ELEVATE Program: Empowering BIPOC-Owned Production Companies in Canada


Discover the ELEVATE program, a groundbreaking initiative empowering BIPOC-owned production companies in Canada. Uncover how mentorship, financial guidance, and industry connections are transforming the Canadian screen sector.


In a groundbreaking partnership, Paramount+ in Canada, BIPOC TV & Film, and the National Screen Institute have joined forces to introduce the all-new ELEVATE program. This initiative aims to empower BIPOC-owned production companies in Canada by providing them with invaluable business development mentorship, strategies for growth, and stability in an ever-evolving industry. As the curtain rises on ELEVATE, we delve into the program’s details, its significance, and the transformative impact it promises to bring to the Canadian screen sector.


ELEVATE Program Overview

The ELEVATE program offers a lifeline to BIPOC-owned production companies, providing them with a tailored roadmap for success. Through mentorship, financial guidance, and access to industry decision-makers, participants gain the knowledge and resources they need to elevate their businesses beyond individual projects.

Addressing Disparities in BIPOC-Owned Companies

ELEVATE acknowledges the systemic oppression and barriers faced by BIPOC communities in the screen sector. We explore how the program’s trauma-informed approach seeks to redress these disparities, inject flexible funding, and facilitate crucial connections.

Long-Term Sustainability and Economic Empowerment

Discover how ELEVATE goes beyond short-term gains, aiming to foster long-term sustainability and economic empowerment within the industry. It’s about building a legacy of diverse storytelling for future generations.

Encouraging the Export of Canadian Creative Content

ELEVATE not only nurtures domestic talent but also encourages the export of Canadian creative content. Learn how this program contributes to showcasing Canadian narratives on the international stage.

The ELEVATE Experience

Tailored Mentorship and Coaching

Participants in ELEVATE benefit from personalized mentorship and coaching. Dive into how this hands-on guidance can shape the trajectory of BIPOC-owned production companies.

Expert Financial and Business Guidance

Financial literacy and business acumen are vital. Explore how ELEVATE equips participants with expert guidance to navigate the financial intricacies of the industry.

Access to Industry Decision-Makers

In the entertainment world, connections matter. Discover how ELEVATE opens doors to industry decision-makers, enabling participants to forge partnerships that can change the game.

Critical Resources for Growth

ELEVATE provides access to critical resources. Find out what these resources are and how they can help bridge the gap for BIPOC-owned companies.

The Socioeconomic Impact

Systemic Oppression and Barriers

A 2021 Canada Media Fund survey highlights the stark reality faced by many BIPOC-owned production companies. We delve into the survey’s findings, exposing the challenges these companies confront.

Flexible Funding Injection

ELEVATE seeks to address the funding gap. Learn how this initiative injects flexible funding into BIPOC production companies, giving them the financial flexibility they need.

Connecting with Funding Opportunities

Funding is the lifeblood of any business. Discover how ELEVATE facilitates connections with funding opportunities, financial institutions, and potential investors.

Paramount’s Commitment to Diversity

Paramount+ and Diversity

Paramount+ in Canada has reaffirmed its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Explore how ELEVATE aligns with the broader mission of Paramount Global’s Content for Change initiative.

Collaboration with the Black Screen Office

ELEVATE is not the only program fostering diversity. Learn about Paramount+ in Canada’s collaboration with the Black Screen Office for the Black Creators Festival Initiative.

About Paramount+

Paramount+ Unveiled

Paramount+ is not just any streaming service; it’s a global digital subscription video streaming service featuring premium entertainment for all ages. We take a closer look at what Paramount+ offers internationally.

About BIPOC TV & Film

Evolution of BIPOC TV & Film

BIPOC TV & Film started as a grassroots movement and evolved into a national not-for-profit organization. Discover how it’s building power and opportunities for Black, Indigenous, and Racialized people in Canada.

Investing in BIPOC Media Professionals

Explore BIPOC TV & Film’s investments in professional development training, mentorship, wellness support, and community engagement initiatives. It’s about creating a level playing field in the film and television industry.

HireBIPOC Initiative

In 2020, BIPOC TV & Film launched HireBIPOC, a workforce development initiative. Uncover how it facilitates connections between employers and BIPOC professionals in the industry.

About the National Screen Institute

Supporting Creators Across Canada

The National Screen Institute is committed to supporting creators from diverse backgrounds. Discover how it provides industry-informed training and mentoring to help aspiring talent find their place on the global stage.

Diverse Community of Voices

The Institute’s commitment extends to various underrepresented groups. Learn how it empowers voices from different backgrounds, regions, and communities.

ELEVATE Partners

Program Partners and Academic Collaboration

ELEVATE is presented by Paramount+ in Canada, BIPOC TV & Film, and the National Screen Institute, with program partners such as the Canada Media Fund (CMF) and Telefilm Canada. We explore the collaborative effort behind this transformative program.


1. Who can participate in the ELEVATE program?

Eligible participants include BIPOC-owned production companies.

2. When is the application deadline for ELEVATE?

Applications are open until November 30.

3. When does the ELEVATE program run?

The program runs from January 2024 to March 2025.

4. How can ELEVATE benefit BIPOC-owned production companies?

ELEVATE offers tailored mentorship, financial guidance, access to industry decision-makers, and critical resources to accelerate growth.

5. What is the trauma-informed approach in ELEVATE?

It considers the socioeconomic impacts of systemic oppression and seeks to address existing disparities and barriers.

6. How can I learn more about Paramount Global’s Content for Change initiative?

Paramount+ in Canada’s collaboration with ELEVATE aligns with the broader mission of Content for Change. Explore the initiative for further details.


The ELEVATE program is set to revolutionize the Canadian screen sector by empowering BIPOC-owned production companies. Through mentorship, financial guidance, and invaluable resources, ELEVATE promises to foster long-term sustainability, economic empowerment, and greater diversity in storytelling. As applications open until November 30, it’s a call to action for BIPOC entrepreneurs and creators to seize this transformative opportunity and shape the future of Canadian content.

To stay updated on ELEVATE and related initiatives, visit the official website and follow the latest news from Paramount+ in Canada, BIPOC TV & Film, and the National Screen Institute. The stage is set, and the spotlight is on the future of Canadian screen talent—don’t miss your chance to be a part of this transformative journey.

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