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The Battle For Last Mountain

June 29| 12:00 pm - July 2| 1:00 am EDT

In the year 2024, tension escalates as rebel forces invade the hills of West Kelowna, seizing control of Last Mountain,

The Battle For Last Mountain

The Mission – Sector Control

Background: In the year 2024, tension escalates as rebel forces invade the hills of West Kelowna, seizing control of Last Mountain, the renowned Crystal Mountain Ski Resort. The rebels’ occupation threatens the region’s stability, prompting the Canadian government to seek assistance from NATO forces to repel the invasion and regain control of the strategic territory.

Setting: The rugged terrain of Last Mountain serves as the battlefield, offering a diverse landscape of forests, slopes, and abandoned resort structures. Both the rebels and NATO forces strategize amidst this challenging environment.


Rebel Forces: The rebels aim to fortify Last Mountain’s strategic positions, utilizing the ski resort’s infrastructure to establish strongholds. Their mission is to hold the mountain against the impending NATO counterattack.
NATO Forces: Tasked with pushing back the rebels and reclaiming Last Mountain, NATO soldiers must coordinate tactical advancements, secure key checkpoints, and ultimately regain control of the territory.

Gameplay Phases:

Day 1 – Rebel Occupation: At the start of the event, the rebel forces are firmly entrenched on Last Mountain. They fortify their positions, setting up defenses and patrolling the area to thwart any NATO incursions.

Day 2 – NATO Counterattack: NATO forces initiate their assault, coordinating ground operations to push back the rebels. They must secure strategic points, such as the chairlift stations, and communication hubs, to weaken rebel control.

Day 3 – Final Assault: As NATO gains ground, the climax of the event unfolds in a final showdown for Last Mountain. The battle intensifies as both sides engage in fierce combat, with NATO aiming to completely drive out the rebels and restore control over the territory.

Special Elements: Role-Playing Scenarios: Incorporate role-playing elements for immersive experiences, such as medics, commanders, and civilian interactions within the conflict zone.

Dynamic Objectives: Introduce dynamic mission objectives throughout the event, challenging both sides to adapt their strategies and tactics on the fly.

Specialized Gear and Weapons: Allow players access to specialized gear and weapons fitting the military theme, enhancing the authenticity of the Milsim experience.

Conclusion: The event culminates in a decisive battle, with the outcome determined by the tactical prowess and teamwork of the players. The victorious faction celebrates its success in regaining control of Last Mountain, securing the region against further rebel incursions.


June 29| 12:00 pm EDT
July 2| 1:00 am EDT


5000 Glenrosa Road, West Kelowna, BC, Canada
5000 Glenrosa Road, West Kelowna, BC V4T 1V9
West Kelowna, V4T 1V9 CA
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