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ShieldX Advanced Cybersecurity Tactics

February 12| 5:00 pm - February 14| 9:00 pm EST

The ShieldX Advanced Cybersecurity Tactics Workshop

The ShieldX Advanced Cybersecurity Tactics Workshop” is an intensive and hands-on training program designed to equip participants with advanced skills and strategies in the field of cybersecurity. In an era where digital threats are constantly evolving, this workshop aims to empower cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts alike to stay ahead of the curve and effectively defend against cyber-attacks.

Deep Dive into Cyber Threat Landscape

Explore the current cyber threat landscape and understand the latest tactics employed by cybercriminals. Analyze real-world case studies to gain insights into the ever-changing nature of cyber threats.

Advanced Defense Strategies

Delve into cutting-edge cybersecurity techniques and methodologies. Participants will learn advanced defensive strategies to safeguard networks, systems, and sensitive data against sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Incident Response and Threat Hunting

Develop practical skills in incident response and threat hunting. Understand the importance of proactive detection and response to identify and mitigate security incidents effectively.

Secure Coding Practices

Explore secure coding practices to build resilient applications. Learn how to integrate security into the software development lifecycle to create robust and secure software.

Network Security Architecture

Gain insights into designing and implementing secure network architectures. Understand the principles of network segmentation, intrusion detection, and prevention to fortify digital infrastructures.

Cloud Security Best Practices

Address the unique challenges posed by cloud computing and gain hands-on experience with cloud security best practices. Learn how to secure cloud-based applications and data.

Cybersecurity Tools and Technologies

Familiarize yourself with the latest cybersecurity tools and technologies. Gain practical experience in using security tools to assess, monitor, and defend against cyber threats.

Who Should Attend

Cybersecurity Professionals

IT Managers and Administrators

Software Developers

Network Engineers

Information Security Enthusiasts


Acquire advanced cybersecurity skills

Enhance your ability to defend against sophisticated cyber threats

Gain practical, hands-on experience with the latest security tools

Network and share insights with fellow cybersecurity professionals

Join us for the ShieldX Advanced Cybersecurity Tactics Workshop and strengthen your cybersecurity arsenal to navigate the complex and dynamic landscape of digital security. Prepare to face the challenges of today’s cyber threats with confidence and expertise.


February 12| 5:00 pm EST
February 14| 9:00 pm EST


1055 Canada Pl
1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3
Vancouver, V6C 0C3 CA
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