The Edulis: Toronto’s Best Seasonal Tasting Event

Edulis's Culinary Magic: Toronto's Best Seasonal Tasting Event

Experience Toronto’s culinary marvel at Edulis’s seasonal tasting event. Delight in the city’s finest flavors!

The Edulis Toronto, which has earned a one Michelin star, is well-known for its seasonal food, which is prepared from scratch by husband-and-wife chefs Michael Caballo and Tobey Nemet. Edulis is a neighborhood on the west end of downtown Toronto. It has a cozy atmosphere akin to going to your aunt’s house for a homemade dinner.

About Edulis Toronto

The Edulis Toronto

The husband-and-wife team of Caballo and Nemeth own and run Edulis restaurant, which means “edible” in Latin. Edulis is a tribute to regional Canadian cuisine. Caballo is the chef and forager, while Nemeth makes sure everything runs as smoothly as the freshly churned butter they serve on the table. Together, they are the epitome of a powerful couple in both life and business. They aren’t driven by the desire to turn things around and aren’t supported by investors.

The Edulis became one of the first restaurants in Toronto and Canada to receive a Michelin star when it was granted one on September 13, 2022, in the Toronto edition of the Michelin Guide. According to the 2023 Michelin Guide, the Edulis reopened as one of Toronto’s One Michelin Star restaurants on September 27, 2023.

Edulis Restaurant Photos

Edulis Restaurant Menu

The thrill of getting together around a table to enjoy real food and to be welcomed like friends, conviviality, feasting, honouring the art and heritage of cooking, integrity, and amazing ingredients.

Edulis offers two major tasting menu options: a 5-course dinner and a 7-course lunch. For a more comprehensive experience, the 7-course lunch is frequently advised. Famous recipes have included poached lobster with pumpkin seeds and bigeye tuna from Nova Scotia served with tomato sauce and black garlic. Although the cuisine focuses mostly on seafood, it also includes other ingredients that change with the seasons.

Pickup details:

As of right now, Edulis Restaurant in Toronto does not provide regular delivery or pickup services. With a focus on in-person dining, the restaurant offers thoughtfully designed tasting menus that highlight products that are obtained locally and seasonally.

Here is some important information for anyone considering eating at Edulis:

Reservations: You can make reservations via Tock or their website. Reservations are paid for in advance, usually a month in advance. Because of its modest size, the restaurant has a restricted number of tables.

Menu Options: A five-course dinner and a seven-course meal are available as tasting menu options. These menus are often updated to showcase the best seasonal foods.

Dining Hours: Sunday lunch is offered from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM, and dinner is served Wednesday through Sunday from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM.


  1. I dined at Edulis Toronto back in 2016, so this post is based on that experience. It’s very good for seafood lovers, as most of the courses are seafood. I did the 7 courses since they were a better value on a price-per-course basis, and you will most likely not get the full 5 courses as they are tasting portions.
  1. My favorites during the tasting menu at Edulis were the Nova Scotia bigeye tuna and the poached Lobster. The Poached Lobster with Pumpkin Seeds was very fresh and delicious, and it went so well with the sauce! I even finished the sauce on my own!
  1. One thing I love about how Edulis Restaurant made their dishes is that the sauces or condiments were subtle and mainly there to enhance the main item, be it seafood or meat. With seafood especially, I find it important that the natural flavour of the seafood be intact because seafood can easily get overpowered.

Edulis Restaurant executed this perfectly!

Final words

Although the word “sweet” is sometimes used rudely, there is something genuinely sweet and lovable about this adorable little place with its little porch in front loaded with flowers. The inside has a pleasant yellow color scheme and is brimming with various antiques. There’s no denying the pride and enthusiasm of the chef-owners, a husband-and-wife team, and their employees. The ambiance is friendly and comfortably laid-back.

Contact & Location

Phone: (416) 703-4222


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