Canoe Restaurant and Bar in Toronto

Canoe Restaurant and Bar in Toronto

Discover exquisite dining at Canoe Restaurant and Bar. Enjoy stunning views and a menu of culinary delights.

Prepare to indulge your senses and elevate your dining experience to new heights as we introduce you to the epitome of fine dining in Canada—Canoe Restaurant and Bar! Nestled high above the bustling streets of Toronto on the 54th floor of the iconic TD Bank Tower, Canoe beckons you to embark on a journey of gastronomic delight and breathtaking views.

Step into Canoe’s sleek and modern dining room, where every detail has been meticulously curated to create an ambiance that is as inviting as sophisticated. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be captivated by the panoramic vistas of Toronto’s skyline and the shimmering waters of Lake Ontario, providing the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable dining experience.

 Chef Ron McKinlay

Canoe Restaurant and Bar is Elevating Canadian Cuisine

Canoe is more than just a restaurant—it’s a gateway to Canada’s culinary soul. With each bite, patrons are invited to connect with the essence of Canada, from the savory flavors of bison Carpaccio to the delicate sweetness of maple-cured salmon. Every dish tells a story, a story of tradition, innovation, and the unbreakable bond between food and culture.

At Canoe, dining isn’t just about satisfying your hunger—it’s about celebrating the rich tapestry of Canadian flavors and ingredients that make our country unique. Led by the visionary Executive Chef John Horne and Executive Chef Ron McKinlay, Canoe’s kitchen is a culinary playground where tradition meets innovation. With a focus on locally sourced ingredients and seasonal offerings, Chef Horne and his team craft inspired dishes that pay homage to Canada’s diverse landscape and heritage.

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Canoe Restaurant and Bar’s Rich History

Canoe Restaurant’s story begins in the vibrant mid-1990s, a time when Toronto’s culinary landscape was rapidly evolving. Amidst the bustling city streets, a visionary team of restaurateurs saw an opportunity to create something truly special—a dining destination that would not only tantalize the taste buds but also celebrate the essence of Canada.

Over the years, Canoe has become synonymous with excellence, earning its place as one of Canada’s premier dining establishments. With a commitment to culinary innovation and a deep respect for tradition, Canoe has cemented its reputation as a culinary icon, drawing diners from near and far to experience its unique blend of flavors and ambiance.

Blending Tradition with Innovation

What sets Canoe apart is its unwavering dedication to blending contemporary Canadian cuisine with elements of Canadiana, creating a dining experience that is both familiar and innovative. From classic dishes with a modern twist to seasonal offerings inspired by Canada’s diverse landscape, every menu item at Canoe tells a story—a story of tradition, innovation, and the unbreakable bond between food and culture.

As you dine at Canoe, you’ll discover a symphony of flavors that pay homage to Canada’s rich culinary heritage. Whether you’re indulging in a succulent bison Carpaccio or savoring the delicate sweetness of maple-cured salmon, each dish is a celebration of Canada’s vibrant culture and diverse culinary traditions.

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Executive Chefs John Horne and Ron McKinlay

At the helm of Canoe Restaurant and Bar’s kitchen are two culinary virtuosos whose passion for food and dedication to excellence have earned them widespread acclaim. Meet Executive Chef John Horne and Executive Chef Ron McKinlay—two visionary chefs with a shared mission to elevate Canadian cuisine to new heights.

Chef John Horne is the creative force behind Canoe’s innovative menu, drawing inspiration from Canada’s rich culinary heritage and his own inventive spirit. With years of experience honing his craft, Chef Horne brings a unique blend of tradition and innovation to every dish, infusing classic Canadian flavors with a modern twist that delights the palate and ignites the senses.

Alongside him is Executive Chef Ron McKinlay, whose extensive international experience brings a global perspective to Canoe’s kitchen. With a deep appreciation for uniquely Canadian ingredients and a commitment to collaboration with local producers and suppliers, Chef McKinlay is dedicated to showcasing the best of what Canada has to offer.

