Air Canada Crowned North America’s Premier for In-Flight Entertainment

It's official: Air Canada has the best in-flight entertainment in North America

Discover why Air Canada’s in-flight entertainment has been voted the best in North America, offering passengers an unparalleled experience with a vast array of movies, TV shows, and more.


Air Canada has officially set the standard for in-flight entertainment across North America, securing a prestigious award that highlights its exceptional array of onboard entertainment options. This accolade reflects the airline’s commitment to enhancing passenger experience through a diverse selection of movies, TV shows, and audio podcasts.

Air Canada Crowned North America's Premier for In-Flight Entertainment

Award-Winning Entertainment at 35,000 Feet:

A Milestone Achievement:

In a significant first, Air Canada was honored with the “Best in Entertainment” award in North America at the 2024 APEX Content Market in Lisbon, Portugal. This recognition is based on feedback from thousands of passengers, underscoring the airline’s dedication to providing a superior flight experience.

A Diverse Entertainment Oasis:

John Moody, Air Canada’s Managing Director of Onboard Product, expressed immense pride in this achievement. The airline’s entertainment selection, featuring thousands of hours of content, has evidently resonated well with its customers. Moody’s gratitude towards passenger loyalty was accompanied by an exciting teaser about future expansions to their in-flight entertainment offerings.

Beyond Entertainment:

Culinary Excellence in the Skies:

Air Canada’s commitment to passenger satisfaction extends beyond entertainment. The airline has recently overhauled its menu, introducing over 100 rotating seasonal meals crafted in collaboration with renowned chefs and featuring premium Canadian ingredients. This culinary upgrade complements the entertainment experience, setting a new benchmark for in-flight dining.

Passenger Endorsements:

The quality of Air Canada’s in-flight offerings has been publicly endorsed by travelers, including a Canadian travel and food vlogger who shared his high ratings for the meals on a flight from Vancouver to Shanghai. His top picks highlight the airline’s success in delivering a memorable and enjoyable travel experience.


Air Canada’s recent accolade for its in-flight entertainment underscores the airline’s position as a leader in passenger experience in North America. With a continuous effort to enhance its entertainment and culinary offerings, Air Canada is dedicated to ensuring that every journey is as enjoyable as the destination itself.

What award did Air Canada win for its in-flight entertainment?

Air Canada received the “Best in Entertainment” award in North America at the 2024 APEX Content Market.
What types of entertainment can passengers expect on Air Canada flights?

Passengers can enjoy thousands of hours of movies, TV shows, and audio podcasts.
Has Air Canada made any recent upgrades to its in-flight services?

Yes, besides enhancing its entertainment options, Air Canada has revamped its menu to include over 100 seasonal meals, alongside new snack and beverage lines.
Who are Air Canada’s culinary partners?

The airline’s culinary partners include Chef David Hawksworth, Chef Vikram Vij, and Chef Jérôme Ferrer.
How has the public responded to Air Canada’s in-flight offerings?

Public response has been positive, with travelers and vloggers sharing favorable reviews of both the entertainment and culinary experiences on Air Canada flights.

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