Exploring Giants: 10 of the Largest Companies in British Columbia

Largest Companies in British Columbia

Discover the economic powerhouses that dominate British Columbia’s business landscape in our exclusive article, ‘Exploring Giants: 10 of the Largest Companies in British Columbia.’ From technology titans to resource-rich corporations, we delve into the thriving world of BC’s biggest players. Uncover the driving forces behind the province’s economic growth and the industries shaping its future.

Embarking on a grand odyssey through the business realm of British Columbia, we invite you to uncover the magnificence of its corporate giants. In this enthralling article, we unveil 10 of the largest companies in British Columbia that have left an indelible mark on the province’s economic landscape.

From awe-inspiring multinationals to homegrown champions, join us as we delve into the stories of these behemoths and explore the pivotal roles they play in shaping British Columbia’s thriving business ecosystem. Prepare to be inspired by their achievements, astonished by their scale, and captivated by their enduring influence on this flourishing Canadian province.

10 Biggest Companies in British Columbia

1.    TELUS Corp

First on our list is TELUS Corp, one of Canada’s most prominent telecommunications companies, which calls Vancouver its home. Established in 1990, TELUS has since grown to become a significant player in the global telecom industry, serving millions of customers across Canada and beyond.

TELUS provides a comprehensive range of data, IP, voice, television, entertainment, and video services in addition to other telecommunications products and services, all the while looking for new ways to innovate in a field that is continuously changing. TELUS is famous for its dedication to investing in cutting-edge technology, ensuring that its networks consistently remain one step ahead.

TELUS Corporation British Columbia

TELUS is about more than just market shares and profit margins, though. The company’s ‘we give where we live’ concept, which is exemplified by its extensive corporate social responsibility programmes, is one of its foundations. They demonstrate TELUS’s steadfast commitment to harnessing its global influence to bring about meaningful social change through projects in the areas of healthcare, the environment, education, and community programmes.

In the telecom landscape, TELUS Corp indeed stands tall—not just as a corporation that has mastered its trade, but as an entity committed to enriching the lives of individuals and communities it serves.


Call TELUS at


2.    Lululemon Athletica

Next, we shift our focus to a company that has made significant strides in the global retail industry, Lululemon Athletica. Founded in 1998 in Vancouver, Lululemon started as a design studio by day and yoga studio by night. Today, it is a household name in the realm of yoga-inspired athletic apparel, boasting stores in numerous countries around the world.

With its premium, fashionable, and useful sports wear, Lululemon has established a distinct position for itself in the international clothing market. The brand is well known for launching the “athleisure” craze by fusing style and utility to produce garments that can easily go from the yoga class to the street.

Lululemon was founded on innovation. The business continually makes investments in the research and development of fabrics, producing exclusive fabrics like Luon and Luxtreme that are breathable, four-way stretchable, and provide a pleasant fit.

Lululemon Athletica BC Canada

Lululemon stands out for its dedication to supporting mindful and healthy communities. The brand is committed to having a good influence, as seen by its programmes like global yoga ambassadors, free in-store yoga classes, and the Here to Be programme, which promotes yoga and mindfulness to underprivileged communities.

From humble beginnings to a global retail powerhouse, Lululemon Athletica exemplifies how businesses can thrive when they pair market-leading products with a strong commitment to community engagement and wellbeing.


To Contact Lululemon:

Dial 1 (877) 263-9300 

Or Visit Lululemon Contact Us Page.

3.    Teck Resources

Turning to the resource sector, we encounter Teck Resources, a major player in the global mining and mineral development industry. Headquartered in Vancouver, Teck Resources has operations in Canada, the United States, Chile, and Peru.

Founded in 1913, the company has a long and rich history in mining and mineral development. Today, Teck is one of the largest diversified resource companies in the world, focusing on steelmaking coal, copper, zinc, and energy. The company’s activities span all stages of the resource cycle, including exploration, extraction, refining, and reclamation.

Teck Resources BC Canada

Teck Resources is dedicated to using ethical mining techniques. The corporation has put in place a number of initiatives to reduce the negative effects of its activities on the environment, such as conservation of water and energy, efforts to reduce emissions, and biodiversity programmes. Teck has been listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for a number of years thanks to its dedication.

Through a number of partnerships and programmes, Teck also makes a significant contribution to local economies, job creation, and community development. By contributing to projects for healthcare, education, and economic development, they have shown their commitment to local communities.


Suite 3300, Bentall 5 
550 Burrard Street 
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V6C 0B3
t: 604.699.4000
f: 604.699.4750

4.    BC Hydro

As we explore the energy sector, it’s impossible not to highlight BC Hydro. This Crown Corporation, owned by the province of British Columbia, is responsible for generating, purchasing, distributing, and selling electricity to BC’s inhabitants.

