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Vancouver Leadership: Overcome Anxiety with Discipline and Termination!

October 23, 2022| 6:00 pm - February 4, 2024| 6:30 pm EDT

You should attend if you are a manager or a business owner, managing a team of employees, or managing a team of managers.

Do you feel uneasy, when it comes to disciplining and terminating bad employees? Your head says: “This bad employee should be terminated”, but you just can’t bring yourself to start the disciplinary action?

Problems like this will not solve themselves! The more you try to avoid confronting this kind of problems, the more this kind of problems grow and they grow exponentially! The more you try to run away from this kind of problems, the more they chase you!!!

“Short term pain but long term pleasure“, or, “short term pleasure but long term pain“, which one do you want?

  1. Do you have a reality based understanding and hence solution to your challenges?
  2. Is the troublemaker actually being rewarded, intentionally or unintentionally, by individuals or by the system in place, for their counterproductive activities?
  3. Are you actually rewarding troublemakers and their trouble-making activities? And you are not aware of it?
  4. Are you aware of the fact that bad employees are playing dirty, unethical games, on the rest of your team? on you? on your business? For their own unethical selfish reasons? And they get a kick out of it?
  5. What are some of the typical unethical con games, bad employees play, on your, and the rest of the team?
  6. How to sum up your courage to do what’s emotionally difficult?
  7. What’s the harm, to the rest of your team, if you don’t discipline and terminate bad employees?
  8. What’s the harm, to you personally, if you don’t discipline and terminate bad employees?
  9. Do you have deep insight, into the “Victim mindset”?
  10. By not disciplining and terminating, are you really helping the bad employee?
  11. How to get your good performers to help you? How to get those sitting on the fence to want to come to your side?
  12. When not to use training and coaching. Examples of “useless waste of time training”.
  13. What if your biggest troublemaker is also your best performer?
  14. What if you don’t have firing authority?
  15. How to get HR to speed things up?

You should attend this “On-Demand” class if you are:

  1. A manager or a business owner,
  2. Managing a team of employees,
  3. Or managing a team of managers.

In this short 1/2 hour class:

You will gain: Reality based insights and wisdom, that will solve your real world business problems;

You will lose: all your bad employees and the stomach ulcer your bad employees gave you!

This class is “On-Demand” – which means as soon as you register you will be able to start learning! There is no need to wait!!!

Comments from those who benefited from taking this class:

“It’s like I’ve been cured of cancer! I used to think there is nothing I could do about bad employees – taking this class helped me realize it was those bad employees who put that defeatist idea in my head – for their benefit! I was a victim of their dirty unethical games and I was not even aware of the fact that I was being played!!! You need to take this class and get rid of your cancer cells!”

“I used to live in fear of my short term pain, and did not want to deal with my bad employees. I learned from this class: If I don’t go thru the short term pain, I will be suffering the long term pain! And my bad employees can see how I am in fear of the short term pain! I feel so liberated with my new thinking – my old thinking has been a shackle on my mind!”

“After taking this class, I added up the total cost of harm my one bad employee was costing us. I almost had a heart attack! You need to take this class and stop the bleeding!”

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1: Delegation Skills for Busy Leaders – Why & How

2: How To Motivate & Inspire Your Employees? Young Employees?

3: How to Overcome Employee’s Resistance To Change?

4: How to Create Genuine and Sincere Employee Loyalty?

5: How to Manage the 4 Different Types of Younger Employees?

6: How to Successfully Coach Your Employees?

7: Is being friends with your employees a good idea? or a bad idea?

8: How To Get Your Best Employees To Stay For As Long As Possible?

9: How To Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes?

10: How to Overcome Your Anxiety with Discipline and Termination?

11: Seven Secrets for Your Leadership Success that They Won’t Teach You!

Coach Michael Lin specializes in helping First Time Leaders in the business world.

Thousands of business leaders, from hundreds of organizations and associations, in dozens of industries, have attended his Leadership Seminars, Workshops, Keynote Sessions & 1-on-1 Coaching sessions.

And the attendees often make the following comments:

– “Thanks to Coach Michael Lin, I developed a Deep Understanding of my team members, all based on my newly acquired Emotional Intelligence! I now have a much more Authentic Connection with my team.”

– “Due to the Persuasion Skills I learned at the workshop, I am now more Fluent at Influencing people, especially when it comes to Inspiring my team members – and they love it!”

– “I finally became Congruent at Being the Leader – because Coach Michael Lin helped me to develop my own inner Emotional Maturity! My team told me I am like a Sea Captain the crew trust their lives with!”

To book Leadership Seminars, Workshops & Keynotes, for your company/industry training/event, send an email to:



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