From Boutiques to Kensington Market : Best Shopping Guide For Toronto

Best Shopping Guide for Toronto

Toronto is a shopper’s paradise, with a diverse range of independent boutiques, bustling markets, high-end malls and charming outdoor shopping districts. This guide covers the very best places to shop in the city, from the funky vintage stores of Kensington Market to the luxury brands along Bloor Street. Whether you’re looking for designer labels, handmade crafts or simply want to experience Toronto’s distinctive neighborhoods, this article will help you plan an amazing retail adventure.

Toronto is a world-class shopping destination with an incredibly diverse range of options to suit all tastes and budgets. Indigenous Art and Crafts From luxury designer boutiques in chic neighborhoods like Yorkville and Queen West to local artisanal shops selling unique fashions, homewares, and gifts, to expansive markets filled with everything from fresh foods to antiques, Kensington Market offers an exciting mix of retail experiences. Foodies will love browsing the stalls at bustling markets like St. Lawrence and Kensington, while fashionistas can splash out on high-end brands along Bloor Street’s Mink Mile. Quaint streets lined with indie shops offer the chance to find one-of-a-kind items, while massive downtown malls provide the convenience of having everything under one roof.

Whether you’re looking for luxurious department stores, funky vintage wares, or handmade products that reflect Toronto’s multiculturalism, you’ll find it all here. With so many shopping areas scattered throughout the city, there’s a bounty of boutiques, markets, and malls for every taste, style, and budget. This shopping guide covers the very best places to shop in Toronto, to help you plan an amazing retail adventure in this diverse, fashionable city.

Where to Shop in Toronto?


Toronto is home to a myriad of unique, locally-owned boutiques where you can discover one-of-a-kind fashion, accessories, home décor items, and more. From cozy little shops tucked away on side streets to chic spaces in popular neighborhoods, Toronto’s boutiques reflect the city’s sense of style and community. Here are some of the top boutique neighborhoods and stores worth browsing when visiting Toronto.

1.    Queen West

Known as one of the hippest areas in Toronto, Queen West is boutique shopping central. Wandering along Queen Street West between Bathurst and Spadina reveals a seemingly endless array of cool indie shops selling locally designed fashions, unique gifts, and homewares. Standouts include The Drake General Store, which curates hip menswear, accessories, music, and home goods. Magic Pony is an eclectic boutique with streetwear, kitschy objects, and books. For stylish women’s clothing check out Neighbour, Caban Home, and The NL Shop.

2.    Kensington Market

This vibrant bohemian neighborhood is home to many treasures. Courage My Love sells vintage clothing and accessories, while Peach Berserk has a mix of contemporary fashions. Kensington Market also has some great shops for quirky gifts and home décor, like Moonbean Coffee Company, Nora Blue, and Kid Icarus. Don’t miss the artisanal goodies at Kensington Market



many specialty food shops.

3.    Ossington

The Ossington strip has evolved into a design-centric area dotted with home décor boutiques, indie fashion shops, and art galleries. Notables include MAiMAi for handcrafted jewelry and objects, Mjolk for modern Scandinavian-inspired homewares, and Annie Jackson with curated vintage pieces.

4.    Yorkville

This high-end neighborhood is boutique shopping central Kensington Market , with luxurious spaces housing top international brands and local designers. Hemingway’s is a stylish multi-label boutique carrying clothing, shoes, and accessories from coveted brands like APC and Acne Studios. CNTMPRRY is another top spot for upscale fashion. Over the Rainbow is famed for designer denim, while Degrees specializes in custom suits.

5.    Distillery District

History meets indie commerce at the Distillery District. In between its charming cobblestone lanes sits a range of unique boutiques like Bergo Designs for modern furnishings, Clothink for eco-prints, and Lilliput Hats. Don’t miss the distillery’s galleries, chocolate shops, and sake brewery.