With more than 1.8 million customers, BC Hydro, one of Canada’s biggest electric companies, was founded in 1961. More than 31 hydroelectric facilities and three thermal generating facilities make up its infrastructure, which combined help the province meet 98% of its electricity needs with clean, renewable energy.

The province’s climate leadership is also being led by BC Hydro, which is promoting programmes to lower greenhouse gas emissions and boost energy effectiveness. In order to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon future, the company promotes conservation initiatives, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and renewable energy options.

BC Hydro British Columbia Canada

BC Hydro is also committed to the communities it serves. BC Hydro demonstrates its dedication to providing a better and more sustainable future for everyone in BC by making investments in community programmes, sponsoring local events, and supporting indigenous communities.

BC Hydro is an excellent example of how energy firms can be a driving force for sustainable and equitable development because of its crucial role in supplying households and businesses in British Columbia with electricity.


To Contact With BC Hydro, Dial: +18002249376

5.    Ledcor Group of Companies

Moving into the construction sector, the Ledcor Group of Companies stands as one of BC’s prominent figures. Founded in 1947 and headquartered in Vancouver, Ledcor has grown to become one of North America’s most diversified construction companies.

Ledcor’s expertise spans several sectors: building, mining, transportation, infrastructure, oil and gas, telecommunications, and more. This versatility, coupled with their commitment to safety and sustainability, has earned them a reputation for excellence in the industry.

The Vancouver conference Centre West, one of the most environmentally friendly conference halls in the world, and the cutting-edge Telus Sky Tower in Calgary are just two of the company’s outstanding projects. These initiatives exhibit the innovative and environmentally friendly building philosophy of Ledcor.

Ledcor Group of Companies British Columbia Canada

Ledcor is renowned for its dedication to the local communities where it conducts business in addition to its varied project portfolio. Ledcor Cares, the company’s charity giving initiative, focuses on health, youth, community, and educational projects.

The Ledcor Group of Companies is an example of the impact that a construction firm may have through its investments in the communities in which it operates as well as through the buildings it constructs.


Suite 1500
1055 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9
View Driving Directions

Phone: 604-681-7500

6.    First Quantum Minerals

Continuing our exploration of BC’s business landscape, we arrive at First Quantum Minerals, a mining and metals company that has risen to global prominence. With its corporate headquarters in Vancouver, First Quantum Minerals has earned a reputation for its efficient and productive mining operations.

Since its founding in 1983, First Quantum Minerals has expanded to run mining and development projects in a number of nations across the world. Their portfolio has a major focus on copper and they also produce a lot of nickel, gold, and other minerals.

First Quantum’s dedication to cutting-edge methods and tools has been crucial to its success. The business is famous for its exceptional capacity to design, create, and manage commercially successful large-scale businesses in previously unfeasible locations.

First Quantum Minerals Ltd BC Canada

First Quantum also makes social responsibility a priority, implementing programs to uplift local communities, promote education, and provide healthcare around their operations. They have established a track record of environmental stewardship, aiming to minimize the impact of their operations through efficient use of resources, waste management, and habitat protection.

First Quantum Minerals thus serves as an excellent example of how innovation, efficiency, and a commitment to social and environmental responsibility can coexist in the mining industry.


To Contact, dial:

Tel: +1 416 361 6400
Toll Free: +1 877 961 6400
Fax: +1 416 368 4692

7.    Best Buy

Diving into the world of consumer electronics, we find the multinational retail giant Best Buy. Although originally a U.S. company, Best Buy has a significant presence in British Columbia, with numerous retail locations throughout the province.

Best Buy entered the Canadian market in 2002, following the acquisition of the Canada-based electronics retailer Future Shop. Today, Best Buy Canada operates as a fully owned subsidiary of Best Buy Co., Inc., offering consumer electronics and a variety of related merchandise and services.

Best Buy has established itself as a one-stop shop for customers looking for the newest in technology because to its enormous assortment of electronics, appliances, and entertainment devices. By combining a wide selection of products, knowledgeable people, and specialised in-store and online services, they offer a distinctive shopping experience.

Best Buy Company British Columbia Canada

Best Buy Canada is dedicated to having a good impact on the community in addition to its retail operations. The company helps schools throughout Canada integrate technology into classrooms to improve students’ learning experiences through the Best Buy School Tech Grants programme.

Best Buy is an example of a successful global retailer adjusting and thriving in the BC business sector thanks to its focus on technology, customer service, and community impact.


To Contact Best Buy:



Or Visit the Contact Us Page.

8.    Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)

Navigating to the insurance sector, we encounter the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). Established in 1973 by the provincial government, ICBC provides universal auto insurance to BC motorists and is responsible for driver licensing, vehicle licensing, and registration.

ICBC is essential in ensuring that all motorists in British Columbia are covered by insurance, protecting them and giving them peace of mind. Third-party legal liability, collision, comprehensive, and specified hazards are only a few of the coverage options provided by the company.

