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Surrey Leaders: How to Manage the 4 Different Types of Young Employees

February 14, 2023| 2:00 pm - January 31, 2025| 4:00 pm EST

Our workforce is not getting any younger. You as a leader have no choice but to hire Young People!

“Not All Young Employees Are Like That!”

  1. I’ve seen “your typical Millennial” that gives every manager a stomach ulcer:-(
  2. However, I’ve also seen young people of Millennial age, and there is absolutely “nothing millennial” about them. I tell them: “What sort of a Millennial are you? There is nothing Millennial about you! You are giving the rest of them Millennials a bad name:-) You know what, as far as being a Millennial is concerned, you are FIRED!” They giggle and tell me: “Thanks, that’s the best compliment I’ve ever got.”

Did you know, “Not All Millennials are like that!”? As a leadership coach, I’ve coached and trained 4 different types of Millennials…

On a scale from 1 to 10, just exactly how frustrated are you, when it comes to managing millennials on your team? 11? or maybe 12?

I am sorry:

  1. You hired the wrong person:-)
  2. You did not set the right “frame” for the relationship between you and your employees – you allowed your employees to take control of the narrative.

What are the 4 different types of Millennials?

  1. What are the 2 criteria you should use to evaluate millennials?
  2. What are the 4 different types of Millennials?

For your current employees who are millennials:

  1. Which ones should be promoted?
  2. Which ones should be coached?
  3. Which ones should be “utilized”?
  4. Which ones should be fired?

If you want to solve this challenge:

You need to do/learn/hear what is necessary!

And what you need to hear (not what you want to hear) are outside of your current awareness, they are outside of your current comfort zone. But you have a long history of expanding your comfort zone, right?

You are not the sort of person who spends 100% of their intellectual, mental and emotional energy fighting to stay inside their comfort zone, are you? The type of person who insists on only hearing what they want to hear, and refuses to hear what they need to hear? What do we call that kind of a person? A “Millennial”? πŸ™‚

The Emperor Has No Clothes On!

  1. Millennials have been told a pack of lies, and they are suffering from the spell.
  2. You the employer, sadly, have not been told the truth either.
  3. Everyone in America is beating around the bush, refusing to come out and say it: “The Emperor is butt naked!!!”

How did this happen? And what can you do to solve your challenge?

In this 1 hour on-demand webinar, you will learn the truth the whole truth and nothing but the naked inconvenient truth:

1. Exactly what is the pack of lies that were told to millennials; (No, it’s not what you think.)

2. Who told this pack of lies, and what were their motives; (No, it’s not who you think, and it’s not what you think.)

3. What is the truth that millennials need to hear. (No, it’s not what you think.)

4. What is the truth that you need to hear? As we say in Chinese: “Good medicine tastes bitter, honest advice sounds harsh to your ears.” You already know “The Truth Shall Set You Free”, but the truth will hurt your feelings first πŸ™‚

5. Why “Appeasement” is a really really bad policy, that will only turn you into an “Enabler”, and harm everyone: your employees, the business, society at large and yourself. (Remember Neville Chamberlain and his disastrous policy of Appeasement?)

6. Why you must watch out for those who are trying to drive a wedge between employees and employers, or pit employees and employers against each other, instead of creating win/win situations for everyone.

7. How to figure out who need to be fired, and why you are actually harming them if you don’t terminate them;

8. How to overcome your feeling of uneasiness to fire those who need to be fired, and why you are actually truly helping them by terminating them;

9. Who can be coached, and how to coach Millennials?

In this 1 hour on-demand webinar, you will also learn: What sort of Millennials you should hire from this point on:

  1. Why you need to attract only the right candidates, and repel the wrong candidates from even applying.
  2. How to attract the right Millennials to come apply for employment with you.
  3. How to repel the wrong Millennials from applying employment with you.
  4. How to outsmart the candidates, so you filter in the right candidates, and filter out the wrong candidates.
  5. Why using conventional job interview questions will result in you hiring a bunch of professional liarsπŸ™ And have you been using these interview questions, to your own detriment? (Hint: if you have troublemakers on your team? you know you’ve been scammed! Fool me once? Fool me twice?)
  6. What sort of job interview questions will help you figuring out who is telling the truth?

