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It’s Taco Time! Discover Toronto’s Top 9 Mexican Restaurants

It's Taco Time! Discover Toronto's Top 9 Mexican Restaurants.

Discover Toronto’s top 9 taco spots, from cozy hidden gems to vibrant patios, and savor authentic Mexican flavors.

Toronto, a city celebrated for its diverse culinary scene, boasts an impressive array of Mexican restaurants. We’ve got you covered if you’re craving tacos and unsure where to go. Recently, we asked locals to share their favorite taco spots in Toronto through an Instagram Q&A. Based on their suggestions, we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 recommended venues that promise to transport you straight to Mexico.

From cozy hidden gems to vibrant patios, these restaurants will satisfy your taco cravings. Here are the 9 best taco spots to visit in Toronto next time you’re ready for a delicious meal.

1. Gus Tacos

Gus Tacos is hailed as the best taco spot in Toronto by locals. With multiple locations across the city, it is known as “Toronto’s Most Beloved Taqueria Chain.” Gus Tacos offers a simple yet delightful menu featuring tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.

Their tacos are served on a corn tortilla, topped with onions and cilantro. They are available in various flavours, including grilled steak, braised lamb, chicken, battered fish, and fresh cheese with avocado. Don’t miss their guacamole and chips appetizer—it’s a crowd favorite.

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: Multiple locations

2. Itacate

For authentic Mexican cuisine, Itacate is the go-to spot. This cozy restaurant serves some of the best tacos in Toronto and also offers Mexican breakfast.

Their menu includes tacos, chilaquiles, quesadillas, and more, with flavors such as steak and cheese, pork and pineapple, breaded chicken breast, chorizo and potatoes, shrimp, and a vegan option. A must-try item is the Tacos Dorados—deep-fried tacos stuffed with chicken, lettuce, and cheese. Other notable dishes include Chicharron Rojo, Chorizo Con Bistec, and Tinga de Pollo.

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: 998 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto, ON

3. Tres Compadres

Tres Compadres is a vibrant spot where you can indulge in an array of colorful, drool-worthy tacos loved by locals. Their menu features all your favorite Mexican dishes, from burritos to sandwiches and nachos, and traditional Mexican beverages like fruit punch.

Taco options at Tres Compadres include braised short ribs and brisket, pulled chicken, steak, and sautéed vegetables. It’s a perfect spot to satisfy your taco cravings and enjoy a festive atmosphere.

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: 398 Richmond St. W., Toronto, ON

4. Molkagtez Mexican Cuisine

Molkagtez Mexican Cuisine offers authentic Mexican fare served on sizzling hot traditional volcanic rock molcajetes. The menu has mouth-watering dishes such as nachos, soup, antojitos, ceviche, tostada, fajitas, and more.

Their tacos come in various flavors, including pork, beef steak, shrimp, Mexican sausage, cactus, mushroom, and hibiscus. The “Tulum Heated Jungle Patio” provides a unique dining experience that will make you forget you’re in Toronto. Special deals include $10 margaritas on Mondays and $5 tacos and tequila shots on Tuesdays.

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: 1263 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON

5. Casa Mezcal

Casa Mezcal, with its rooftop patio, is a favorite among locals. It’s the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the warm summer weather while gazing over the city. The menu features a variety of dishes including guacamole, calamari, enchiladas, seafood, and even Mexican sushi.

Their taco offerings include shredded chicken, mushroom, pulled beef, shrimp, and fish. The restaurant also serves brunch and boozy drinks. For dessert, try their churritos or the “famous” choco-flan.

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: Multiple locations

6. Fonda Lola

Fonda Lola serves modern Mexican fare, focusing on using locally sourced ingredients to create healthy and tasty dishes. Their menu includes a variety of main dishes, boozy drinks, and desserts.

Tacos at Fonda Lola are served in three groups with flavors like corn-battered basa, shredded chicken breast, shrimp, and cauliflower. They also offer a selection of margaritas, including hibiscus and spicy margaritas. For dessert, indulge in churros, lava cake, and ice cream. Don’t miss their discounted taco nights on Tuesdays.

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: 942 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON

7. Ghost Taco

Located outside the city, Ghost Taco is worth the road trip for its “un-authentic” Mexican flavors. They offer a unique take on tacos with braised beef, crispy fried chicken, brussels sprouts, slow-roasted pork, and fried tofu.

In addition to tacos, they serve taco bowls with flavors like adobo chicken and birria beef, and sides such as chili fries and Spanish-style rice. Finish your meal with a serving of their delicious churros.

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: Multiple locations

8. El Catrin

Situated in the Distillery District, El Catrin offers a vibrant Mexican dining experience with stunning decor and a gorgeous heated patio. They pride themselves on serving the best traditional and modern Mexican cuisine in Toronto and boast the largest tequila and mezcal collection in the country.

Their menu includes quesadillas, guacamole, and a variety of boozy drinks. Taco flavors range from fish and braised beef to mushroom and grilled pork. Desserts like churros and tres leches cake are also available to complete your meal.

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: 18 Tank House Lane, Toronto, ON

9. Campechano

Campechano, with its “hidden gem, cozy hole-in-the-wall vibes,” is a must-visit for taco lovers. Located on Adelaide Street and College Street, this venue offers a simple menu with high-quality ingredients.

Taco options include beer-battered red haddock, braised beef, marinated chicken, and pig confit. They also serve appetizers like guacamole and ceviche and tres leches for dessert. Each taco is served as a single portion, allowing you to mix and match flavors to your liking.

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: Multiple locations

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