Best Sports Bars in Toronto to watch leafs playoff Games

Best Sports Bars in Toronto to watch leafs playoff games

Discover Toronto’s top sports bars for an unbeatable Leafs playoff experience! From historic pubs to modern venues, find the perfect spot for game day with great food, drinks, and a lively atmosphere.

As the excitement of the Leafs playoff games takes over Toronto, finding the perfect spot to catch all the action becomes a priority for fans. Whether you’re a die-hard hockey enthusiast or just looking for a lively atmosphere to enjoy the games, Toronto’s sports bars offer some of the best venues in the city. From historic establishments with deep-rooted sports traditions to modern pubs featuring craft brews and gourmet pub fare, this guide to the best sports bars in Toronto has you covered. Get ready to cheer on the Leafs in style, surrounded by fellow fans, fantastic food, and an unbeatable game-day ambiance.

Best Sports Bars in Toronto

RS Real Sports Bar

RS Real Sports Bar

RS Real Sports Bar, situated at Maple Leaf Square in Toronto, is renowned as North America’s premier sports bar, according to ESPN. This vast venue, often likened to a colossal man cave, blends the excitement of an adult arcade with the comfort of a traditional sports bar. The interior boasts high, arched ceilings and dark-toned walls and furnishings that contribute to a permanent nocturnal ambiance, complemented by a gigantic screen visible from both the floor and balcony levels. Originally known for its extensive menu featuring large hot dogs, the bar has recently refined its offerings to a seasonal menu that still satisfies the cravings of its patrons.

Among the standout dishes, the hot brisket priced at $24 is particularly noteworthy. Served with fluffy mashed potatoes and accompanied by a white bread grilled cheese sandwich, the dish is layered with smoked and braised sliced brisket, stout gravy, peas, and sweet crispy onions, creating a hearty, comforting meal.

RS Real Sports Bar

Seafood lovers can enjoy the seafood tikka masala for $20, which includes Oceanwise certified perch and shrimp in a flavorful masala curry served alongside basmati rice and grilled naan bread. For burger enthusiasts, the Prestige burger is a must-try, featuring Ontario beef dry-aged between 45 to 60 days, enhanced with a prosciutto fat cap and topped with pecorino cheese infused with truffle, creating a rich and aromatic flavor experience. This bustling sports bar is not just a place to eat; it’s a destination for sports fans, especially before or after a game, providing an unparalleled viewing experience with its numerous screens throughout the venue.

Location: RS Real Sports Bar


Contact: 416 815-5464



e11even, located near the ACC and its sister establishment Real Sports Bar in Toronto, offers a slightly more upscale dining experience with its elegantly dark tones and sophisticated menu featuring North American classics. Unlike typical sports bars, e11even presents an elegant setting with a communal table ideal for various gatherings, from business meals to casual celebrations. This restaurant is distinguished by its cask cocktail program, which includes a cask-aged Boulevardier, a unique twist on the classic Negroni that is deep, bittersweet, and exceptionally smooth. Among its signature dishes is the maple sherry double cut bacon, known as “meat candy” due to its rich, fatty bacon glazed with sweet maple and aromatic thyme.


Continuing the culinary excellence, e11even offers dishes such as the seared tuna salad, a fresh combination of crunchy Savoy, mixed greens, mango, avocado, and a soy-cilantro dressing, and the salmon, seasoned with Cajun spices and paired with an ancient grain salad. For those preferring a more traditional option, the classic joe burger features house-ground chuck flavored with duck fat, topped with a sloppy joe mixture and cheddar cheese, served on a buttered ACE bun. The restaurant’s refined atmosphere is complemented by private booth-like seating in the back and large antique mirrors that reflect the lively activity of the patrons and the kitchen, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Location: e11even

Website :


Score on King

Score on King, a dynamic sports bar in Toronto, distinguishes itself with its creative approach to Caesars, crafting them into extravagant edible experiences, originally inspired by its Vancouver counterpart on Davie Street. This bar has transformed a formerly swanky dining area into a vibrant, industrial space, characterized by its laid-back, interactive decor featuring bottle caps and magnetic letters. The menu is loaded with easy-to-share dishes like Sushi Sliders, which combine breaded rice pucks with smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, and sriracha aioli, designed to complement the extensive drink selection. Their nachos, a massive platter that can feed a large group, epitomizes the bar’s commitment to hearty, enjoyable food.

