Best Summer Food Festivals in Toronto

Best Summer Food Festivals in Toronto

Discover the top summer food festivals in Toronto! From mouth-watering street food to gourmet delights, explore the best culinary events the city has to offer this season. Don’t miss out on these must-visit festivals for food lovers.

Toronto is a lively and busy city with lots of energy. It is a great place to have fun time in summers, especially if you love food. Toronto is famous for having lively food festivals. In recent years, such food festivals have garnered sky-rocketing popularity among Torontonians and tourists alike as they visit them with great zest. Every summer, hundreds of food and family festivals take place, serving a wide variety of food, ranging from street foods to Asian cuisine to scrumptious local delicacies.

So, don’t miss out on the fantastic opportunity to savor mouth-watering foods at these summer fests. In this article, we are discussing the top 13 best summer food festivals in Toronto that you must visit.

1.   The Taste of Little Italy:

The Taste of Little Italy:

Toronto’s most beloved food festival is back again this year! The Taste of Little Italy is a three-day family food and music festival that transports you to Italy. The festival is dedicated to showcase the rich Italian tradition and heritage through cuisine, music, and eye-catching art.

Throughout the weekend, you will get multiple chances to taste classic Italian delicacies such as pizzas, gelato, wines, cocktails, authentic Italian pasta, and the list goes on. Besides food, you will enjoy live music, dance performances, complimentary tastings, and so much more. Be sure to visit College Street and witness Toronto’s premier Italian festival this summer!

2.   Lucky Lion Night Market:

Lucky Lion Night Market

Lucky Lion Market is not just any regular night market; it offers one of the best culinary experiences that one could imagine. The market is a bustling spectacle featuring appetizing Chinese and Korean cuisine, along with musical performances by various artists. The fun continues nonstop at the Lucky Lion Night Market. This three-day fair presents food from 40 distinct vendors and food trucks. You will find everything from seafood like oysters, lobsters, and squid to Korean foods such as corndogs. Make sure to eat the specialty of this market: sculptural cotton candy!

3.   Taste of the Middle East Festival:

 Taste of the Middle East Festival:

The Taste of the Middle East festival is being held for the 7th time this year, and it is a given that it will not disappoint! The festival has an inspiring mandate to increase the visibility of Arab communities in Canada. As a result, the Taste of the Middle East Festival transforms Nathan Phillips Square to provide an insight into Arabic culture. With live performances, the festival offers an opportunity for emerging Arab musicians and performers to showcase their talent. If you want to savor delightful Arabic food with diverse and appetizing flavors, make sure to visit this year’s Taste of the Middle East Festival!

4.   Toronto Food Truck Festival:

Toronto Food Truck Festival

The Toronto food truck festival is well-known for catering to people with different food preferences. You will get all sorts of food options, such as halal, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian. The Toronto Food Truck Festival is more than just food. You can also participate in live eating contests, win exciting prizes, and enjoy live performances. In addition, you will not have to worry about your little ones because there are multiple free children’s games to keep them entertained. So, remember to check out the Toronto food truck festival in August.

  • Website: Click here
  • Location: 1695 Queen St. East, Woodbine Park, Toronto
  • Dates: August 2 to August 5, 2024
  • Tickets: Free

5.   Toronto Waterfront Night Market:

 Toronto Waterfront Night Market:

The yearly Toronto waterfront night market has 15 years of experience in serving Torontonians with an amazing culinary journey of urban Asian cuisine. The market serves pan-Asian cuisine from distinct food vendors and is a haven for food enthusiasts. The atmosphere at the night market is vibrant and electric as you can enjoy craft beers from the beer gardens, floating lanterns, and music festivals. So, this summer, grab a friend along and visit the Toronto waterfront night market

6.   Wine Fest Toronto 2024:

Wine Fest Toronto 2024:

Toronto’s Wine Fest is an annual three-day event honoring the city’s thriving wine culture. It is an all-you-can-taste event where you get the chance to try wines from all around the globe. You can savor a fine collection of wines for a total of four hours by paying only a little sum. The vibes are immaculate at the festival because the music keeps people energized and going throughout the day. There is a variety of food at the fest as well to pair it with your wine. Next time you are searching for a fun activity with your friends, consider attending the Wine Fest in Toronto. 

