Oji Seichi Restaurant Toronto

Oji Seichi Restaurant Toronto

Indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine at Oji Seichi Restaurant in Toronto. Discover exquisite flavors and impeccable service.

Oji Seichi is a ramen restaurant with a focus on fast-food-style sandwiches and homemade noodles. Unquestionably the most fashionable ramen restaurant in the city with an authentic Oji Seichi menu, it transforms the abandoned space that had held East Chinatown’s Kam Tat BBQ into a painstakingly crafted store that serves as a monument to noodles.

Shawn Irvine, a family friend of Wilson Duong, and chef Mitch Bates (previously of Momofuku Shoto and Grey Gardens) co-manage Oji Seichi. The eatery pays homage to their beloved uncle, Oji-San, and their extended family’s Japanese Canadian background in a laid-back manner.

Oji Seichi Restaurant Toronto

Oji Seichi Menu

Dish Name Type Quantity 
 2. OJI CLASSIC SHOYU RAMEN Clear soy sauce-based (chicken, pork, and seafood) broth, roast pork belly, egg, naruto, scallions and nori  
 3.OJI VEGGIE MISO RAMEN V Clear soy sauce-based (chicken, pork, and seafood) broth, roast pork belly, egg, naruto, scallions, and nori  
 4. OJI LITE RAMEN Chicken and pork broth, noodles, and scallions  
Sandys 1. CHICKEN KATSU SANDY  Cabbage, daikon, tonkatsu, sauce, mayo 13 
 2. SHRIMP SANDY  Iceberg, curry remoulade 13 
 3. VEG KOROKKE SANDY V  Cabbage, daikon, tonkatsu sauce, mayo 13 
Gyoza + Snacks 1. PORK OR CHICKEN GYOZA  5/10 
 2. Seaweed and cucumber salad    
 2. Vanilla soft serve (NO TOPPING)    
Oji Seichi Restaurant Toronto
Add-ons Quantity 
Chicken katsu 
NORI 0.5 

Oji Seichi’s Offer for Wholesale

The quality and originality of the noodles are guaranteed by the shop’s emphasis on using traditional Japanese techniques and locally obtained ingredients. In addition to producing their own noodles, Oji Seichi partners with other companies to source additional items, like beef and mushrooms from Ontario, enhancing their wholesale offers.

Use their website or social media accounts for Oji Seichi photos and contact them directly for more information or to place a bulk purchase.

Oji Seichi Order Placing

At Oji Seichi, you have the choice of ordering for pickup or delivery. Here is how to go about it:  

  • To place an online order, go to, the website of Oji Seichi. Usually, the website offers an online ordering option along with a menu.
  • Orders over the phone: You can place your order by giving Oji Seichi a call directly. Here is how to contact them:
  • Caller ID: (416) 555-1234

Instructions for Pickup

  • Order over the phone or online. 
  • Go with the pickup option. 
  • Indicate when you would like to be picked up. 
  • Reach Oji Seichi at the appointed hour. 
  • Give the staff your name and order number. 

Instructions for Delivery

  • Use the Oji Seichi website or one of their associated food delivery apps to place an online order. 
  • Choose the delivery option.  
  • Give your contact information and delivery address.  
  • Verify your payment and order.  
  • Await the delivery person delivering your order to the address you have provided.  

Contact Information

Name: Oji Seichi 

Address: 354 Broadview Ave., Toronto, ON, M4M 2G9 

Phone Number: 416-519-4356

Social Media Presence of Oji Seichi

Instagram: Oji Seichi (@ojiseichi) • Instagram photos and videos 

Linktree: Oji Seichi – Listen on YouTube, Spotify – Linktree 

Oji Seichi Restaurant Toronto

Testimonials of Customers

1. I have celiac disease; do you have gluten-free options? 

Ans- They do not have a specific note on gluten-free options, unfortunately. Even if you omit the noodles, the broth may contain gluten proteins.

2. Is there a patio? I have seen it before but today the tables are not there

Ans- When I was there, they had tables out front to sit on đŸ™‚

Partnerships & Retail

Partnerships with Regional Producers:

  • Oji Seichi works with regional farmers to get ingredients including meat from Ontario, mushrooms, and sea salt that is harvested in Vancouver.
  • Additionally, they collaborate with neighborhood breweries like IZUMI Brewery to produce distinctive goods like their own Junmai shake.

Shop Sales: 

  • Oji Seichi is a vendor of homemade ramen noodles at Bare Market, Heisei Mart, and JTown Markham, among other local markets.
  • Their branded goods, which comprise bowls, hoodies, caps, t-shirts, and a lot more.


Oji Seichi Toronto has had a wide-ranging influence. His deep understanding of cultural anthropology changed academic discourse by highlighting how interrelated all cultures are. The foundational writings of Seichi, such as “Cultural Fabric” and “Echoes of Tradition,” explained how traditions change in contemporary settings. His support of cultural conservation sparked international efforts to protect intangible cultural treasures. Seichi’s influence goes beyond the classroom; he promoted intercultural understanding and helped people overcome barriers by talking and showing empathy. Future generations will continue to be motivated by his lasting influence to treasure, honor, and protect the diverse fabric of human civilization.

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