Score on King

Score’s famous Caesars include the Royale with Chaesar, topped with a cheeseburger, onion rings, and a pickle, and the Checkmate Caesar, a $60 behemoth adorned with a cornish game hen, hot wings, a burger, and more, making it a communal feast best shared. These Caesars are not just drinks but a full dining spectacle, with ingredients that push the boundaries of traditional bar food. Alongside their innovative drink menu, Score on King offers a brunch service, extending their offerings to include a more comprehensive brunch menu on weekends, further solidifying its status as a go-to spot for both regular patrons and adventurous foodies.

Location: 107 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario.


Contact: +14165194654


Hurricanes Roadhouse Restaurant, situated near Bloor and Ossington in Toronto, boasts one of the most inviting back patios in the neighborhood. Known for its lively atmosphere, Hurricanes becomes the hub of entertainment on Wednesdays when it hosts the “Bloor West Idol,” a popular weekly singing competition that draws both regular patrons and newcomers. The venue, often included in lists of the best sports bars and places for chicken wings in Toronto, offers a classic roadhouse experience with a strong local following.

Hurricanes Roadhouse Restaurant

The charm of Hurricanes extends beyond its engaging weekly events to its overall vibe, which perfectly balances the essence of a traditional roadhouse with the dynamism of Toronto’s urban culture. As a venue that celebrates both sport and music, it provides a unique gathering place where people can enjoy good food, great drinks, and the company of friends in a setting that’s both welcoming and entertaining.

Location : 963 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1L7, Canada


Contact: (416) 531-7918


The Wheatsheaf Tavern

The Wheatsheaf Tavern, a historic establishment located at 667 King Street West in Toronto, has been serving patrons since 1849, making it the city’s oldest bar. It recently underwent a makeover and reopened in 2020 as a modern sports bar and live music venue.

The Wheatsheaf Tavern

The redesign by Solid Design Creative has preserved elements like the original hammered tin ceilings and exposed brick while adding a permanent stage and versatile booths, enhancing the venue’s atmosphere for live performances and social gatherings. The menu offers comforting pub fare, including spinach and garlic dip, various styles of chicken wings, a chicken souvlaki plate, and a standout fried chicken sandwich that complements the bar’s selection of classic and innovative cocktails.

The Wheatsheaf Tavern

The Wheatsheaf Tavern’s drinks menu includes eight classic cocktails available in traditional or updated versions, such as the old school and new school Mai Tais, and a modern twist on the Bourbon Smash. The bar also features a wide range of shooters, draft beers, and a carefully curated whiskey selection. Behind the vibrant live music schedule is Shawn Creamer of the Dakota Tavern, who organizes performances by established and emerging artists every weekend, making The Wheatsheaf Tavern a prominent spot for both sports fans and music enthusiasts.

Location: 667 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario.


Contact:+ 14165049912


Dublin Calling

Dublin Calling, a vibrant party pub located at 250 Adelaide St. West in Toronto, offers a lively atmosphere with a mix of darts, DJs, and dancing, making it a prime spot for an energetic night out. Established by the same team behind Rock ‘n’ Horse Saloon, The Porch, and Adelaide Hall, Dublin Calling combines the essence of a sports bar with an Irish pub. The interior is decked out with multiple TVs broadcasting sports, alongside beer can displays that complement the screens. The venue also features comfortable booths, tables, chairs, a pool table, pinball, and arcade games, with a section of the bar transforming into a dance floor as the evening progresses.

Dublin Calling

Focusing primarily on beer, Dublin Calling is known for its Yard Ale, which is a beer glass one yard deep. For those who prefer other drinks, the bar offers a variety of cocktails like the Gin Fizz, praised for its balance of sweetness and strength. The snack menu includes affordable options such as fries and salads for around $5, as well as more substantial items like wraps and wings for about $10. Special food events, such as complimentary sausage giveaways during specific hours, add a unique and enjoyable twist to the typical bar experience, enhancing the festive atmosphere that Dublin Calling is celebrated for.

Location: 250 Adelaide St. West, Toronto, Ontario.


Contact: +14377475918

LOCAL Public Eatery Adelaide

LOCAL Public Eatery Adelaide, the third Toronto location of the popular chain, recently opened at 141 Adelaide Street West in the city’s bustling Financial District. This new venue continues the brand’s tradition of being a dynamic community hub, known for its welcoming atmosphere and reliable service. The restaurant features a modern and spacious interior, including a private mezzanine area called The Top Shelf, which can accommodate up to 60 guests.

