Byblos: An Incredible Mediterranean Dining Spot

Byblos: An Incredible Mediterranean Dining Spot

Savor the Mediterranean delights at Byblos. Experience exquisite flavors and ambiance. Book your table today!

The dynamic Eastern Mediterranean cuisine of Toronto’s Byblos Restaurant features creative menu items, farm-to-table ingredients, and a stylish, welcoming ambiance. Byblos is a great place to celebrate important occasions and have unforgettable meals because of its inventive small dishes, like Persian kale rice and lamb ribs.

About Byblos Restaurant


Byblos is an example of the fusion of traditional and local foodstuffs with Eastern Mediterranean cooking methods, all done with a nod to ancient methods of preparation blended with contemporary techniques. To develop a cuisine that would be a real coastal and cultural mosaic, served family style in a convivial setting, their chef has created dishes that highlight the distinctive spices and flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean seaboard.

Popular among the media, Byblos is perfect for both special occasions and wonderful daily meals, thanks to its family-style food and century-old architectural backdrop. Rich ingredients such as date molasses and saffron liqueur create contemporary takes on Eastern Mediterranean flavors.

Byblos Menu

Dish Name Type 
Dinner crispy stuffed olives Persian feta + za’atar + preserved lemon  
 tuna tartare citrus chili tahini + watermelon + avocado + soy + cilantro + lavash 
 beef tartare toum + mint + capers + sumac + kohlrabi + schug + pickled chili + sesame lavash 
 labneh pistachio + sumac + roasted beets + barbari bread  
 hummus chermoula + crispy chickpea + turkish green chili + sumac onions + barbari bread 
 lamb ribs dukkah + yoghurt + raz el hanout glaze + red chili schug 
 turkish manti dumplings   eggplant + yogurt sauce + date molasses 
 halloumi wildflower honey + dukkah + pistachio 
 fried eggplant honey + baharat + yogurt + cilantro + sesame  
 crispy shrimp   schug aioli + sumac + lime  
 octopus harissa romesco + sumac + cilantro + extra virgin olive oil  
 pear & arugula castelfranco + green grapes + candied almonds + cumin & preserved lemon vinaigrette  
 grilled radicchio & walnut bulgarian feta + date molasses + red grapes + sabzi + pomegranate flower vinaigrette  
 gem lettuce salad brioche croutons + zaatar + smoked brisket lardons + parmigiano + tahini dressing  
   lentil toum + pickled turkish pepper + sumac red onion + cilantro + akawi + lemon  
 black truffle & cheese   mozzarella + feta + akawi + oregano + black truffle  
 wagyu lahmeh   spicy toum + urfa chili + parsley + sumac onion  
 lamb fermented tomato sauce + sumac red onion + pickled turkish peppers  
 short rib kebab chemen + truffle yogurt + pine nut dukkah + mint  
 lamb shoulder raz al hanout + pomegranate molasses + pita + sumac red onion + crispy chickpeas + schug + raita + pickles  
 middle eastern fried chicken toum + red schug hot honey + pickles + za’atar + smoked paprika  
 harissa roasted half chicken toum + hummus + crispy chickpeas + lemon + harissa vinaigrette  
 stuffed eggplant harissa & turkish pepper relish + pine nuts + olives + urfa chili + parmigiano  
 wagyu beef kofta green chili + tomatillo + peas + mint + dill + crispy shallot + toum  
 halibut sabzi vichyssoise + artichoke pistachio chermoula  
 whole grilled branzino brown butter + chermoula + parsley  
 17 oz bone-in ribeye charred green onion chimichurri + toum + green peppercorn jus + turkish peppers  
 sweet jeweled rice carrot + saffron + barberries + almonds  
 black truffle rice   roasted mushrooms + cumin labneh  
 sauteed greens   spinach + chard + sumac + garlic pine nuts + feta  
 roasted cauliflower tahini + chimichurri + hazelnut dukkah + preserved lemon + pickled red onion + sabzi  
 roasted beets   hazelnut dukkah + winter spiced maple + orange + extra vigin olive oil  
 thrice cooked fries za’atar + aioli  
DESSERT    labneh cheesecake graham crust + figs + pomegranate molasses 
 walnut katayef medjool dates + coconut + baharat spice + ricotta chantilly  
 lemon olive oil cake   pistachio whipped ganache + preserved lemon + rose  
 chocolate olive oil cake almonds + medjool dates + tahini chantilly  
 seasonal ice cream and sorbet single scoop  
COCKTAIL    edgeware road  
bombay east gin + lemon + verbena tea 
 habibi marguerite 
patron silver tequila + cointreau + lime + barberry spiced syrup + strawberry infused black tea  
 gilded goose 
grey goose vodka + aperol + lemon + honey ginger syrup + signature black tea  
 silk road   st. remy cognac + strega saffron liqueur + maraschino liqueur + ginger + lemon  
 sultan’s nightcap bulleit rye + amaro lucano + simple syrup + peychauds bitters + cardamom bitters + arak al shallal  
 the geographer tanqueray gin + pistachio orgeat + apricot + orange blossom + lemon + egg white + sumac  
 sunrise at sea bacardi 8yr rum + st. germaine elderflower liqueur + wildflower honey + orange bitters + prosecco  
 nightingale sour ketel one botanical peach & orange blossom + lillet blanc + licor 43 + ginger + lemon + egg white + vanilla bitters 
 rose gulab   ketel one vodka + dillon’s rose gin + rose pomegranate + lemon 
 Byblos old fashioned codigo tequila + amaro montenegro + espresso + turkish coffee 
 unbroken trail   five trail american whiskey + lucid absinthe + caramel liqueur + fig jam + peychuad’s bitters  
 Marrakesh garden woodford reserve + ron zacapa 23 rum + house-blended turkish coffee + orange & aromatic bitters 
 marrakesh garden tanqueray gin + cold pressed cucumber & celery juice + mint + lime 
 citrus spice g&t   tanqueray no. 10 gin + lime + grapefruit + mint + star anise + fever tree tonic 
 rose’s shadow   ceder’s rose + pomegranate + rose + lemon  
 jiir sour ceder’s classic + lime + simple syrup  
 Middle Eastern fried chicken ceder’s wild + wild flower honey + ginger + lime + ginger beer  

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Savor the Mediterranean delights at Byblos. Experience exquisite flavors and ambiance. Book your table today!

Contact details


Sunday to Wednesday
5 pm – 10 pm 

Thursday to Saturday
5 pm – 11 pm 

Toronto’s Byblos Restaurant Gift Cards

Buy a gift for up to $1,000 with the suggestion of spending it at Byblos. Delivered in a customized greeting card by email, mail, or printout.


Toronto’s Byblos Restaurant is a well-known choice for those looking for a creative twist on Eastern Mediterranean food. A distinctive and unforgettable eating experience is produced by the restaurant’s commitment to using only the best ingredients and flavors, paired with a contemporary cooking style. They have a varied menu that invites sharing and group dining, which is made even more enjoyable by the stylish decor and welcoming ambiance. Food enthusiasts should not miss Byblos, which provides a lively and savoury haven in the middle of the city, whether it’s for a formal dinner or a relaxed get-together with friends (Edulis Restaurant).

Contact & Location

Phone: 647-660-0909

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