You will learn 1 more important concept in this 1 hour on-demand webinar: How to Establish a Whole New Narrative with Your Employees:

And most importantly, you will learn how to establish a whole new narrative, how to present and control a new frame, so instead of you having to constantly appease, supplicate, pamper, and seeking approval from your bad employees with bad attitudes, you have the opposite:

  1. Your employees understand: true confidence, real self esteem, can only be earned, by overcoming challenges, by practicing fear busting and by expanding their own comfort zones.
  2. Your employees understand that “growth” doesn’t mean “I’ve been given more goodies for free”. They understand “growth” means they’ve busted more fears and expanded their comfort zones.
  3. You employees cherish the challenges you give them, because they understand overcoming challenges is the only way to grow.
  4. Your employees are grateful for their growth, both professionally and personally, as a result of overcoming challenges while being a part of your team, and they thank you for holding their feet to the fire;
  5. Your employees come to you seeking coaching and guidance on how to overcome challenges and obstacles;
  6. Your employees want to contribute first, for they understand the concept of creating “win/win/win” for all involved: customers, employers and employees.
  7. And you the employer are always in charge – not the other way around!

– That’s “Being” a Leader!

This class is ONLY for those managers who want to expand their own comfort zones, hear the truth, willing to do what has to be done, and want to overcome this challenge.

Our workforce is not getting any younger. You have no choice but to hire millennials.

  1. Organizations that figure out how to manage Millennials will survive and thrive.
  2. Managers who gain the skill of being able to hire, manage and lead Millennials will be highly sought after by successful organizations.

You are busy, that’s why this class is “On-demand”! As soon as you register, you’ll be able to take the class! Or come back to the class if you get interrupted!

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2: How To Motivate & Inspire Your Employees? Young Employees?

3: How to Overcome Employee’s Resistance To Change?

4: How to Create Genuine and Sincere Employee Loyalty?

5: How to Manage the 4 Different Types of Younger Employees?

6: How to Successfully Coach Your Employees?

7: Is being friends with your employees a good idea? or a bad idea?

8: How To Get Your Best Employees To Stay For As Long As Possible?

9: How To Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes?

10: How to Overcome Your Anxiety with Discipline and Termination?

11: Seven Secrets for Your Leadership Success that They Won’t Teach You!

Coach Michael Lin specializes in helping First Time Leaders in the business world.

Thousands of business leaders, from hundreds of organizations and associations, in dozens of industries, have attended his Leadership Seminars, Workshops, Keynote Sessions & 1-on-1 Coaching sessions.

And the attendees often make the following comments:

– “Thanks to Coach Michael Lin, I developed a Deep Understanding of my team members, all based on my newly acquired Emotional Intelligence! I now have a much more Authentic Connection with my team.”

– “Due to the Persuasion Skills I learned at the workshop, I am now more Fluent at Influencing people, especially when it comes to Inspiring my team members – and they love it!”

– “I finally became Congruent at Being the Leader – because Coach Michael Lin helped me to develop my own inner Emotional Maturity! My team told me I am like a Sea Captain the crew trust their lives with!”

To book Leadership Seminars, Workshops & Keynotes, for your company/industry training/event, send an email to:


All “Business Problems” are actually “People Problems”! – Coach Michael Lin

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Bring High Quality Business Leadership Training to your Company!

Q: Why does “Traditional Management Training” no longer work when you need to turn your managers into today’s leaders?

A: Traditional Management Training focuses on the “what“: “what needs to be done” & “what are the processes to get things done”. Traditional Management Training does not teach today’s leaders the “How“. “How to get your human employees to want to do what you need them to do.” Traditional Management Training either ignores all the human factors, or treats humans like objects, for example: obedient robots.

Coach Michael Lin is known for the effectiveness of his leadership teaching. He utilizes seminars, workshops and one-on-one coaching to turn your managers into real effective leaders!

