House of Rohl(R) Brings Artistry, Provenance and Passion to IDS West 2023

House of Rohl(R) Brings Artistry, Provenance and Passion to IDS West 2023

House of Rohl is exhibiting luxury plumbing brands at IDS West to showcase high design, performance, and trends for the kitchen and bathroom. The brands include Riobel, Perrin & Rowe, Shaws, Victoria + Albert, and Rohl, which come together to offer a range of design opportunities. New collections are inspired by opulent vacation spots around the world, with color palettes that enable homeowners to harmonize hues in the bathroom.

House of Rohl®, a collection of five renowned, international luxury plumbing brands, is exhibiting a Life Well Crafted for the kitchen and bathroom at IDS West. Visitors will encounter the brand’s dedication to provenance, artistry, and enthusiasm throughout the booth, as well as the advantages of being able to assemble an opulent residence within the House of Rohl, featuring Riobel®, Perrin & Rowe®, ShawsTM, Victoria + Albert®, and Rohl®.

House of Rohl(R) Brings Artistry, Provenance and Passion to IDS West 2023

Anne Reed, Senior Product Manager at House of Rohl, stated, “As we walk attendees through our booth, we’re showcasing products that deliver on high design, performance, and trends within the kitchen and bath space.” Additionally, we’re showing how designers and homeowners may successfully combine collections and brands to create kitchen and bathroom layouts that accommodate various demands and aesthetic preferences. We place great importance on our collaborations with designers since they authentically showcase the range and complexity of design opportunities made possible by House of Rohl.”

The Riobel NibiTM Bath Collection by House of Rohl, which includes shower systems, tub fillers, and faucets, provides the carefree design that consumers seek. These collections, which are complemented by the Victoria + Albert KaaliTM Undermount Sink by House of Rohl, compliment each other through geometry and design. The Kaali undermount sink’s delicate, gentle slopes and curves are wonderfully contrasted with the tapering construction of the Nibi faucet, which was designed with a light home in mind. When combined, these sets produce a contemporary yet inviting bathroom.

House of Rohl(R) Brings Artistry, Provenance and Passion to IDS West 2023

The House of Rohl’s ROHL AmahleTM Bath Collection embodies the blend of elements that appeal to the senses of beauty while highlighting the soft modernity trend. The flow and form, straight contours, and curves that come together to produce a sense of movement and vitality make this collection the pinnacle of elusive and unique beauty. The faucet’s elegant arc is contrasted with a variety of knobs, including right-angled levers, crisscrossing lines, and perfect circles, all of which are exquisitely detailed to honor the design. Shower solutions, accessories, tub fillers, and faucets are all part of the Amahle Collection.

The ROHL EireneTM Undermount Sink by House of Rohl, which complements the Amahle Collection, brings a serene touch to a bathroom retreat. The Eirene’s soft curves and smooth slopes give it a harmonious appearance without any sharp edges. Its cold, serene white surface and incredibly smooth texture, reminiscent of the stones in a Zen garden, heighten the tranquilizing feeling and turn the bathroom into a spa.

The House of Rohl’s Perrin & Rowe ArmstrongTM Bath Collection skillfully strikes a balance between the past and present by incorporating elements from the age of invention and industry into contemporary design. Geometric grace is embodied in the details seen in every design aspect. The smooth curve of the spout completes an understated beauty that always stands out, while the handles resemble the silhouette of spools that were originally used to create fabrics. The line includes shower solutions, accessories, tub fillers, and faucets with hand-polished finishes that offer traditional, ageless design to the bathroom. 

House of Rohl(R) Brings Artistry, Provenance and Passion to IDS West 2023

Victoria + Albert’s most recent color schemes, called Victoria + Albert Color Stories by House of Rohl, are influenced by opulent vacation spots all around the world. These color schemes offer the bathroom a whole sensory experience and a tranquil haven: Island Time is a color scheme of white, grey, rich blue, and earth tones inspired by the sage landscape of the island of Corsica, medieval villages, and neutral beaches; Royal Rituals is a color scheme reminiscent of the ancient city of Luxor, where the blue of the Nile meets the desert dunes to create a vibrant palette of jewel tones and softer neutrals; and Gateway to Serenity is a serene color scheme reminiscent of the semi-tropical island of Kyushu. The palettes elevate the bar for color personalization in bathrooms by enabling homeowners to harmonize hues, and they serve as a source of inspiration for bathroom design for wall colors, cabinetry, and décor.

The naturalistic oval shape of the Barcelona bath is followed by the House of Rohl Victoria + Alberta BarcelonaTM Undermount Sink. Perfectly formed like a pebble, the Barcelona combines striking elegance with symmetrical simplicity to create a classic look that goes with any decor. Whether used alone, in tandem with the Barcelona bathtub, or as a pair of sinks, the form and simplicity of this sink are appropriate for every setting and occasion.

The showcase features the well-known Shaws ShakerTM Fireclay Kitchen Sink by House of Rohl, a contemporary reinterpretation of the 1897 original with a timeless design that complements both modern and classic farmhouse kitchen aesthetics. Hand-sculpted and hand-finished, this robust Shaker sink is built to last a lifetime. The Riobel AzureTM Kitchen Faucet by House of Rohl is paired in a vignette with traditional and modern collections, highlighting how each may complement a variety of design styles.

Customers and designers can visit to learn more about the newest innovations and products in luxury ornamental plumbing from the House of Rohl family of brands. Please visit for press information.

About House of Rohl®.   

House of Rohl® is a collection of high-end ornamental plumbing brands that have been hand-picked from all around the world to help you create your own narrative of a well-made life: ShawsTM, Riobel®, Perrin & Rowe®, Victoria + Albert®, and ROHL®. Each has an own backstory that links workmanship, origin, and specialist methods to produce everlasting design. Together, they enhance your kitchen and bathroom with a wealth of history, creativity, and design. Brands in the House of Rohl portfolio are owned by Fortune Brands Innovations, Inc. (NYSE: FBIN).


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