Italian-inspired “Bar” to Open in Henry Singer Flagship in Edmonton

Italian-inspired “Bar” to Open in Henry Singer Flagship in Edmonton

Henry Singer and chef Daniel Costa are opening Bar Henry, a European-style all-day cafe, inside Henry Singer’s new flagship store in Edmonton later this year. It will feature coffee, food, wine and cocktails curated by Costa’s team. The intimate bar aims to enhance the luxury retail experience at the store.

The intersection of fashion and gastronomy has birthed a new experience in Edmonton’s vibrant landscape. The Henry Singer Fashion Group, a name synonymous with luxury apparel, has joined forces with renowned restaurateur Daniel Costa to introduce Bar Henry. This all-day, licensed café exudes European flair, enriching the retail journey at Henry Singer’s main store. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the enchanting world of Bar Henry, where fashion meets culinary excellence.

The Visionaries Behind Bar Henry

Jordan Singer and Daniel Costa: A Fusion of Talents

Bar Henry is the brainchild of Jordan Singer, President of Henry Singer, and the culinary virtuoso Daniel Costa. Jordan Singer praises Costa’s culinary prowess, describing him as an “incredible chef” who injects passion and innovation into every facet of Bar Henry, from coffee to cocktails. They share a vision to create a space that transcends the typical Canadian bar or pub, channeling the intimate energy of European and Italian bars.

The Essence of a European “Bar”

Unveiling the Concept of “Spuntino”

Drawing inspiration from Italy, Bar Henry introduces the concept of “spuntino” – a category of snacks. In Italy, this term encapsulates the idea of light, quick bites. Costa, known for his successful ventures like Bar Bricco, Uccellino, and Corso 32, envisions Bar Henry as a place where patrons can experience the warmth of a second home while savoring delectable fare.

Curating Excellence

Craftsmanship Beyond Fashion

Much like the Singer brand’s commitment to curating exquisite luxury apparel, Bar Henry extends this concept to its offerings. The Bricco team will meticulously curate a concise yet quality-driven wine and cocktail selection, showcasing small producers from France, Spain, and Italy. This collaboration exemplifies shared values and goals between Bar Bricco and the Singer Group.

Italian-inspired “Bar” to Open in Henry Singer Flagship in Edmonton

A Symbiotic Relationship

Bar Henry and Retail Therapy

Costa believes that Bar Henry’s ambiance will seamlessly blend with the shopping routine of the shared customer base. This synergy between the café and the flagship store fosters a unique shopping experience within the “Henry Singer Multiverse,” offering an array of experiences as clients explore the store.

The Iconic Location

Edmonton’s ICE District

Situated within the bustling ICE District of Edmonton, the Stantec Tower houses Henry Singer as its anchor tenant, making it the tallest skyscraper in Western Canada. Bar Henry, located on the northwest corner of the store, boasts a separate street entrance, welcoming patrons to its inviting atmosphere.

A Taste of Italy in Edmonton

Design Elements and Ambiance

Bar Henry accommodates around thirty guests in a cozy, post-modernist Italian café. Warmly lit by burlwood wall panels and dark graphite tiling, the space exudes a welcoming glow. The furniture selection, featuring chrome finishes, leather, and tubular steel swing chairs, evokes the essence of modern Italian elegance.

Crafted Coffee

A Custom Coffee Experience

Local roastery partners will supply a unique brand of roasted coffee beans exclusively available at Bar Henry. This venture showcases the talents of three talented Edmontonians, adding a distinctive layer to the café’s offerings.

A Legacy of Style

Henry Singer: An 85-Year Legacy

The Henry Singer brand traces its roots back to 1938 when visionary Henry Singer founded a small made-to-measure store with just $300 in his pocket, adjacent to the iconic $500 million Stantec Tower. Today, the brand stands as the largest independent family-run retailer in the nation, celebrating its 85th anniversary with the grand debut of its flagship store.

Italian-inspired “Bar” to Open in Henry Singer Flagship in Edmonton

Notes on Henry Singer

Henry Singer: A Fashion Legacy

Henry Singer Fashion Group, founded by the legendary Henry Singer, has grown into Alberta’s premier menswear business since its inception in 1938. With online operations and city center locations in Calgary and Edmonton, the brand has consistently provided men with access to the world’s finest brands, coupled with a legacy of impeccable fit and service in exceptional retail spaces. For additional information about Henry Singer, please visit


Q: What is the concept behind Bar Henry?

  • A: Bar Henry is an all-day café with European influences, offering coffee, food, wine, cocktails, and a snack category known as “spuntino.”

Q: Where is Bar Henry located?

  • A: Bar Henry is situated in Edmonton’s downtown ICE District, inside Henry Singer’s main store, with a separate street entrance.

Q: Who is Daniel Costa, and what is his role in Bar Henry?

  • A: Daniel Costa is a renowned restaurateur, bringing his culinary expertise to Bar Henry, where he curates the food and beverage offerings.

Q: How does Bar Henry enhance the luxury retail experience?

  • A: Bar Henry provides a unique and relaxing atmosphere within the upscale Henry Singer store, creating a holistic shopping and dining experience.

Q: What is the significance of the Henry Singer Multiverse?

  • A: The Henry Singer Multiverse redefines retail by immersing customers in a parade of experiences as they explore the store.

Q: How has Henry Singer evolved over the years?

  • A: Founded in 1938, Henry Singer has transformed into the nation’s largest independent family-run retailer, celebrating its 85th anniversary.
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