Brooks Brothers Unveils New Flagship Store in Toronto’s Historic Bloor Street Building

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers, the esteemed American luxury fashion brand, has recently moved its Yorkville store to the iconic Lillian Massey building on Bloor Street, Toronto, enhancing its presence with a blend of history and high fashion.

Brooks Brothers, a symbol of American luxury fashion, has taken a significant step by relocating its Yorkville store to a historic and architecturally significant building on Bloor Street, Toronto. This move marks a new chapter for the brand and the iconic Lillian Massey building, which has previously hosted Club Monaco.

Brooks Brothers Unveils New Flagship Store in Toronto's Historic Bloor Street Building

A New Era on Bloor Street

Location: 157 Bloor St. W, Toronto

Historic Charm Meets Modern Elegance

The Lillian Massey building, a Neoclassical masterpiece completed in 1912 by architect George Miller, now houses Brooks Brothers. This relocation combines the brand’s distinguished collections and the building’s architectural grandeur, offering a unique shopping experience near the Royal Ontario Museum.

Collections and Offerings

Brooks Brothers’ new store showcases an extensive range of men’s and women’s collections, featuring casual styles, formalwear, and accessories. This move from 83 Bloor St. W to the Lillian Massey building allows the brand to expand its footprint and continue serving its clientele with unparalleled quality and style.

The Lillian Massey Building: A Cultural Landmark

The building, currently home to the University of Toronto’s Centre for Medieval Studies, retains much of its original interior fittings and features a series of Pre-Raphaelite stained-glass windows, adding to the store’s allure.

Brooks Brothers in Toronto

Aside from the Bloor Street location, Brooks Brothers maintains a presence in Toronto with stores at the Royal Bank Plaza, the CF Shops at Don Mills, and several factory stores across Ontario.


Brooks Brothers’ relocation to the Lillian Massey building on Bloor Street is more than just a change of address; it’s a fusion of history, culture, and fashion. This strategic move enhances the brand’s legacy and enriches Toronto’s retail landscape with a touch of American luxury fashion.


Q1: Why did Brooks Brothers relocate its Yorkville store?
A1: Brooks Brothers relocated to accommodate the development of a condominium tower at their previous location and to embrace the historic significance of the Lillian Massey building.

Q2: What can shoppers expect at the new Brooks Brothers store?
A2: Shoppers can expect a wide range of men’s and women’s collections, including casual styles, formalwear, and accessories, in a historic setting.

Q3: What makes the Lillian Massey building significant?
A3: The Lillian Massey building is a Neoclassical architectural gem completed in 1912, known for its lush interior fittings and Pre-Raphaelite stained-glass windows.

Q4: Does Brooks Brothers have other locations in Toronto?
A4: Yes, Brooks Brothers also operates stores at the Royal Bank Plaza and the CF Shops at Don Mills, along with several factory stores across Ontario.

Q5: What was the previous tenant of the Lillian Massey building?
A5: The building was previously occupied by Club Monaco from 1998 to 2021 before becoming the new home for Brooks Brothers.

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