Heartfelt $15K Reward Offered for Lost Dog Near Toronto

Heartfelt $15K Reward Offered for Lost Dog Near Toronto

In a touching appeal, a couple from the outskirts of Toronto is offering a $15,000 reward for the return of their cherished mini husky, V, who vanished on their wedding day.


A couple residing just outside Toronto is experiencing profound distress after their beloved mini husky, V, disappeared on a day that was meant to be filled with joy—their wedding day. In a desperate bid to reunite with their furry family member, they are offering a substantial reward of $15,000 for V’s safe return.

Heartfelt $15K Reward Offered for Lost Dog Near Toronto

The Search for V

A Companion Gone Missing

V, an 11-year-old mini husky and the cherished companion of her owner, Grace, went missing in the Lake Wilcox area of Richmond Hill in mid-October. Grace describes V as “my best friend and little shadow,” emphasizing the deep bond they share. The loss has left Grace feeling incomplete, prompting her to turn to social media platforms like TikTok in hopes of spreading the word and gathering any leads on V’s whereabouts.

Special Needs and Concerns

Given V’s advanced age, she requires considerable care, including managing her skittish nature. This has only added to the urgency and anxiety surrounding her disappearance.

A Significant Reward

The decision to offer a $15,000 reward reflects the couple’s desperation and determination to find V. Despite the time that has passed since V went missing, the couple’s resolve has only strengthened, fueled by the belief that V is still out there, possibly under the care of someone unaware of their search.

Challenges and Hopes

Navigating Bylaws

The couple’s efforts to locate V have been hampered by local bylaws in Richmond Hill, which prohibit the posting of lost pet signs—a restriction Grace hopes to see changed. Such signs are crucial in mobilizing community support for finding lost pets.

A No-Questions-Asked Policy

The couple has pledged to maintain confidentiality regarding any tips received about V’s location, emphasizing a no-questions-asked approach to ensure her safe return. Their heartfelt plea is a testament to their love for V and the lengths they are willing to go to bring her home.


The story of V’s disappearance and the significant reward offered for her return is a poignant reminder of the deep connections we share with our pets. As the search continues, the couple holds onto hope, urging anyone with information to come forward and help reunite them with their beloved V.

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