Arts and Culture Events Happening in October

Arts and Culture Events Happening in October

Art Toronto returns October 26-29 for a showcase of over 110 galleries and 20,000 art enthusiasts. ‘She Work Hard For It’ opens September 28th at Cultural Goods Gallery, celebrating female artists Lido Pimienta, Maria Qamar, and MissMe. From September 7th-November 25th, see Alanis Obomsawin’s exhibition ‘The Children Have to Hear Another Story’ at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto.


Art Toronto

Over 20,000 collectors, curators, and art fans are expected to attend Art Toronto 2023, which is set to return to downtown Toronto on October 26–29. The event will feature over 110 galleries from across Canada and overseas. Curator of the Focus Exhibition and host of Curators in Conversation Kitty Scott has joined the programme. The McMichael Canadian Arts and Culture Events Collection will benefit from an Opening Night reception held on Thursday, October 26 at the expo.

She Work Hard For It

She Work Hard For It, which made a great debut at Nuit Blanche Toronto, will have a longer display at Arts and Culture Events Goods Gallery. Lido Pimienta, MissMe, and Maria Qamar (Hatecopy), three internationally acclaimed female Canadian artists, are the focus of this female-led group exhibition directed by Ashley McKenzie-Barnes. This immersive installation honours the beginning of Johnnie Walker’s ‘First Strides’ programme in Canada, an inspiring project that honours and supports individuals advancing society and straining traditional norms.

The Children Have To Hear Another Story

The Art Museum at the University of Toronto is hosting the exhibition, The Children Have to Hear Another Story, by acclaimed Indigenous filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin, which runs from September 7 to November 25. This international traveling retrospective exhibition, which opens this autumn, will feature pieces from the artist’s decades-long career.


With a tour unlike any other, Spaciousness is a gripping new Arts and Culture Events theatrical production that is being staged at Fort York National Historic Site. Travel back in time to meet a variety of individuals who vividly depict vast tales of love, life, and grief during the War of 1812. After hearing about someone who survived a conflict and being inspired to pursue peace, you will then be brought back to the present.

Ndafunga Dande (Thoughts of Home) at the Art Gallery of Burlington

The Art Gallery of Burlington is hosting a new show by artist Chiedza Pasipandoya, which will be on view from September 26, 2023, through January 7, 2024. Ndafunga Dande (Thoughts of Home) is the name of the exhibition, which features an audio piece exploring the construction and transmission of alternative histories with a collection of labor-intensive, hand-built ceramic sculptures. This exhibition will be a continuation of Chiedza’s ongoing investigation into concepts of sustenance and permanence, such as: What forms of recollection can clay make possible?—after serving as an artist-in-residence in the gallery’s pottery studio throughout the month of June. What and where are remembered? What makes a person, location, or thing survive repetition?

Illuminarium at The Distillery District

Visit The Distillery District’s brand-new Illuminarium! The greatest immersive and interactive entertainment venue in the world, Illuminarium, has officially launched its first site in Canada. With SPACE: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond, visitors can jump on meteoroids and hunt down shooting stars. They can also interact with amazing photos and videos taken by the James Webb Space Telescope. Loved space songs like David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” go perfectly with these amazing photos.

WaterFall by Theatre Gargantua

Nearly three-quarters of the globe is covered in water, but very little is known about its wonders and mysteries. Though our innate attraction to the sea is undeniable, the conditions that protect our ocean depths make space travel appear insignificant in comparison. WaterFall tells the narrative of a group of scientists who strive to be among the select few who have braved the lowest point on Earth. The story is inspired by the real story of the first underwater explorers to reach Challenger Deep, which is 11 km straight down.

Ontario Culture Days presents “Rituals for Belonging” Exhibition Tour & Ritual Sharing with Myung-Sun Kim

In her continuing project “Rituals for Belonging,” Ontario Culture Days Creative in Residence Myung-Sun Kim encourages artists from many disciplines to share rituals that evoke feelings of joy, desire, and belonging. These rituals, which include recipes, meditations, and calls to action, provide nourishment as well as the potential for individual and group freedom. These rituals are represented in the items on display.

The Synagogue at Babyn Yar

In The Babyn Yar ravine, a 160-hectare site in Kyiv, Ukraine, which was the scene of the largest single killing in the Holocaust on September 28–29, 1941, is the subject of this exhibition.

In 2020, the famed Babyn Yar Synagogue, created by Basel-based architect Manuel Herz, will open as a memorial to the 33,771 Jews who were slaughtered. This special wooden synagogue, known as a “Wunderkabinett” or “cabinet of wonders,” was designed to bring happiness and hope to a place so fraught with the deepest sorrow.

With the help of Canadian architect Douglas Birkenshaw and the use of architectural photography by renowned Dutch photographer Iwan Baan, this international exhibition has been put together. Large-scale photographic murals shot by Ukrainian photographer Maxim Dondyuk and directed by Canadian-Ukrainian photographer Edward Burtynsky are on display.

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