Here’s why Quebec doesn’t celebrate Family Day like the rest of Canada

Here's why Quebec doesn't celebrate Family Day like the rest of Canada

Discover why Quebec opts out of celebrating Family Day, unlike the rest of Canada, and how this reflects on the province’s unique holiday schedule and cultural priorities.


In the tapestry of Canadian holidays, Family Day stands out as a cherished pause for many, offering a respite in the depths of winter to enjoy time with loved ones. However, Quebec diverges from this national trend, marking its own path with a distinct set of holidays that reflect its unique cultural and historical identity.

Here's why Quebec doesn't celebrate Family Day like the rest of Canada

The Distinct Holiday Schedule of Quebec

The Absence of Family Day in Quebec

While provinces like Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia unite in observing Family Day on the third Monday of February, Quebec remains an exception. This deviation underscores Quebec’s distinctive approach to statutory holidays, prioritizing its own historical and cultural commemorations over the relatively new Family Day.

Quebec’s Limited Number of Statutory Holidays

Quebec, alongside Manitoba, finds itself at the lower end of the spectrum with the fewest statutory holidays in Canada, totaling eight. This contrasts sharply with territories like Yukon, which celebrates twelve holidays annually. Quebec’s decision not to adopt Family Day is partly due to its already limited number of statutory breaks.

Unique Celebrations: Journée Nationale des Patriotes and Fête Nationale du Québec

Instead of Family Day, Quebecers observe Journée nationale des Patriotes on the Monday before May 23 and celebrate Fête nationale du Québec on June 24. These holidays are deeply rooted in Quebec’s rich history and cultural identity, offering moments of reflection and celebration that are unique to the province.

Quebec’s Statutory Holidays

The province honors a compact yet significant list of statutory holidays, including New Year’s Day, Easter Monday or Good Friday (at the employer’s discretion), Journée nationale des Patriotes, Fête nationale du Québec, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. This selection reflects Quebec’s values and historical milestones, prioritizing days that resonate with its cultural heritage over the more generic Family Day.


Quebec’s decision to forgo Family Day in favor of holidays that more closely align with its cultural and historical identity highlights the province’s unique stance within Canada. By prioritizing Journée nationale des Patriotes and Fête nationale du Québec, Quebec underscores the importance of its heritage and the distinct values that set it apart from the rest of the country.


1. Why doesn’t Quebec celebrate Family Day?

Quebec chooses not to observe Family Day, focusing instead on holidays that reflect its unique cultural and historical identity, such as Journée nationale des Patriotes and Fête nationale du Québec.

2. How many statutory holidays does Quebec have?

Quebec observes eight statutory holidays, the lowest number alongside Manitoba, compared to other provinces and territories in Canada.

3. What are some unique holidays celebrated only in Quebec?

Unique to Quebec are Journée nationale des Patriotes, observed on the Monday before May 23, and Fête nationale du Québec, celebrated on June 24.

4. Does Quebec have the fewest holidays in Canada?

Yes, Quebec and Manitoba are tied for having the fewest statutory holidays in Canada, with eight each.

5. How does Quebec’s holiday schedule compare to other provinces?

Quebec’s holiday schedule is distinct in its focus on cultural and historical significance, opting for fewer statutory holidays and including unique celebrations that are not observed in other provinces.

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