Together, Chefs Horne and McKinlay are on a mission to redefine Canadian cuisine, one dish at a time. Whether it’s a succulent bison Carpaccio or a delicate halibut paired with crisp romanesco, each creation is a testament to their culinary prowess and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Canoe’s Ambiance and Location

Once you step into Canoe’s dining room and prepare to be transported to a world of modern elegance and understated luxury. The sleek and sophisticated ambiance is a testament to Canoe’s commitment to providing guests with an unparalleled dining experience.

As you take your seat, you’ll be surrounded by Canadiana design elements that pay homage to the country’s rich heritage. From antler-like chandeliers that cast a warm glow to moss-covered wall art that brings the outdoors inside, every detail has been carefully curated to create a space that is both inviting and inspiring.

But it’s not just the interior design that will leave you breathless—it’s the panoramic views of Toronto’s skyline and Lake Ontario that truly steal the show. From the vantage point of Canoe’s perch atop the TD Bank Tower on Wellington Street, patrons are treated to a spectacle of urban beauty that is unmatched anywhere else in the city.

Stunning Location of Canoe: Canoe’s location atop the TD Bank Tower adds to its allure as a destination restaurant, offering guests a bird’s-eye view of Toronto’s vibrant cityscape. Whether you’re dining with friends, celebrating a special occasion, or simply indulging in a romantic dinner for two, the breathtaking views serve as the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable dining experience.

Canoe’s Signature Dishes

At Canoe, culinary excellence is not just a goal—it’s a way of life. From the moment you peruse the menu, you’ll be greeted with a tantalizing array of dishes that showcase the best of Canadian cuisine, each one a masterpiece in its own right.

A Symphony of Flavors: Prepare to embark on a flavor-filled journey through Canada’s diverse regions and seasons as you sample Canoe’s signature dishes. Start your culinary adventure with the succulent bison Carpaccio, adorned with delicate pemmican threads that add a touch of texture and flavor.

Next up, dive into the delicate sweetness of Canoe’s halibut, perfectly paired with crisp romanesco and fresh wasabi mayo. Each bite is a revelation, a testament to the kitchen’s dedication to using locally sourced ingredients and innovative techniques to create dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious.

And let’s not forget about the sweet cured diced maple salmon—a true Canadian classic that never fails to impress. Savor the delicate balance of flavors as you indulge in this culinary masterpiece, a celebration of Canada’s rich culinary heritage and vibrant culture.

Locally Sourced, Creatively Crafted: What sets Canoe apart is its unwavering commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and creative innovation while staying true to Canadian culinary traditions. From farm-fresh produce to sustainably sourced seafood, every dish at Canoe tells a story of quality, craftsmanship, and passion for food.

Canoe Restaurant and Bar’s Beverage Program

Canoe’s exceptional beverage program, meticulously curated to complement the flavors of our culinary offerings. From handcrafted cocktails with a uniquely Canadian twist to a curated wine list featuring the best of Canada’s vineyards, there’s something for every palate to enjoy.

Handcrafted Cocktails: Indulge in a sip of sophistication with Canoe’s signature cocktails, expertly crafted to tantalize your taste buds and ignite your senses. Start your evening with The Dill Pickle, a Canoe classic made with Beefeater and Grand Marnier. It’s a light and refreshing cocktail that perfectly balances the flavors of lemon and white cranberry juice, with just a hint of dill puree to tickle your palate.

Feeling adventurous? Dive into one of our seasonal creations, like the Cold Fashioned. Made with plenty of muddled clementine, Jim Beam, cinnamon, and Angostura bitters, this cocktail is a delightful twist on the classic Old Fashioned, with star anise and dried seed pods of Elettaria cardamomum adding a touch of flair to the presentation.

Curated Wine List: For wine enthusiasts, Canoe offers a curated selection of Canadian wines that perfectly complement our culinary offerings. Whether you prefer a crisp Chardonnay from Niagara or a bold Cabernet Sauvignon from British Columbia, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect pairing for your meal.

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Canoe’s Special Features

At Canoe, the excitement doesn’t stop with just the food and drinks. You’re invited to explore the unique features that enhance your dining journey and leave you wanting more.

Open Kitchen Concept: Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in a bustling kitchen? At Canoe, you need wonder no more! The open kitchen concept invites you to witness the magic firsthand as Canoe’s talented chefs craft innovative dishes right before your eyes. Feel the energy and excitement as you watch revolutionary creations come to life, adding an extra layer of excitement to your dining experience.