With its diverse range of neighborhood boutique shops carrying both local designers and globally popular brands, Toronto is a shopper’s paradise. Wandering through the boutiques allows you to experience the city’s vibrant culture while finding perfect fashion and design souvenirs.


Beyond its fantastic boutiques, Toronto has some incredible markets where you can find everything from fresh produce and gourmet foods to handmade goods, antiques, and more. Markets are a great way to experience Toronto’s diverse neighborhoods and mix of cultures. Here are some of the must-visit markets in Toronto:

1.    St. Lawrence Market

This massive market in Old Town Toronto has been operating since 1803, making it a historic landmark. The St. Lawrence Market is open Tuesdays, Yorkdale Mall , Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Food lovers will delight in the abundant offerings in the South Market building: bakeries, butchers, cheese shops, produce stands, seafood stalls, and specialty international food vendors. Don’t miss out on peameal bacon sandwiches from Carousel Bakery, Portuguese custard tarts, and local maple syrup. The North Market offers an antiques market on Sundays, along with seasonal farmer’s markets.

2.    Leslieville Flea

This hip monthly market in Leslieville runs Sundays from May through October. The outdoor flea market brings together over 60 local vendors selling curated vintage and handmade goods. Shop for one-of-a-kind fashions, antique furniture, collectibles, artisanal foods and more while enjoying live music. It’s a great spot to mingle with locals and find unique Toronto souvenirs and gifts.

3.    Yorkville Exotic Car Show

Fancy cars meet fancy boutiques at this high-end open air car show held Saturdays during the summer in the chic Yorkville area. Handcrafted luxury vehicles from brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley and more line the streets amidst the neighborhood’s designer shops and galleries. Car lovers can admire these exotic vehicles up close while others enjoy the energetic atmosphere.

With its diverse range of markets covering everything from fresh groceries to flea finds, Toronto offers a fun way to experience local culture, cuisine, and creativity through its markets.

Shopping Centres

If you want to experience shopping in a massive, convenient complex, Toronto has plenty of large malls and shopping centers to explore. Many are connected to public transit and offer services and amenities galore. Here are some of the top shopping centers worth checking out in Toronto:

1.    Eaton Centre

This landmark downtown mall located at Yonge-Dundas Square is enormous, with over 230 stores across multiple levels. Shop popular brands like H&M, Sephora, and Indigo, or check out luxury options like Louis Vuitton and MAC. The Glass Aerial Bridge inside provides views down to the food court. The Eaton Centre also has a movie theatre and nearby attractions like Massey Hall.

2.    Yorkdale Mall

Canada’s largest mall, Yorkdale has over 250 shops from Apple to Tesla housed under its expansive skylights. High-end retailers like Burberry, Cartier, and Gucci make it a luxury shopping destination. Grab a bite in the large food court or at restaurants like JOEY Eaton Centre. It’s conveniently connected to a subway station.

3.    Dufferin Mall

This large multi-level mall in the west end is nicely positioned close to the city’s Exhibition Place and Ontario Place attractions. Dufferin Mall houses major retailers like Winners, SportChek, and Best Buy alongside food court dining. Value-priced clothing stores like Old Navy and Walmart draw deal seekers.

4.    Scarborough Town Centre

As one of Toronto’s busiest suburban malls, Scarborough Town Centre is convenient for east-end residents. With 180+ stores like the Bay and Gap, plus amenities like a 24-hour gym and spa, it’s a hub for east Toronto. Multiple bus routes outside connect it to other Scarborough locales.

5.    Square One Shopping Centre

Located just outside Toronto in Mississauga, Square One provides over 350,000 square feet of retail space. Popular stores like Zara, Simons, and Apple are housed here, along with entertainment like an IMAX cinema. Square One has the advantage of being connected directly to a GO Transit hub.

With massive malls situated around the city, Toronto makes shopping in a comfortable, climate-controlled setting easy. Malls let you knock out your entire shopping list in one trip while providing dining, entertainment, and amenities under one roof.

