Exciting News for Outdoor Enthusiasts: A New Park Coming to West Vancouver

Exciting News for Outdoor Enthusiasts: A New Park Coming to West Vancouver

Discover the exciting news about West Vancouver’s new park, nearly double the size of Stanley Park! Coming soon.

West Vancouver, renowned for its stunning natural beauty and commitment to conservation, is set to unveil a magnificent addition to its roster of outdoor spaces. On May 27th, the District of West Vancouver made a landmark announcement: the forthcoming inauguration of a new park, nearly doubling the size of the iconic Stanley Park. This revelation has sparked widespread anticipation and excitement among outdoor enthusiasts and environmentalists alike.

A Jewel in the Crown of Conservation Efforts

The unveiling of this new park represents a triumph for conservationists and local community groups who have long championed the preservation of West Vancouver’s natural heritage. Spanning an impressive 781 hectares, equivalent to 1932 acres, this expansive tract of forest land will serve as a crucial ‘puzzle piece’ within a larger protected area system. This includes the cherished Cypress Park, Capilano and Seymour Watersheds, and the lands surrounding the Old Growth Conservatory, collectively covering over 32,000 hectares. The District proudly asserts that this amalgamation constitutes one of the most extensive protected areas globally, situated in such proximity to an urban center.

A Testament to Community Dedication

The journey towards creating this monumental park has been marked by decades of unwavering dedication from local community groups. In 1990, the citizens of West Vancouver rallied together to thwart a proposed golf course development, catalyzing the establishment of the Old Growth Conservancy Area under the stewardship of local non-profit organizations. This collaborative effort exemplifies the power of grassroots activism in safeguarding precious ecosystems for generations to come.

Partnerships for Preservation

Strategic partnerships have been forged to ensure the enduring protection of these pristine old-growth ecosystems. The North Shore Mountain Bike Association, BC Mountaineering Club, West Van Streamkeepers, and Hollyburn Ridge Association, among others, have played pivotal roles in stewarding and safeguarding these natural treasures. Furthermore, the BC Parks Foundation is poised to launch the Cypress Hollyburn Legacy Fund, supplemented by a generous $3 million matching contribution from the Wilson 5 Foundation. These initiatives underscore a collective commitment to preserving biodiversity and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Anticipating the Unveiling

As the unveiling of this new park draws nearer, anticipation mounts within the Vancouver community. Details regarding the official name and opening date are awaited, promising boundless opportunities for exploration, recreation, and communion with nature. Stay tuned for further updates on this momentous development as West Vancouver prepares to welcome a new chapter in its rich tapestry of natural wonders.

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