His leadership seminar students love his unique teaching content, as well as his unique teaching method. He is the best, at:

● Discovering what is in people’s blindspot that is holding them back, causing internal conflicts deep down inside;

● Effectively teaching his students new ways of understanding their situations, therefore helping them to resolve the conflicts in their thinking, so they can become more productive – instantly!

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The “Effectiveness” of a seminar, is:

  • Not measured by “Posh Production”;
  • Not measured by “Flashy & Pretty Seminar Presenter”;
  • But measured by “New skills obtained by students”.

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Ineffective Business Leadership Seminars, would lecture attendees:

  • “You lack confidence, you need to be confident” without teaching the “how”;
  • “Don’t hire the wrong people!” but won’t mention the “how”;
  • “Communicate effectively!” but don’t teach the “how”.

Effective Business Leadership Seminars, would actually:

  • Help attendees to actually become more confident – during the seminar, and know how to help themselves to constantly becoming even more confident long after the seminar;
  • Help attendees to learn the skills to attract the right job applicant, and filter in the best applicants with advanced interview skills;
  • Teach attendees to influence and persuade, so their team members would want to do what needs to be done!

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++

Q: Too often, a Keynote is delivered as a memorized script, a well rehearsed act, with overly exaggerated body movements and voice inflections, completely memorized down to the tiniest move of the finger, smallest change in the tone of voice and even the exact duration of each pause, which makes it acting not teaching. Should a Keynote be an actor acting? Or a teacher teaching?

A: People come to hear a Keynote, to learn something! If they wanted to see a well rehearsed act for their entertainment, they’d go to a concert or a theatre! Recall the best teachers you’ve ever had, they were teachers teaching not actors acting! Imagine schools replaced “math teachers” with “math actors” for your kids! Parents will NOT accept that! So don’t act, teach! Sure, make the teaching Inspirational not painful, Enagaging & Entertaining not boring… but teach don’t act!

Q: Upon completion of the speech, should the Keynote presenter leave and disappear?

A: Absolutely NOT!!! The attendees have questions! Questions about business leadership that are not only holding them back, but also: they only feel comfortable asking in private but never in public πŸ™ And it’s by answering these types of questions, after the presentation, at the back of the room, outside in the hallway… that the presenter makes the greatest positive impact to your organization!

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To book Leadership Seminars, Workshops & Keynotes, for your company training and or industry event, so your people will truly learn new skills that are useful to them, simply send an email to:


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Coach Michael Lin came out of the tech industry, and uses his superb analytical skills to dissect business challenges.

He has deep insights into human nature, which he uses to help people to solve their business challenges. His analysis and solutions are all based on Emotional Intelligence, not on how we wish humans ought to be, but based on what humans actually are.

Managers & Leaders from over 500 organizations across many industries have attended seminars and workshops taught by Coach Michael Lin. Example industries are:

– Airports

– Automobile Manufacturers

– Aviation Companies

– Banks & Credit Unions

– Casinos

– Charities

– Churches

– Courts (State and County)

– Fire, Police & Sheriff Depts

– Food Companies

– Governments

– Hospitals

– Hotel Chains

– Insurance Companies

– Railroad Companies

– School Districts

– Technology Companies

– Universities

– Etc Etc.

Key Takeaways from his leadership seminars and workshops:

1: What makes other people tick? Employees who report to us? Our peer managers & leaders? Outside customers? Outside vendors? Shareholders? Upper management?

2: How to identify the right incentives – for other people? Why should we not confuse β€œthe right incentive for ourselves” with “the right incentive for others”? How to utilize our insights into short term vs long term pain & pleasure to influence, persuade and help others, to create Win/Win outcomes for everyone?

3: How to advance our own careers, by going out of our way to: help others?! solve other people’s problems?! Why do we need to understand the big picture of the corporation (not just “my department”) and solve problems for the entire corporation?