Shopping Festivals & Events

In addition to its year-round shopping scene, Toronto hosts some exciting annual festivals and events that bring together local artisans, designers, and food producers for unique retail opportunities. These creative markets and shows are a fun way to shop while experiencing one-of-a-kind events.

1.    One of a Kind Show

This huge arts and crafts show takes place twice a year, in March and December at the Enercare Centre exhibition grounds. With over 450 talented makers and artists, it showcases handmade jewelry, clothing, home décor, gourmet foods, artwork, and more across the massive event space. Chat with the artists and find that perfect handcrafted souvenir.

2.    Toronto Christmas Market

This charming traditional German-style Christmas market brings holiday magic to the Distillery District each winter. Vendors fill the pedestrian lanes with gifts, ornaments, decor, and festive foods like bratwursts and potato pancakes. Enjoy the sounds of live music while sipping mulled wine to get into the holiday spirit.

3.    Sugar Shack Toronto

Taking place in late winter at the Evergreen Brick Works, this festival celebrates maple syrup season. Learn how syrup is made and sample delicious maple treats from taffy to ice cream to syrup flights while surrounded by stunning nature. Sugar Shack Toronto Stock up on bottles of pure Canadian maple syrup to take home.

Sugar Shack Toronto With its unique festivals and markets, Toronto provides even more opportunities to shop throughout the year. Attending these lively events allows visitors to pick up locally-made goods while experiencing Toronto’s vibrant arts, culture, and food scenes.

Shopping for Souvenirs and Unique Gifts

A visit to Toronto wouldn’t be complete without picking up some souvenirs to commemorate your journey or finding unique gifts to bring back for loved ones. Fortunately, the city offers Art and Crafts Indigenous , Sugar Shack Toronto and Kensington Market an array of options for souvenir hunting and discovering one-of-a-kind presents:

1.    Toronto-Themed Souvenirs

When it comes to Toronto-themed souvenirs, you’ll find a plethora of options that allow you to take a piece of the city home with you. Some popular choices include:

Maple Syrup: Canada is famous for its maple syrup, and you can find beautifully packaged bottles of pure, locally sourced maple syrup in many stores.

CN Tower Memorabilia: The iconic CN Tower is a symbol of Toronto, and you can find everything from miniature replicas to T-shirts and mugs featuring its distinctive silhouette.

Toronto Apparel: Look for T-shirts, hoodies, and hats emblazoned with Toronto logos or skyline designs in stores throughout the city.

Local Art Prints: Purchase prints of artwork depicting Toronto’s landmarks or street scenes created by local artists.

2.    Local Artists and Artisans

Supporting local artists and artisans is a fantastic way to find unique gifts and take home pieces of Toronto’s vibrant arts and crafts scene:

Art Galleries: Explore the city’s art galleries, such as the Art Gallery of Ontario or those in the Distillery District, to discover original artworks that capture the essence of Toronto.

Handcrafted Jewelry: Many local artisans craft unique jewelry pieces using semi-precious stones, metals, and Toronto-themed motifs.

Pottery and Ceramics: Look for handmade pottery and ceramics that reflect the creativity and craftsmanship of Toronto’s artisan community.

3.    Indigenous Art and Crafts

Toronto is located on the traditional territories of several Indigenous nations, and you can find Indigenous art and crafts that offer a deeper connection to the region’s history and culture:

Indigenous Art Galleries: Visit galleries specializing in Indigenous art to find paintings, sculptures, and traditional Indigenous crafts.

Dreamcatchers and Jewelry: Indigenous artisans create beautiful dreamcatchers, beaded jewelry, and other traditional crafts that make meaningful gifts.

Medicine Pouches and Herbal Products: Explore shops offering Indigenous medicinal products, such as sage bundles or herbal teas.

4.    Food and Culinary Delights

Toronto’s diverse culinary scene provides a wealth of options for food-related gifts and souvenirs:

Local Food Products: Purchase locally made jams, chocolates, or artisanal cheeses to savor a taste of Toronto long after your visit.