ICBC not only offers insurance services but also actively promotes traffic safety. The company makes investments in a number of initiatives targeted at boosting infrastructure for road safety, modifying driver behaviour, and supporting enforcement against high-risk driving practises.

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) Canada

ICBC is dedicated to both its clients and the larger community. They actively promote neighbourhood activities and programmes across the province and offer a variety of services to assist motorists stay safe on the road.

ICBC exemplifies how a public enterprise can balance business operations with a significant public service mandate, providing essential insurance coverage and promoting safer roads for everyone in British Columbia.


Toll free in ​B.C,

Lower Mainland

9.    Western Forest Products

Venturing into the forestry sector, Western Forest Products stands out as one of British Columbia’s leading forest products companies. Based in Vancouver, Western Forest Products has a rich history and deep roots in BC’s coastal forest community.

Large timberlands are managed by Western Forest Products, which also runs a number of timber mills and distribution facilities. Their varied operations include everything from environmentally friendly timber harvesting to the production and selling of premium wood products for markets throughout the world.

Western Forest Products’ dedication to sustainable forest management has been essential to their success. They employ practises that support the health and longevity of BC’s priceless forest resources and abide by strict environmental regulations.

Western Forest Products British Columbia

Western Forest Products also contributes significantly to the well-being of the neighbourhood. They are a major employer along the coast and have a significant employment presence in rural areas. The business also makes community investments through a range of programmes and alliances designed to promote social and economic progress.

With its focus on sustainable forest management and community investment, Western Forest Products illustrates the potential of the forestry sector to contribute positively to BC’s economy and its communities while protecting the province’s rich natural resources.


Tel: 604-648-4500
Fax: 604 681-9584

10. Lions Gate Entertainment

Concluding our exploration, we journey into the entertainment industry with Lions Gate Entertainment, or simply Lionsgate. Although technically headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Lionsgate has significant Canadian roots and operations in Vancouver, which has earned it the nickname “Hollywood North.”

Since its founding in 1997, Lionsgate has developed into a major international entertainment company. It creates and disseminates a wide variety of content, including films, television shows, and digital content, for consumers all over the world.

Blockbuster movie series like “The Hunger Games” and “Twilight,” as well as acclaimed television shows like “Mad Men” and “Orange Is the New Black,” are just a few of its many notable works. These films have been critically acclaimed in addition to being commercial successes, strengthening Lionsgate’s position as a major player in the worldwide entertainment sector.

Lions Gate Entertainment

Lionsgate also has a profound impact on BC’s economy and its film industry. The company provides thousands of jobs in the province and contributes significantly to the local economy. Moreover, through its productions, Lionsgate has helped to showcase BC’s talent and natural beauty on the global stage.

In the spotlight or behind the scenes, Lionsgate is a shining star of BC’s business landscape, illustrating the significant influence of the entertainment industry in the province’s economy and cultural output.


To Contact, Email at:

Or Visit Contact Us Page of the Company’s website.


This investigation of British Columbia’s largest corporations offers a view into the province’s diversified and thriving corporate sector, ranging from telecoms to retail, mining to energy, construction to entertainment. TELUS Corp, Lululemon Athletica, Teck Resources, BC Hydro, Ledcor Group of Companies, First Quantum Minerals, Best Buy, ICBC, Western Forest Products, and Lions Gate Entertainment have not only become industry leaders, but also significant contributors to the province’s economy and community life.

Their successes reflect the strength and adaptability of BC’s business landscape, with each company showcasing their unique paths to growth and their commitments to innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility. Through their operations, these ten companies illustrate the potential of businesses to drive economic progress, promote social wellbeing, and inspire a culture of innovation and responsibility in BC and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the largest company in British Columbia?

The largest company in British Columbia can be determined by various metrics such as revenue, market capitalization, or number of employees. As of the latest available data, TELUS Corp, a telecommunications company, holds a significant presence and is often regarded as one of the largest companies in the province.

Are these companies publicly traded on stock exchanges?

Yes, several of the companies listed are publicly traded on stock exchanges. Companies like TELUS Corp, Teck Resources, Best Buy, and Lions Gate Entertainment have their stocks listed on various stock exchanges, allowing investors to trade their shares.

What role do these corporations play in the global economy and international trade?

Many of these companies have a strong global presence and actively participate in international trade. Lululemon Athletica, Best Buy, and Lions Gate Entertainment, for example, have established a strong worldwide footprint by expanding their operations and client base beyond Canada. Teck Resources is a global mining company that exports minerals to numerous countries. These businesses contribute to the British Columbia economy by engaging in international trade and developing global economic links.

Are these companies primarily based in British Columbia or multinational corporations with operations there?

The list comprises a mix of companies that are either based in British Columbia or have significant operations within the province. While some companies, like TELUS Corp and Western Forest Products, have their headquarters in British Columbia, others, such as Best Buy and Lions Gate Entertainment, are multinational corporations with substantial operations and a strong presence in the province.

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