LOCAL Public Eatery Adelaide

The menu at this location includes new items alongside favorites, offering a mix of comfort foods, colorful cocktails, and a wide selection of beers. The establishment is designed to cater to the daily crowd with its appealing happy hour deals, aiming to provide value and a great dining experience in an area known for high prices.The drink selection at LPE Adelaide is notable for its variety, including specialty beers like the Hladinka pour of Pilsner Urquell and unique cocktails such as the Spicy Guava Margarita and Sassy Sangria Crush.

LOCAL Public Eatery Adelaide

The food menu ranges from snacks like Tempura Shrimp and BBQ Bourbon Ribs to hearty meals such as the LOCAL Burger and Portobello Mushroom Pizza. The venue also offers premium spirits across the board, with options like Woodford Double Oaked Bourbon and Clase Azul Reposado Tequila. For those looking for a casual yet sophisticated dining and drinking experience in Toronto’s Financial District, LOCAL Public Eatery Adelaide offers a compelling new option.

Location: 141 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, Ontario.


Contact: +16478050777

The Aviary Brewpub

The Aviary Brewpub, located at 484 Front St E in Toronto’s Canary District, is a popular destination for those seeking a vibrant community atmosphere paired with a classic sports bar vibe. As the larger sibling of Dock Ellis and the home of Longslice Brewery, The Aviary features a spacious 130-seat wraparound patio, offering a variety of sports bar favorites that are sure to appeal to fans of its sister venue. Inside, the bar is equipped with USB outlets for convenience and a unique scoreboard that doubles as a draught menu, enhancing the pub’s sporty feel.

The Aviary Brewpub

The menu at The Aviary Brewpub includes playful takes on classic snacks like Cracker Jacques—popcorn and peanuts doused in caramel—served with a nostalgic touch of a baseball card and trinket. More substantial offerings include Tater Tots with cheese sauce made from Longslice’s own Loose Lips Lager, customizable with meat or vegan chili. Wings come with a variety of flavors including Pastrami Dry Spice and are served with crudites and house dip. The pub also offers a range of house-ground burgers, like the Canary Smash Burger, and hand-stretched pizzas like the Portobello Mushroom Pizza. For drinks, there’s a full selection of Longslice Brewery drafts alongside cocktails that promise refreshment on any day. This brewpub not only serves up great food and drinks but also provides a dynamic setting for enjoying live sports, games, and a casual, fun atmosphere.

Location: The Aviary Brewpub


Contact: +16473527837


Toronto’s sports bars provide more than just a place to watch the Leafs playoff games—they offer a vibrant community experience that captures the spirit of the city and its love for hockey. Whether you choose the historic charm of The Wheatsheaf Tavern, the bustling atmosphere of LOCAL Public Eatery, or the unique brews at The Aviary Brewpub, each venue promises a memorable game day filled with excitement and camaraderie. So grab your jerseys, gather your friends, and head to one of these top spots to soak in the playoff fever and support the Leafs as they battle it out on the ice. With great drinks, delicious food, and plenty of screens to catch every play, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best sports bars in Toronto to watch Leafs playoff games?

The Aviary Brewpub, LOCAL Public Eatery Adelaide, and The Wheatsheaf Tavern are some of the top picks for experiencing Leafs games in a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Each venue offers unique features, from craft beers brewed on-site to historic settings and expansive menus.

Do these sports bars offer special menus or drinks during Leafs games?

Yes, many sports bars, like The Aviary Brewpub and LOCAL Public Eatery Adelaide, offer special menus and drinks during Leafs games. Expect unique offerings like themed cocktails, special brews, and game-day food specials that enhance the hockey-watching experience.

Are reservations required to watch a Leafs game at these bars?

While not always necessary, making a reservation is recommended, especially during playoff season when demand is high. Contact the bars directly to secure a spot, ensuring you don’t miss any of the action.

Do these venues have large screens and good audio systems for watching the games?

Absolutely! These sports bars are equipped with multiple large screens and high-quality audio systems to provide an immersive experience. Venues like The Wheatsheaf Tavern and LOCAL Public Eatery are designed to offer a great view of the games from nearly every seat in the house.

Can these sports bars accommodate large groups?

Most of these sports bars can accommodate large groups, but it’s best to book in advance. The Aviary Brewpub, for instance, features a 130-seat patio and private space options, making it an ideal choice for watching the Leafs playoffs with a big group of friends or colleagues.

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