Forty Creek Launches Cherrywood Reserve, Made by Local Fruits from the Niagara

Forty Creek Launches Cherrywood Reserve, Made and Inspired by Local Fruits from the Niagara

Forty Creek Whisky is launching its 2023 Limited Release, Cherrywood Reserve, on September 23-24 at its annual Whisky Weekend event. Infused with cherry wood from Ontario’s fruit belt, this 5-year-old whisky features cherry aromas and won gold at the San Francisco Spirits Competition. Master Blender Bill Ashburn crafted this limited edition that pays tribute to the Niagara Region.

Firstlyt, Forty Creek, the esteemed Canadian whisky brand, is excited to introduce its 2023 Limited Release, Cherrywood Reserve. This unique whisky, deeply rooted in the Niagara Region, is characterized by cherry aromas and a hint of brandy. Cherrywood Reserve pays tribute to the Niagara Region by crafting a remarkable whisky infused with cherry wood from one of Ontario’s prized fruit belts, resulting in an unexpectedly delightful character and flavor.

Forty Creek Launches Cherrywood Reserve, Made and Inspired by Local Fruits from the Niagara

Cherrywood Reserve is a 5-year-old pot-distilled whisky made from malted barley, rye, and corn, with a touch of aged brandy. To celebrate its launch, Forty Creek Distillery in Grimsby, ON, welcomes whisky aficionados to their annual Whisky Weekend on September 23-24, 2023, offering a chance to be among the first to savor Cherrywood Reserve.

Bill Ashburn, the Master Blender, remarks, “Cherrywood Reserve is designed for collectors, whisky enthusiasts, and those embarking on their whisky journey. It draws its unique inspiration from the Niagara Region, a true Canadian treasure and the origin of more than 90% of Ontario’s delicate fruit crop, including sweet and sour cherries.”

Cherrywood Reserve boasts flavors of vanilla, honeyed stone fruit, dark chocolate, and cherry aromas with subtle notes of spice and brown sugar. Ashburn explains, “The distinctiveness of this whisky arises from the cherry wood staves. This limited-edition offering undergoes a meticulous steeping process, using kiln-dried cherry wood staves to extract the natural flavors of this unique wood, resulting in a truly remarkable finish and flavor.”

Forty Creek Cherrywood Reserve is now available for purchase in select provinces across Canada and on, with a retail price of $89.95.

Forty Creek Launches Cherrywood Reserve, Made and Inspired by Local Fruits from the Niagara Region

At Forty Creek’s Whisky Weekend, attendees can explore the newly revealed Visitor’s Centre, take a distillery tour, enjoy live music, and engage in informative whisky and cocktail seminars led by Master Blender Bill Ashburn, Forty Creek Brand Ambassador Chris Thompson, and Campari Academy Mixologist Skye Plowman, based in Yellowknife.

To secure your tickets for Whisky Weekend, arrange a distillery tour, or learn more about Cherrywood Reserve, please visit Walk-ins are also welcome. We look forward to seeing you there!

About Campari Canada:

In Campari Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Davide Campari-Milano and manages Campari Group’s portfolio in Canada. The brand Forty Creek® Canadian Whisky, known for its award-winning range of complex yet approachable whiskies, is at the heart of Campari Canada. Campari Canada’s portfolio also includes renowned brands such as Appleton® Estate Rum, Grand Marnier®, Campari®, Aperol®, Wild Turkey® Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Espolón® Tequila, SKYY® Vodka, and Wray & Nephew® Rum.

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