Private Dining and Stunning Views: Looking for an intimate setting for your next special event? Look no further than Canoe’s private dining options. With two exclusive private dining rooms and the option for full restaurant buyouts, Canoe is the perfect venue for everything from corporate dinners to intimate celebrations.

Weddings: But that’s not all—imagine saying “I do” with the breathtaking backdrop of downtown Toronto and Lake Ontario. Canoe’s reputation as a sought-after wedding venue is well-deserved, offering unparalleled views and an elegant setting that will make your big day truly unforgettable.

E-Gift Cards: Can’t get enough of Canoe’s cuisine? Now you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere with Canoe’s e-gift cards. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because, give the gift of exceptional dining with Canoe’s customizable and instantly delivered e-gift cards.

Artisanal Event Catering: And if you’re planning a special event, let Canoe take care of the catering! Canoe’s artisanal event catering services bring the flavors of Canoe to your chosen venue, ensuring that every bite is as delicious as dining in the restaurant. From corporate meetings to intimate weddings, Canoe elevates every event with its contemporary cuisine spotlighting the best of Canada.

Testimonials and Reviews

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nelly amissinelly amissi
20:48 29 Apr 24
Emmanuel PerezEmmanuel Perez
05:39 29 Apr 24
A friend's wedding reception was held here (about 100 people) and they rented the whole place. What a beautiful venue for an intimate reception. The couple set up a live band here too. Set course sit down dinner(with choices). Awesome atmosphere and table set up. Food is always great here.
Maher Al AjamMaher Al Ajam
19:57 28 Apr 24
Ranjith RameshRanjith Ramesh
12:29 27 Apr 24
I would describe it as a one time must visit for this Michelin guided restaurant. The views from this place are phenomenal, which adds to the ambience. With the limited lunch menu, most of the dishes were really good and the bad ones for me seemed to be experimental which will not work for everyone like the devil's food cake.Shoutout to the amazing mushroom soup with wild mushrooms in it!
Coto AbetosCoto Abetos
03:19 27 Apr 24
Very simple and unelaborate menu that doesn't really have a concept. The portions are insulting as it's nessesary to order 3 - 4 main courses to satisfy an adult. Extremely expensive for what it is. For that money (or less) there are far better options in Toronto.The restaurant is clearly aimed at naive amateurs who have no clue of what upscale cuisine is.The worst way to lose 220 dollars per person.The views are nice
David XingDavid Xing
01:09 19 Apr 24
You come here for the views, and while they don’t disappoint, the food here can carry itself.They have a pretty simple menu for lunch but everything was done so well and delicious. The steak tartare was one of the best I’ve ever had. Beef had really good flavour and texture. The salmon was also really well done; with the sauce being creamy and slightly sweet. Had a steak frites as the main and it was cooked very well. Caramelized onions added a nice smokey and sweet taste to each bite.
D & SD & S
02:17 18 Feb 24
Made a reservation for Feb 16 online. Followed up with a phone call to inform one guest was vegetarian. Process was very easy.Arrived on time, and fortunately received a window seat. The views are amazing. Please insist on a window seat because this is one of the main reasons to come to this restaurant….the views!We decided to go with the Tasting Menu (seven course meal decided by the chef, based on the local available ingredients). The food was really good, however, not once were we asked how we might want certain food cooked. It was all decided by the chef.The wait staff were very attentive and professional, very efficient and quick, and can’t say anything bad about their service. Top notch.We paid over $600 for dinner for two, and overall feel like the food was overpriced, based on the quality and experience. We likely will not come back because there are so many other choices within Toronto with amazing food and service for the same price.
Nicole BayramNicole Bayram
14:20 16 Feb 24
We had an amazing Valentine’s Day dinner. The staff are very friendly and professional. There was a set menu, everything was great but we found the dessert to be too bitter. It was dark chocolate moose so I can understand but I think it needed something sweet to make the dark chocolate less overwhelming. Nevertheless it was close to perfect. Definitely would recommend the “hummingbird” cocktail.
Aletia-Sophia BourneAletia-Sophia Bourne
18:09 02 Jan 24
My first visit here, on my husband's recommendation, as it's his favourite restaurant in Toronto. We ate with our son in law and daughter, who we haven't seen for some time, they live in Vancouver, and we, in England. So, it was a big occasion for us and I was hoping for a great experience! I was NOT disappointed, quite the opposite. Our food was sublime, the service attentive, knowledgeable and professional whilst being warm and welcoming, and the venue itself is contemporary, smart and really very tasteful. We ate every morsel of food, had wonderful mock and cocktails, and thoroughly enjoyed the ambience and the magnificent views. The only thing I'd change? That it was on my doorstep. Compliments to the entire team at this incredible place!!

