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Best Pizza Spots in Toronto

Best Pizza spots in Toronto

Discover Toronto’s top pizza spots! From traditional Neapolitan to innovative creations, find your perfect slice.

Often dubbed a melting pot of cultures, Toronto boasts a vibrant culinary scene that caters to every palate. Among its diverse offerings, the search for the best pizza in the city is a quest taken seriously by locals and visitors alike. With various options spanning traditional Neapolitan-style pies to innovative creations, Toronto’s pizza landscape is as diverse as its population. So, where can you find the best pizza in Toronto? Let’s embark on a flavorful journey through the city’s top pizzerias.

One Night Only Pizza: A Hidden Gem

Nestled in Toronto’s Eastside, One Night Only Pizza has garnered a loyal following for its exceptional pies. What sets this establishment apart is its commitment to quality ingredients and innovative flavors. The #6ix Pizza, a standout offering, features a harmonious blend of organic Canadian flour, house-pickled hot pepper blend, and fresh basil. With its unique toppings and meticulously fermented dough, One Night Only Pizza promises an unforgettable dining experience.


Pizzeria Badiali: A Slice of New York in Toronto

For aficionados of New York-style pizza, Pizzeria Badiali stands as a beacon of culinary excellence. Renowned for its Burrata Marinara pizza, this establishment elevates the art of pizza-making with its premium ingredients and attention to detail. Each bite of their signature pie is a symphony of flavors, featuring Sicilian oregano, fresh basil, and creamy burrata. Whether you’re a pizza purist or an adventurous eater, Pizzeria Badiali offers a slice of gastronomic paradise.


Eataly Toronto: A Taste of Italy

For those craving an authentic Italian pizza experience, Eataly Toronto is a destination not to be missed. Whether you choose to dine at La Pizza & La Pasta in Yorkville or Sherway Gardens, Eataly promises a culinary journey to the heart of Italy. Watch skilled pizzaioli toss dough with precision as they craft traditional Neapolitan-style pies. With a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients, Eataly’s pizzas transport diners to the bustling streets of Naples.


Fresca Pizza & Pasta: A Family Tradition

Situated on College Street, Fresca Pizza & Pasta embodies the essence of family-run pizzerias. With its no-frills ambiance and mouthwatering slices, Fresca has earned a dedicated following among Torontonians. The secret to their success lies in the simplicity of their offerings—medium-thick crusts, flavorful marinara sauce, and a garlic-and-basil-infused oil that adds a touch of elegance to each bite. For a taste of authentic Italian-American fare, look no further than Fresca Pizza & Pasta.


Maker Pizza: Where Creativity Knows No Bounds

At Maker Pizza, innovation takes center stage as local celebrity chef Matty Matheson pushes the boundaries of traditional pizza-making. From sweet and spicy to creamy and herby, Maker Pizza offers a tantalizing array of flavors to suit every palate. Each pie is a testament to craftsmanship, featuring bold combinations that leave a lasting impression. Keep an eye out for their limited-edition pizzas, as they offer a glimpse into the culinary genius of Maker Pizza.


North of Brooklyn Pizzeria: Thin-Crust Delight

Inspired by Brooklyn’s pizza culture, North of Brooklyn Pizzeria delivers thin-crust perfection with every pie. Characterized by its light and airy texture, their pizzas strike the perfect balance between cheese, sauce, and crust. Whether you opt for a classic Margherita or a specialty pie like the Killer Bee, North of Brooklyn Pizzeria promises a taste of authentic New York-style pizza in the heart of Toronto.


Descendant Detroit Style Pizza: A Unique Twist

For a culinary adventure unlike any other, head to Descendant Detroit Style Pizza for a taste of upside-down pizza. Featuring a thick, chewy crust and a distinctive sauce-on-top approach, Descendant’s square pies are a revelation for pizza enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on their signature dips, especially the garlic parm aioli, which adds an extra layer of indulgence to each slice. With its innovative take on classic Detroit-style pizza, Descendant promises a dining experience that defies expectations.


Pizzeria Libretto: Authentic Neapolitan Fare

Pizzeria Libretto stands as a beacon of authenticity in Toronto’s pizza scene, offering true VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana) pizza to discerning diners. Their commitment to tradition is evident in every aspect of their pies, from the 72-hour fermented sourdough base to the blistered crust achieved at 850°F. With its emphasis on quality ingredients and time-honored techniques, Pizzeria Libretto delivers a slice of Naples to the streets of Toronto.


Slowhand Sourdough Pizza: A Revelation in Sourdough

Amidst the bustling streets of Toronto’s east end, Slowhand Sourdough Pizza shines as a beacon of sourdough excellence. Their thick-crust pies, surprisingly light and airy, redefine the notion of traditional sourdough pizza. Whether you opt for the classic Peter Piper or the unconventional What’s The Dill Yo?, Slowhand Sourdough Pizza promises a culinary experience that challenges convention and delights the senses.


Sud Forno: A Taste of Rome in Toronto

For a taste of Roman-style pizza, look no further than Sud Forno, where pizza stirata reigns supreme. Whether you indulge by the slice or by the meter, Sud Forno’s Roman-style pizza offers a departure from the ordinary. Crafted with authentic Italian ingredients and baked to perfection, each slice is a testament to the artistry of Italian cuisine. With its unique approach to pizza-making, Sud Forno invites diners to experience the flavors of Rome in the heart of Toronto.


Bar Sugo: A Hidden Gem in Bloor West

Formerly known as Conzo’s, Bar Sugo is a haven for pizza enthusiasts seeking authentic flavors and warm hospitality. Known for their flavorful pizza sauce and welcoming ambiance, Bar Sugo captures the essence of Italian-American dining. Whether you’re dining in or taking out, you’ll be treated to a culinary experience that celebrates tradition and innovation in equal measure. With its commitment to quality and passion for pizza-making, Bar Sugo stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of Italian cuisine.


In conclusion, Toronto’s pizza scene is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, textures, and traditions, with each pizzeria offering a unique interpretation of this beloved dish. Whether you prefer traditional Neapolitan-style pies or innovative creations, there’s no shortage of options to satisfy your cravings. So, the next time you search for the best pizza in Toronto, embark on a culinary adventure through the city’s diverse neighborhoods and discover a world of pizza perfection.

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