4: “Software Upgrade” in our heads, from employee thinking (my hours for my salary), into business thinking: what do customers need and want? how to provide goods/services for customers? What hardware & human capabilities do we have? how to inspire employees to want to give their best – using non monetary incentives? How to create win/win for everyone? customers, shareholders, employees, and managers/leaders?

5: Why Confidence Building by practicing Fear Busting is the key to Self Development? How can we constantly expand our comfort zone, by doing things we know we should do, but don’t do – due to fear?

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Interview/Article on Coaching & Leadership:

Here is an Interview/Article by Coach Michael Lin on Moving From Command & Control to Coaching & Collaboration: How Leaders and Managers Can Become Better Coaches – the Why, the What, and the How”: https://medium.com/authority-magazine/moving-from-command-control-to-coaching-collaboration-michael-lin-on-how-leaders-and-managers-64fdf22eaa71

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Comments from attendees:

Here is a list of two dozen people telling us what they thought of the teaching, after they’ve attended the seminar or workshop by Coach Michael Lin: (These people range from brand new managers to highly experienced leaders, from various private sectors to the government…) https://youtu.be/_jPxflr1LV8

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Sample Teaching Session:

Here is a short sample of Coach Michael Lin in action, helping managers to get over their fears and grow into Real Leaders, so they can do what they are afraid of doing but need to be doing: https://youtu.be/Wc4GylRBQ6U

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Coach Michael Lin In The Media:

Here are over a dozen media interviews, in which Coach Michael Lin answers tough questions from journalists on leadership:

  • Are you an “enabler” without realizing it?
  • Are you unintentionally attracting bad job applicants?
  • Are you helping or are you harming Millennials and GenZers?
  • How managers can advance their own careers in leadership by obtaining coaching skills?
  • How to be socially responsible when it comes to hiring?
  • How to create bonding and hence loyalty from your employees to yourself that will last a lifetime?
  • How to unite your team?
  • What are some of the biggest redflags you need to watchout for?
  • What are some of the key beliefs about leadership that are holding older managers back??
  • What is the responsible thing to do with people who refuse to accept “personal responsibility“?
  • What’s missing in Managerial Culture?
  • Who should NOT be allowed to work from home?
  • Why employers must make employees feel the relationship is not mere transactional?


+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++

More Comments from attendees:

  • ” I am 57 years old and I’ve attended a lot of seminars in my time. Today’s seminar has been the best, and I have attended a lot of seminars, I mean a lot.
  • “You know, attending a seminar can be hit or miss. Today’s seminar was definitely a hit.”
  • “My colleagues at work just texted me and asked me if I am bored being stuck in a seminar. I texted them back telling them: ‘Surprisingly not, even though I was expecting it to be just another boring waste of time seminar. I am actually learning a lot of useful information and the learning process is actually fun!’ I also told my colleagues back in the office: ‘You guys should all be here! having fun and learning useful info at the same time!’ “

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++

We have all attended those waste of time seminars that are:

  1. Boring;
  2. Lacking useful content;
  3. Not able to solve any problems – problems that were the reason why training was organized to address and resolve;
  4. Refusing or not able to answer questions from attendees;
  5. Spent all day lecturing the attendees on “What to accomplish” & “What ability you must have”;
  6. But never taught the attendees “How to accomplish what they need to accomplish”; and never taught any of the skills the attendees are supposed to “must have”;
  7. The entire so-called “training” was designed “For Show” and or “For Formality”: just going through the Bureaucratic Motions so everyone can say: “see, we conducted training”.

Why bring another one of those waste of time seminars to your company? And force employees to endure the ordeal?

Be a real hero, bring a seminar that your employees will:

  • Actually learn useful info that they’ve been craving for, for the info can help them to solve their real life problems!
  • Enjoy the learning process, for the learning process is inspirational not painful;
  • Thank you and think of you as their BIG hero!

And when leaders improve? everyone in the company gets to enjoy the benefit: from team members to shareholders! And all of them will be thanking you for organizing training that’s useful!

To book Leadership Seminars, Workshops & Keynotes, for your company training and or industry event, so your people will learn new skills that are truly useful to them, simply send an email to:



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