Mary Brown’s Chicken Set to Open its First UK Restaurant This Month

Mary Brown's Chicken Set to Open its First UK Restaurant This Month

Mary Brown’s Chicken, a beloved Canadian fried chicken chain, is set to make its international debut in the UK this month, bringing its famous menu along with some unique new items to Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

In a significant move for Canadian cuisine abroad, Mary Brown’s Chicken is expanding its horizons by opening its first international location in the United Kingdom. This marks a notable shift as the brand, renowned for its delicious fried chicken, takes its first steps outside Canada.

Mary Brown's Chicken set to open its first UK restaurant this month

Expansion into the UK

A New Home in Lisburn

Mary Brown’s Chicken, originally founded in St. John’s, Newfoundland 1969, has grown significantly within Canada, boasting 255 locations nationwide. The chain’s international journey begins in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, with the doors set to open on February 21. This expansion introduces Mary Brown’s cherished recipes and a taste of Canadian culinary culture to the UK.

Menu Highlights

UK diners can look forward to indulging in Mary Brown’s favorites, such as the Big Mary chicken sandwich, chicken tenders, taters, poutine, and the signature bone-in chicken. Additionally, the Lisburn location will offer exclusive new items not widely available in Canada, including halloumi fries, soft-serve ice cream, and milkshakes, broadening the appeal to local tastes and preferences.

Future Expansion Plans

Mary Brown’s Chicken has ambitious plans beyond its UK debut, with additional openings in Pakistan and Mexico in 2024. The company aims to launch 150 international stores over the next five years, signaling a significant global expansion strategy to introduce Mary Brown’s Chicken to a worldwide audience.

Mary Brown's Chicken Set to Open its First UK Restaurant This Month


Mary Brown’s Chicken’s international expansion marks a milestone for the Canadian brand, bringing its beloved fried chicken and unique menu offerings to the UK. With plans for further global growth, Mary Brown’s is set to become a familiar name in the international fast-food scene, offering a taste of Canada to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mary Brown’s Chicken?

Mary Brown’s Chicken is a Canadian fast-food chain known for its fried chicken and comfort food, founded in 1969 in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Where is Mary Brown’s Chicken opening in the UK?

The first UK location is opening in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

What unique menu items will the UK location offer?

The UK location will feature exclusive items like halloumi fries, soft-serve ice cream, and milkshakes.

What are Mary Brown’s Chicken’s future expansion plans?

Mary Brown’s plans to open 150 international stores in the next five years, including in the UK, Pakistan, and Mexico.

When is the Mary Brown’s Chicken UK location opening?

The Lisburn location is set to open on February 21.

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