Celebrate Canada Day in Toronto: Your Ultimate Guide to Fireworks and Safety

Celebrate Canada Day in Toronto: Your Ultimate Guide to Fireworks and Safety

Celebrate Canada Day in Toronto safely with our guide on fireworks regulations, safety tips, and professional shows.

As July 1st approaches, Canadians across the country gear up to celebrate Canada Day. In Toronto, fireworks are a quintessential part of the festivities. However, there are important rules and safety guidelines you need to follow to ensure a safe and enjoyable celebration. Here’s everything you need to know about celebrating Canada Day with fireworks in Toronto.

Toronto’s Fireworks Regulations

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand where and when you can legally set off fireworks in Toronto:

  • Fireworks are prohibited in public parks, balconies, and public beaches. This restriction is in place to prevent accidents and injuries in densely populated or environmentally sensitive areas. FIREWORKS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN PUBLIC PARKS, BALCONIES, OR PUBLIC BEACHES. It’s illegal.
  • Fireworks can be set off on personal property until 11:00 PM on Canada Day and Victoria Day without a permit. For any other day, a permit is required.
  • Individuals under 18 are not permitted to discharge fireworks under any circumstances.

Hosting a Backyard Fireworks Display

If you plan to host your own backyard fireworks display, here are some essential tips to ensure safety:

  • Check Your Yard Size: Ensure your yard is spacious enough and free from buildings, trees, and other structures that could catch fire.
  • Wear Eye Protection: Always wear eye protection when setting off fireworks to prevent injuries.
  • Purchase from Authorized Retailers: Buy your fireworks from retailers displaying a City-issued fireworks vendor permit. This ensures that the products have been handled and stored safely.
  • Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions: Carefully read and adhere to the instructions on the manufacturer’s label for safe use.
Celebrate Canada Day in Toronto: Your Ultimate Guide to Fireworks and Safety

Disposing of Fireworks Properly

Proper disposal of used fireworks is critical to prevent accidents:

  • Submerge Used Fireworks in Water: After your fireworks display, completely submerge used fireworks in water overnight.
  • Wrap in Plastic Bags: In the morning, wrap the soaked fireworks in a plastic bag to keep them from drying out.
  • Dispose of in Garbage Bin: You can dispose of up to 10 firework items in your garbage bin at a time. If you have more, keep the remaining fireworks wet until the next garbage cycle. Never dispose of fireworks in your blue or green bin.

Enjoying Professional Fireworks Shows

The best and safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a professional display. Here are some of the top locations for Canada Day fireworks in Toronto:

  • Ashbridges Bay Park (East York)
  • Centennial Park (Etobicoke)
  • Milliken Park (Scarborough)
  • Stan Wadlow Park (East York)

These professional shows are not only spectacular but also free, eliminating the hassle and risks associated with setting off fireworks yourself.

Ashbridges Bay Park (East York)

General Fireworks Safety Tips

To ensure a fun and safe Canada Day, follow these general safety tips:

  • Keep a Safe Distance: Maintain a safe distance from the fireworks when they are being set off.
  • Have Water and a Fire Extinguisher Nearby: Always have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher close by in case of emergencies.
  • Never Relight Duds: If a firework doesn’t go off, never attempt to relight it. Wait 20 minutes and then soak it in water.
  • Supervise Children: Always supervise children around fireworks. They should never handle fireworks or sparklers.

Fireworks Permit Information

If you wish to set off fireworks on a day other than Canada Day or Victoria Day, you must obtain a permit. Here’s how to do it:

  • Apply for a Permit: Contact the City of Toronto to apply for a fireworks permit. The process involves providing details about the planned display and ensuring all safety measures are in place.
  • Adhere to Permit Conditions: Follow all conditions outlined in the permit to ensure a safe and legal fireworks display.
Ashbridges Bay Park (East York)

Environmental Considerations

Fireworks can have a significant impact on the environment. Here are some ways to minimize this impact:

  • Choose Eco-Friendly Fireworks: Opt for fireworks that are designed to produce less smoke and fewer toxic chemicals.
  • Clean Up Thoroughly: After your fireworks display, make sure to clean up all debris to prevent harm to wildlife and the environment.


Celebrating Canada Day with fireworks is a cherished tradition in Toronto. By following the rules and safety guidelines, you can ensure a safe and memorable experience for everyone involved. Whether you’re hosting your own backyard display or enjoying a professional show, make safety your top priority.

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