Daiya Launches the World’s First Pizza Pyramid Scheme

Daiya Launches the World's First Pizza Pyramid Scheme

Daiya has launched the Pizza Pyramid Scheme, offering free pizza to encourage people to try its plant-based options. Friends recruit friends to join the pyramid scheme, and each person gets coupons for two free Daiya pizzas. The campaign aims to get more people sampling Daiya’s dairy-free pizzas through peer recommendations.

The inaugural Pizza Pyramid Scheme has arrived, and the prospect of it is making our mouths water. Forget those questionable cosmetics or dubious vacation offers. Daiya, the brand that cracked the code on plant-based cheese, has introduced the pyramid scheme that truly matters: one that delivers free pizza.

Many people associate the word “pyramid scheme” with embarrassing recollections of innumerable “Hey girlie” direct messages. Nonetheless, the peer-to-peer recruitment strategy can be extremely successful if used properly. By using this technique, Daiya was able to use people’s trust in their friends and family to launch a remarkable recruitment campaign. Even if customers aren’t following a plant-based diet themselves, the company wants them to try its plant-based pizzas. The only thing that happens when friends enlist friends in the plan is more pizza. What could be more delicious than pizza? Pizza for free.

Famous makers of comedy, culinary, and recipe content, Joseph Calcavecchia (@the_roamingfoodie), Joey Dardano (@joeydardano), and Cari Garcia (@fatgirlhedonist), will each invite three friends to start the recruitment process. After that, those three friends will bring in three more, and so on, until every home enjoys a delicious Daiya pizza.

Simply send an email with your name and address to to jump on the exciting and safe free pizza offer for you and your friends. Send in your information to receive a coupon good for two complimentary pizzas and a unique recruitment code to persuade three of your closest and dearest to join the program. There are no queues or waiting times. Getting the pizza is easy, but how do you choose just three friends? It’s your decision. Pizza conundrums, anyone?

Daiya is aware of how ubiquitous pizza is in the US, where an astounding three billion pizzas are sold a year. Pizza is such a popular dish that it even has its own holiday. People argue passionately about which pizza has the greatest crust and flavor. With 13% of Americans consuming pizza on a daily basis and popular pizza chains frequently causing long lines for patrons, Daiya has an opportunity to encourage people to switch to plant-based pizzas by using the pizza pyramid.

The Chief Marketing Officer of Daiya, Melanie Domer, clarifies:

“In 2022, American consumers spent 17.3 billion dollars on pizza delivery, demonstrating how much Americans love eating pizza at home. But exposing people to plant-based diets can be difficult, particularly when taste doubt is a significant barrier. We’re here to shift the mindset of traditional dairy and meat lovers, who might never consider include plant-based options in their diet. Since pyramid schemes are frequently employed to get consumers to try new products, we reasoned that a plant-based pizza would be a feasible option.

Our Daiya Pizza Pyramid Scheme was created to make it easier and more fun than ever to taste delectable plant-based cuisine. We’re giving pizza enthusiasts a risk-free method to try our pizza, even if they aren’t totally committed to a plant-based diet, by depending on peer-to-peer recommendations. We have that much faith that people will adore it!”

Customers may experience a range of Daiya’s delicious plant-based and gluten-free pizzas through their Pizza Pyramid Scheme, which includes Meatless Pepperoni, Supreme, Fire-Roasted Vegetables, Cheeze Lover’s, and BBQ Plant-based Chick’n Style flavors. We urge everyone to participate in the plan as soon as possible because it will run till the pizza slices run out.

About Daiya.

Since 2008, Daiya Foods has led the way in creating delectable plant-based, dairy-free goods. Cheese formats including blocks, shreds, slices, sticks, cream cheese-style spreads, and cheese sauces were the company’s first offerings in its growing portfolio of high-quality, plant-based meals. Since then, Daiya has entered the cheese-focused food market with success, introducing items like frozen cheesecake, Mac & cheese, and pizza. Most large grocery shops include dairy and freezer areas where you can find dairy goods. The shelf-stable section is where you can find items like salad dressings and Mac & Cheese.

Tasty plant-based Daiya meals are widely available through e-commerce partnerships and more than 25,000 grocery shops in the United States and Canada. Asia, Europe, and Latin America are further foreign markets for Daiya’s products.

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