·       Website: Visit here to get more information about the Toronto Wine Fest

·       Location: Roundhouse Park under the CN Tower

·       Dates: July 5 to July 7, 2024

·       Tickets: Starting at $74.46

7.   Taco Fest Toronto:

Taco Fest Toronto:

Toronto’s most beloved and sought-after food festival, The Taco Fest, is back again this year. As always, this fest serves the most flavorful, hottest, and tastiest Mexican cuisine from over 50 food vendors. Authentic Mexican tacos, guacamole, tequila, churros, hot sauce, everything is available here. This year, the taco fest promises to be bigger and better, serving 250+ variations of tacos from the best Mexican chefs. If you are a taco enthusiast, the Taco Fest is the right place to be this summer! In addition to tacos, you can also find handcrafted cocktails and beverages. The Taco Fest offers the best Mexican experience with thrilling sights and sounds of Mariachi bands, salsa dancing, interactive games, and live music.

·       Website: Visit here for more information on the Taco Fest Toronto

·       Location: Fort York 100 Garrison Road, Toronto

·       Dates: August 9 to August 11, 2024

·       Tickets: Tickets starting at $17.50

8.   Jerkfest 2024:

 Jerkfest 2024

If you want to spice up your summer and eat food that will excite your taste buds, visit the Jerkfest 2024 in Toronto. The Jerkfest celebrates jerk cuisine and Island music. It is one of the most visited summer food festivals in Ontario. This three-day fest aims to bring island vibes and culture to Canada to deliver the legitimate Caribbean experience to the attendees. It is a must-attend when you are in Toronto!

·       Website: Click here for more information on the Jerkfest 2024

·       Location: Centennial Park

·       Dates: August 9 to August 11, 2024

·       Tickets: Starting from $10

9. Rosé Picnic 2024:

Rosé Picnic 2024

You will not want to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a premium picnic party celebrating Torontonian’s most favorite pink drink. Besides providing fun and enjoyment, a portion of the money generated from ticket sales goes to the Catalyst fund at Women’s College Hospital Foundation. It is an all-day picnic where you can relax and indulge in free sampling stations, shop from different vendors, and savor delicious and finest rose wines from Ontario. So, wear your favorite pink and white outfit and get ready to kickstart your summer with an outstanding picnic!

10. Brazilfest 2024:

Brazilfest 2024

Indulge yourself in the vibrant and rhythmic atmosphere of the Brazilfest this summer, and take your friends and family along! Toronto International Brazilfest has garnered over 20 years of experience in bringing the spirit of Brazil’s people, its rich culture, and mouth-watering cuisine to the heart of Canada. So, if you are on the lookout for a vibrant food festival paired with a cultural event, visit this year’s Brazilfest.

  • Website: Visit here for more information on Brazilfest 2024
  • Location: Earlscourt Park
  • Dates: July 20 to July 21, 2024
  • Tickets: Free

11. Japan Festival Canada:

Japan Festival Canada:

To celebrate Japanese culture and heritage, the Japan Festival Canada is the greatest Japanese cultural festival in North America. Besides delivering delectable and authentic Japanese cuisine to the attendees, it also showcases the technological advancements, art, and music of Japan.

12.  Vegandale Fest 2024:

Vegandale Fest 2024:

If you are looking to enjoy various appetizing vegan foods, visit the Vegandale Fest 2024. Hundreds of vendors will serve their best food with musical performances from artists that will continue all day long. The music and entertainment never stop the Vegandale Fest! Furthermore, you can enjoy 10+ free samples from the sponsors and interactive art. So, ask your friends to tag along and enjoy the lively vibes at the Vegandale Fest 2024 this summer.

  • Website: Click here to get more details about the festival
  • Location: Woodbine Park
  • Dates: September 7, 2024
  • Tickets: Starting from $10

13. Festival of India:

 Festival of India

Taking place for the 52nd time this year, the Festival of India is one of the most liked and visited summer festivals in Toronto. The organizers intend to bring original Indian festivities to Toronto through this event. Therefore, you will see activities such as traditional face painting, yoga classes, artisan bazaars, dance performances, live music, and spiritual dances as well. So, if you want to enjoy finger-licking and mouth-watering authentic Indian foods, be sure to visit the Festival of India this year.


Toronto is where diverse culinary practices come together. Therefore, if you want to enjoy various cuisines this summer, be sure to attend the best summer food festivals in Toronto mentioned above. These fests aim to deliver a one-of-a-kind culinary experience to the attendees. Besides soul-touching foods, you will witness soulful music, dance performances, and art. So, do not let anything hold you back from enjoying yourself at the summer food festivals—dive right into it!

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