Flair Airlines Faces Scrutiny After Leaving Canadians Stranded in Cancun

Flair Airlines Faces Scrutiny After Leaving Canadians Stranded in Cancun

The Canadian Transportation Agency investigates Flair Airlines for significant delays in Cancun, leaving passengers without adequate communication or assistance.


The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) is closely examining the circumstances under which Flair Airlines left passengers stranded in Cancun for nearly two days. This inquiry follows reports of two flights delayed by approximately 48 hours, causing distress among travelers due to poor communication and lack of support.

Detailed Examination of the Incident

The Delays

Passengers aboard two separate Flair Airlines flights experienced unexpected delays at Cancun airport, extending their stay by about 48 hours. The affected flights were scheduled to depart on Thursday and Sunday but were postponed to Saturday and Tuesday, respectively. Travelers reported a frustrating lack of communication from the airline, minimal access to food, and being shuttled back and forth between the airport and nearby hotels.

Regulatory Oversight

The CTA’s Compliance and Enforcement unit has engaged with Flair Airlines to understand the reasons behind these delays. As of January 2024, Flair has been classified as a large airline by the Canadian government, subjecting it to more stringent requirements under Canada’s Air Passenger Protection Regulations.

Airline Obligations

Under these regulations, Flair Airlines is obligated to rebook passengers on the next available flight within nine hours for delays within its control. If this is not feasible, the airline must find an alternative flight through a commercial partner or, failing that, secure a seat on a competitor’s flight within 48 hours of the original departure time.

Specific Causes of Delays

The Sunday flight’s delay was attributed to unexpected maintenance issues, which, while within the airline’s control, were necessary for safety reasons. Meanwhile, passengers on Thursday’s flight were informed of a delay due to navigation system problems, leading to significant frustration and dissatisfaction among travelers.


The situation faced by Flair Airlines passengers in Cancun has highlighted the importance of robust passenger rights and the need for airlines to adhere strictly to regulations designed to protect travelers. As the CTA continues its investigation, the incident serves as a reminder of the challenges and responsibilities airlines face in maintaining service quality and communication during unexpected delays.

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