come dressed to be relaxed and comfortable


            The outdoors in Ontario provides a variety of experiences, such as obtaining passes, taking pleasure in seasonal harvesting, and preparing for varied expeditions. Accept the diversity and beauty of the surroundings to guarantee a happy and memorable time in nature’s arms. Take full advantage of the beautiful outdoors in Ontario.

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