Cookbooks: Pick up a cookbook featuring recipes from Toronto’s renowned chefs, allowing you to recreate the city’s culinary delights at home.

Spices and International Ingredients: Explore international food markets in Toronto to find exotic spices and ingredients that can elevate your cooking.

5.    Vintage and Antique Finds

For those with a penchant for nostalgia, Toronto’s vintage and antique shops offer a treasure trove of unique items:

Vintage Postcards and Photos: Collect vintage postcards or historical photographs of Toronto to glimpse the city’s past.

Antique Furniture and Decor: Browse antique shops for furniture pieces, décor items, or collectibles with a touch of Toronto’s history.

Retro Clothing and Accessories: Vintage clothing stores may hold hidden gems from past decades that can be both stylish and nostalgic.

Shopping for souvenirs and unique gifts in Toronto is not just about acquiring mementos; it’s an opportunity to explore the city’s rich cultural diversity, creativity, and history. Whether you’re drawn to traditional keepsakes or modern art pieces, Toronto has something special waiting for you to discover.

Insider Tips for Shopping in Toronto

  • Make your Toronto shopping experience smooth and enjoyable with these insider tips:
  • Research neighborhoods and create an itinerary.
  • Set a spending limit to avoid overspending.
  • Wear comfy attire and suitable shoes.
  • Consider using public transport to avoid parking hassles.
  • Shop on weekdays and mornings for fewer crowds.
  • Shop at local boutiques and support small businesses.
  • Seek advice from locals and shopkeepers.
  • Negotiate prices at markets and with independent vendors.
  • Carry a water bottle and take breaks to refuel.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings and consider shipping larger purchases.

With these tips, your Toronto shopping experience will be a breeze!


Toronto provides an incredibly diverse and exciting range of shopping options to satisfy any style or budget. From chic designer boutiques to quirky indie shops, enormous downtown malls to bustling open-air markets, Toronto has it all. Fashionistas flock to high-end brands along Bloor Street’s Mink Mile, while vintage lovers unearth unique pieces in Kensington Market stalls. For local artisanal wares, Queen West’s boutiques can’t be beat.

Food lovers will adore strolling the St. Lawrence and Kensington market , Sugar Shack Toronto, Indigenous Art and Crafts , Yorkdale Mall , sampling multicultural cuisine as they shop. Whether you seek luxurious labels, handmade crafts, or simply want to experience Toronto’s distinctive neighborhoods, the city offers a shopper’s paradise. The array of boutiques, Indigenous Art and Crafts , markets, malls and outdoor shopping districts scattered throughout Toronto makes it easy to customize your retail adventure based on your interests. Don’t miss out on the chance to browse Toronto’s abundant shopping options on your next visit and find that perfect memento of your time exploring this vibrant, world-class city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best high-end designer boutiques in Toronto?

The Bloor-Yorkville area, specifically the Mink Mile stretch along Bloor Street, is where you’ll find Toronto’s premier luxury and designer shopping with brands like Hermès, Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

What is the best market in Toronto for fresh produce and gourmet foods?

The St. Lawrence Market is one of the world’s best food markets – make sure to browse the abundant offerings in the South Market building for bakeries, butchers, cheese shops, produce stands, and specialty food vendors.

Where should I go for vintage and second-hand clothing in Toronto?

Kensington Market has some excellent vintage clothing shops, as does Queen Street West. Stores like I Miss You Vintage, Courage My Love, and Flashback offer cool retro and used apparel.

How can I get to the Toronto Premium Outlets for discount shopping?

The Toronto Premium Outlets in Halton Hills is about 40km outside downtown Toronto. You can take a GO bus from Toronto Coach Terminal, or drive there in about 35 minutes.

What are the best areas for shopping souvenirs and locally-made products?

The Kensington Market, St. Lawrence Market, Art and Crafts Indigenous , and Distillery District all have shops selling authentic Canadian souvenirs and local goods like maple syrup, home decor, arts and crafts.

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