Calgary Couple’s Life-Changing $7 Million Lotto Win: A Dream Come True

"We're just starting out": Young Canadian couple stunned by $7M lotto win

A young couple from Calgary hits a $7 million jackpot, embarking on a journey of financial freedom and dreams realized, including homeownership and clearing debts.


In a stroke of extraordinary luck, Meghan Petaske and Cody Rudiger, a young couple from Calgary, have been catapulted into a new realm of financial possibilities following a $7 million lotto win. This windfall comes at a pivotal time in their lives, offering them an unprecedented opportunity to secure their future.

Calgary Couple's Life-Changing $7 Million Lotto Win: A Dream Come True

The Journey to Fortune

A Festive Surprise

The couple’s journey to fortune began with a Christmas tradition. Meghan Petaske shared that her mother annually prepares Christmas baskets filled with various gifts, including lottery tickets, for her children. “There’s five of us, so it could have gone to any one of us!” Petaske remarked, highlighting the serendipity of their win.

Disbelief and Joy

Upon discovering their win, disbelief was the couple’s initial reaction. The reality of their newfound wealth only sank in after verifying the ticket at a store, as the figures on the printout seemed too good to be true. This moment marked the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, filled with excitement and possibilities.

Planning for the Future

A Vision for Tomorrow

With the windfall securely in their hands, Petaske and Rudiger are now focused on laying the groundwork for a prosperous future. From paying off student loans to investing in their dreams, the couple is committed to making the most of this opportunity. “It’s emotional for me,” Petaske expressed, overwhelmed by the prospect of homeownership, a dream she never thought would become reality.

Financial Wisdom

Echoing Petaske’s sentiments, Rudiger emphasized their collective approach to financial responsibility. The couple is determined to ensure their windfall serves them well into the future, avoiding the pitfalls that often accompany sudden wealth. “This really is helping us to find freedom,” Rudiger stated, excited about the endless possibilities now open to them.


Meghan Petaske and Cody Rudiger’s lotto win is not just a tale of luck; it’s a story of new beginnings, dreams realized, and the promise of a bright future. As they navigate this life-changing event, their story serves as a reminder of the transformative power of fortune and the importance of planning for tomorrow.


How did Meghan Petaske and Cody Rudiger win the lottery?
They won through a Christmas basket lottery ticket, a gift from Petaske’s mother.

What are the couple’s plans for their lottery win?
They plan to pay off student loans, invest in their future, and have a bit of fun with their newfound wealth.

How did the couple react to their win?
They were in disbelief initially and had to verify the ticket at a store to believe their luck.

What does this win mean for the couple?
It represents financial freedom, the ability to invest in their dreams, and a significant step towards a secure future.

Are there any specific purchases the couple is considering with their win?
While specific purchases were not mentioned, the couple is excited about the possibility of homeownership and the freedom their win provides.

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