Attentive and Knowledgeable Staff: At Canoe, the staff are more than just servers—they’re ambassadors of Canadian hospitality. Their attentiveness and knowledge enhance the warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring every guest feels right at home.

Personalized Touches and Special Accommodations: Whether it’s a dietary restriction or a special celebration, Canoe goes above and beyond to ensure every guest has a memorable dining experience. From customized menus to thoughtful gestures, every detail is tailored to make your visit truly exceptional.

In 2025 this iconic restaurant will celebrate its 30th anniversary. The views from its position on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower are unmatched in the city and service is as efficient as you’d expect from such a well-oiled machine. Lunchtime is largely the reserve of Bay Street brokers and bankers; the menu is an easily navigable document for those whose business is business and who don’t want to hang around too long. At dinner, the pace slows and the menu expands to reveal the full extent of the kitchen’s capabilities. Wild Pacific halibut is paired with Savoy cabbage and champagne cream; while lamb saddle is accompanied by its braised shoulder. For dessert, look no further than the tarte au sucre.

Why Choose Canoe Restaurant and Bar Toronto?

Experience the best of Canadian cuisine and hospitality at Canoe, where every dish is a culinary masterpiece and every view is a breathtaking spectacle. From the moment you step into the modern and sleek dining room, adorned with Canadiana design elements, you’ll be greeted with warm hospitality and attentive service that make you feel right at home.

Watch as talented chefs create innovative dishes in the open kitchen, adding an extra layer of excitement to your dining experience. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a memorable meal, Canoe promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you craving more.

  • Culinary Excellence and Celebration of Canadian Cuisine: Canoe’s commitment to culinary excellence is evident in every dish, showcasing the finest Canadian ingredients with creative flair. From bison Carpaccio with pemmican threads to halibut with romanesco, each bite is a celebration of Canada’s diverse flavors and landscapes.
  • Breathtaking Views and Unique Ambiance: Perched on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower, Canoe offers panoramic views of Toronto’s skyline and Lake Ontario. The modern and sleek ambiance, complemented by Canadiana design elements, sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.
  • Warm Hospitality and Memorable Customer Experience: At Canoe, hospitality is more than a service—it’s a way of life. The attentive and knowledgeable staff ensure that every guest feels welcome and cared for, adding a personal touch to every visit.
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Canoe Restaurant Capacities

  • West Room: Seated: 24 | Reception: 24
max capacity with AV is 20
  • East Room: Seated: 30 | Reception: 36 East +
  • West Rooms: Seated: 54 | Reception: 60
max capacity with AV is 48
  • Entire Restaurant: Seated: 135 | Reception: 202

Restaurant Timings

Lunch hours: Mon–Fri:  11:45am–1:15pm

Dinner hours: Mon-Fri: 5–9:30pm

Bar hours: Mon-Fri: 11:45am–11:30pm

Please note: Canoe is closed to the public on Saturdays and Sundays.

Book Your Experience Today!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dine at Canoe. Make your reservation now and experience the magic of Canoe firsthand. Gift cards are also available for purchase, making Canoe the perfect gift for any occasion.

Canoe accepts online reservations exclusively, allowing guests to book up to 3 months in advance for groups of up to 12. For larger parties of 9–12, a Chef’s Choice menu is offered to accommodate dining needs. Experience the thrill of the Chef’s Rail with a tasting menu and limited seating. Bar seating reservations are available from 6:30pm onwards, with walk-ins also welcome, subject to availability. Reserve your spot now for an unforgettable dining experience!

Contact and Location

Phone:  +1 416-364-0054

Website: https://www.canoerestaurant.com/

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