ITAC Outlines Vision to Rebuild Indigenous Tourism Industry to Pre-Pandemic Levels

ITAC Outlines Vision to Rebuild Indigenous Tourism Industry to Pre-Pandemic Levels

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) has unveiled its 2023 to 2024 Action Plan, with the aim of rebuilding the Indigenous tourism industry to peak 2019 levels. The plan also sets out ITAC’s vision for Canada to become the global leader in Indigenous tourism by 2030, with an estimated contribution of $6 billion to the country’s GDP annually.

“We’re actively working towards recovery to 2019 record-breaking GDP, employment numbers, and number of Indigenous tourism businesses by 2025. Those targets remain our top priority,” said Keith Henry, President and CEO of the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada. “Our ambition doesn’t end there as we have set our sights on becoming the global leader in Indigenous tourism by 2030.”

ITAC is urging its members and partners to sign a pledge and join the Indigenous Tourism Team Canada to support Canada in achieving its goal. The pledge is available on ITAC’s website.

ITAC’s plan builds upon its four-pillar approach to business, launched in the 2022 to 2023 Action Plan. Changes to this year’s plan include an emphasis on advocacy for the Indigenous tourism industry at a federal level, the expansion of government partnerships, providing $1.5 million in support funding for accreditation programming, and delivering $10 million in national tourism funding as part of the Indigenous Tourism Fund.

The plan also includes a $3 million marketing campaign to support the growth of the Indigenous tourism sector, promote accredited Indigenous tourism businesses, increase direct sales efforts for businesses with online reservation systems, and have a larger presence in key airports across the country and other significant places.

ITAC’s commitment to ensuring the long-term sustainability and healthy and prosperous recovery of the Indigenous tourism industry is reflected in its ongoing support of its members and provincial-territorial partners, working towards its 2022 to 2025 Strategic Recovery Plan, Building Back Better: Strategic Recovery of Indigenous Tourism in Canada 2022 to 2025.

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