HealthOne, a Unique 8-in-1 Multidisciplinary Health and Wellness Centre, Opens Inside Toronto’s New Vibrant Development, The Well

HealthOne, a Unique 8-in-1 Multidisciplinary Health and Wellness Centre

Explore the future of healthcare with HealthOne at The Well in Toronto. Our multidisciplinary clinic combines medical, dental, rehab, and more under one roof, driven by a mission to provide integrated, preventative care for a healthier, inspired life.

Toronto has witnessed the opening of a groundbreaking health and wellness center, HealthOne, within its newest mixed-use development, The Well. This 15,000-square-foot flagship clinic represents a unique 8-in-1 multidisciplinary model, offering a comprehensive range of services including medical, dental, rehabilitation, optometry, skincare, wellness, mental health, and laboratory services. This initiative marks HealthOne’s third location, joining its Harbourfront and North York clinics in advancing a holistic approach to healthcare.

HealthOne, a Unique 8-in-1 Multidisciplinary Health and Wellness Centre, Opens Inside Toronto's New Vibrant Development, The Well

Unveiling HealthOne’s Multidisciplinary Clinic

The Concept of Integrated Healthcare Services

HealthOne Medical & Wellness has introduced its latest clinic in The Well, a vibrant mix of retail, commercial, and residential spaces in downtown Toronto. This clinic is distinguished by its integration of eight different health departments within a single location, aiming to provide a full spectrum of health and wellness services to its patients.

Leadership and Expertise at HealthOne

Under the guidance of Dr. Dhanjit Litt, HealthOne’s healthcare model thrives on a three-pillar approach: unification, innovation, and community engagement. The clinic boasts over 100 esteemed practitioners, including top-tier professionals like Dr. Sunny Gill in dentistry and Dr. Saira Kassam in naturopathic medicine, who work collaboratively across disciplines to promote preventative care and optimal health.

Core Pillars of HealthOne’s Model

Unification in Patient Care

HealthOne emphasizes the importance of collaborative care, bringing together healthcare providers from various disciplines to offer connected and comprehensive care. This approach not only facilitates a learning environment among practitioners but also ensures that patients receive the most effective treatment plans.

Innovation through Technology

The clinic leverages cutting-edge technology, including advanced Electronic Health Records (EHR) and digital booking systems, to enhance patient care and operational efficiency. This innovative use of technology supports HealthOne’s mission to provide accessible and integrated healthcare services.

Engaging the Community

HealthOne’s commitment to community engagement is evident in its efforts to promote preventative health practices. Through educational content, workshops, and events, the clinic empowers community members with the knowledge and tools needed for a healthier lifestyle, thereby fostering a proactive approach to health and wellness.

HealthOne, a Unique 8-in-1 Multidisciplinary Health and Wellness Centre

HealthOne’s Impact on The Well Community

Located in the heart of Toronto’s King West neighborhood, The Well serves as an ideal setting for HealthOne to implement its holistic healthcare model. The clinic’s presence in this dynamic community is poised to create meaningful connections and contribute positively to the health and well-being of its members.


HealthOne Medical & Wellness is setting a new standard for primary care in Canada with its multidisciplinary health model. By combining diverse health services under one roof and focusing on unification, innovation, and community engagement, HealthOne is not just a healthcare provider but a pioneer in promoting a healthier, more inspired life for Canadians.

FAQs about HealthOne and Its Services

What services does HealthOne offer?
HealthOne provides an integrated range of services including medical walk-ins, dentistry, rehabilitation, optometry, skin care, wellness, mental health, and laboratory services.

How does HealthOne’s approach differ from traditional healthcare models?
HealthOne’s model is unique in its multidisciplinary approach, combining eight different health departments in one location and emphasizing collaborative care, technological innovation, and community engagement.

Can I book appointments online with HealthOne?
Yes, HealthOne offers a digital booking system that allows patients to easily schedule appointments for all their health and wellness needs.

Where is HealthOne located?
HealthOne has three locations across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with its newest clinic inside The Well development in downtown Toronto.

How can HealthOne’s model benefit me as a patient?
HealthOne’s integrated care model ensures that patients receive comprehensive and connected care across various health disciplines, which can lead to better health outcomes, preventative care, and a more personalized healthcare experienc

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