Crafty Ramen Expands Their Noodle Experience Into Alberta


Crafty Ramen, a pioneering ramen brand from Ontario, is entering the Alberta market with its frozen ramen meal options now available for online purchase and at select grocery stores across the province.

Crafty Ramen, a pioneering brand from Ontario that’s transforming the ramen scene through its restaurants, retail outlets, and online platforms, is making a significant entrance into Alberta. With a fresh perspective on the classic ramen dish, Crafty Ramen now offers its frozen meal variants for online purchase throughout major parts of Alberta, including cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Banff, and more. These meals are also available in specific grocery outlets, notably all Calgary Co-Ops and a majority of Federated Co-Op stores province-wide.

“At the core of Crafty Ramen lies the essence of community and bonding. The idea of uniting Canadians over a comforting bowl of ramen and sharing that warmth is truly a vision realized,” expressed Miki Ferrall, the co-founder and operations head at Crafty Ramen. “The passion and meticulousness that go into crafting each of our dishes make them stand out. We’re thrilled to expand our horizons and introduce Alberta to our distinctively Canadian ramen.”

Earning the title of one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies for two consecutive years by 2023, and gaining nationwide recognition after a triumphant stint on CBC’s Dragons’ Den’s 17th season, Crafty Ramen’s dedication to excellence and innovation has been pivotal in their remarkable growth journey. This journey began with the inauguration of their primary restaurant in Guelph, Ontario in 2017, followed by the introduction of their frozen ramen delivery service in 2020.

Their latest ramen creations are now set to revolutionize frozen food sections. These meals, which can be prepared in just seven minutes, encapsulate all of Crafty Ramen’s signature ingredients in a single, frozen ramen ‘disc’, ensuring freshness and taste are preserved. It’s akin to taking a steaming bowl from their restaurant and freezing it for later. With prices ranging between $13 and $14.50 for individual portions and a choice of 10 meticulously crafted meat or vegetarian variants, all one needs is a stovetop or microwave to relish restaurant-grade ramen in the comfort of their home.

About Crafty Ramen

Crafty Ramen is the future of ramen. With dining establishments in Guelph, Kitchener, and Toronto, they’ve been delighting patrons with their Japanese-inspired culinary creations since 2017. Catering to regions like Ontario, Alberta, and Lower Mainland B.C., and available in supermarkets nationwide, Crafty Ramen’s frozen offerings and subscription plans provide a seamless and inventive home-cooking solution. Having been listed as one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies in 2023 and spotlighted in CBC’s Dragons’ Den’s 17th season, more information, including restaurant locations and grocery collaborations, can be found at

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